Money Go (Game App)

We are scoping to develop “Money go game application” that is a similar to pokemon go game where user loing to the game to get multiple coints through avtar. we have to make an environment where user or Avtar can discover all phases to capture the coins which are in surroundings to the user. The user just reach the place of the coin and will directly collect it and when user come near of the coin he have countdown timer to collect coin. User have countdown timer to reach the next coin if he failed then the coin will be hidden. After collecting the every 10 coins user will go in the next level and it will be become harder as he go up in the levels. As user level up it will more harder. Also user will be able to convert this coints to inot real coins. Application have QR code that user will go to the shop and scan the QR code and convert this coins into real money.. After convert into real money user need to start from begning.

Mahdi - Kwait

Great teamwork! Positive staff! It was this excellence in quality that helped me maintain my patience and persevere… Thank you! Again‚ I express thankfulness to you and your firm for a job well accomplished

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