Axios Credit bank (Banking Website)

Website   for   Bank ​ for   the   users.   It   will   be   ease   for   the   users  to   check   online   all   the   activities   of  his   bank   account.   They   no   need   to   go   bank   directly.   This   website   completely   save   the user’s   time.   If   they   want   to  see   statement   then   they   no   need  to   go   outside   of   their   place.   They   can   see   online   at   the   same   place   and   see   the  status   of   his   account.   If   user   need   to   transfer   the   money   to   someone   else   then   this   website   also   help   them  without going to bank. 

Ngul - Thailand

Very good experience working with Br softech Pvt Ltd . Delivery was right on time.

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