A platform whereby users will be able to find latest political happenings. Through this platform, users will be able to find and save the information about the politics and they can also give their opinions for the same. Platform will provide a convenient way to users to learn about debate political issues and they can speak up about
their opinions. By using the platform, users will enable to discuss their political views. The platform will facilitate user to search & find content as source data will be updated every ten seconds so user will always fi nd something new. Users will be able to provide ratings to politicians, groups and contents. Politicians will be able to manage their
profile and can find their position where they stand politically. Politician will be able to see voting or agree/disagree opinions given by the users. Admin will be able to manage users, politicians and the whole platform.

Robert - USA

Very nice development partner for all my projects never dissapointed me in any way. i give them A1 rank.

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