We are scraping to develop a “PDF file Viewer” system that will facilitate users to view the pdf files over the solution. It will be a Two in One App - for Store and Reader. In the App or on the web one can create an account and register. will be informational where users will be able to view the information and static pages and users will be able to download the application from the website.PDF reading and Store features will be on Mobile App only. But users can register and manage accounts from as well from the app. Details for integration will be captured from the website and app.

There will be a link the website to download the application. Users will be able to view & filter the different categories of the pdf further they can read any pdf file over the app solution. Users will be facilitated to audio files over the app solution. Users can make the payment for any PDF file and then they can download that file.Users will be able to make payment for services by using MOBILE MONEY, BANK CARDS AND VOUCHERS/MEMBERSHIP CARDS as payment gateways. Users will be able to view the subscription plans to subscribe the app. Admin will be able to manage all the users and the pdf files. Admin will be able to manage payment & transactions.

Mohmed - Uganda

Superb! Will hire again and again! Initially i was a little skeptical as his price is lot more than many others. He knows what is right and delivers that. Highly recommended!

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