Tukupon (Event and ticket)

We are scoping “Tukupon Application ” which includes the coupons to provide the best deals to users. Businesses are often forced to lose money in order to participate, in hopes of being rewarded by repeat customers that they don't always get. There are three types of users of Application i.e. coupon users & Vendors and Super admin Coupon users will be able to see all the coupons over the Application which will be posted by the Vendors or super admin. Vendors or super admin will post the coupons which are unique over the coupon application only. This application will present a unique, local coupon model to the Consumer. Vendors or super admin set a budget, and make the coupon live. The pricing model is very simple.

Joaquin - Spain

Thank you very much for your help with my case. Your firm did a great job! I feel like you give the “little people” out here a chance to be represented against big business without any fear or apprehension.”

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