Telephone Karbon - Game App


We are scraping to develop “Telephone” iOS Application that will facilitate users to register the application further they can create a chat room with maximum 8 users and then transfer the voice messages to each other by whispering over the application. Users will also be able to join randomly any group and can transfer their voice message in the group and that message will be transferred from one by one to each member user in that group. Users will also be to use the application by the hyperlink to become a member of a group and further users will turn their voice to each other. The user will have the option to select a group type such as public or private at the time of creating the group. Every user will have 5 seconds to whisper. On the other hand, the admin will manage everything over the application such as users and the functioning of the app as well. Here at least 3 users required to start a chat group.


Abdullah - Saudi Arabia

With the game application developed by BR Softech, we have received many good reviews. People love the new game app. BR Softech displays the ability to deliver on expectations. They excel with the speed and quality of their work. Nice game application too much fun in it :)

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