Concierge App - Service Provider App

The scope of the project will include Concierge App being developed on the platforms of iPhone, Android & Website, which will be designed and developed by App Masters. Based on preliminary analysis, Concierge App is a simple and convenient App that will allow users to book concierge including special vehicle to transport them - that can be provided in their place for their convenience. The app allows the user to request a booking for their preferred service while mentioning their purpose of booking a run. Once selected concierge accepts the job, notification will be sent to the passenger/user for confirmation. Once done, users will have the option to make the payment using credit cards or account details that service providers will be notified of. Thus, this App provides benefit to the service providers/concierges, low overhead, manageable time, easier booking/billing for them.



Muhammad - United States

I can simply say that our projects are very successful, so we continue to send them more work. They provide excellent technical ability and support the app expertly after launch. BR Softech is highly recommended to others in need of a skilled mobile developer.

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