Satta Matka is a most trending and interesting game. Most betting players are attracted to play this game and in a very short period of time, it has become popular that’s why kalyan satta matka app & software development is also in high demand. Playing this game of chance is considered to be like playing the lottery. The Satta Matka game was quite popular between the ’70s and ’90s and it hasn’t lost its charm and now this game is online and has its presence as Satta Matka online and it is available as Satta Matka for Android/iOS and it is also available as a satta live app.

While developing Satta Matka software, quality is our utmost concern. Our quality-focused satta matka game app development services begin with the complete analysis of the client’s requirements. After analysis, our experienced team of satta matka app developers comes into action and produces the best matka game mobile application, web app, or software.

Satta Matka Software Development Services

Satta Matka game software development company that develops this game is not at all an easy task as it is a logical game and needs perfect functionality in terms of coding and other factors to meet with the users and betting rules.

Our Satta Matka game web & app development services don’t end with the deployment of the software, it ends with post-release support. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure your project's success from beginning to end. From conceptualization to post-release support our developers apply their extensive knowledge and experience to make your daring dream into a reality.

Satta Matka Game Development Solutions

Our Satta Matka game development solutions offer support across platforms including Android, iOS, and web. We offer customized solutions that allow you to launch your business immediately, while also maintaining affordability. We are continually integrating new technologies and advancements to help our clients to stay on top of their competition.

What is Satta Matka?

Satta Matka has recently marked its presence on the betting platform and won the hearts of the satta matka players. This is a lottery-based game in which you can bet on any number, and you have two chances to bet.

Satta Matka gives you many opportunities to bet on the number and basically, according to the game, there are two times when you can bet and that is known as opening time and closing time. You can also bet on the number announced during the opening time, and again during the closing time, you can bet on the number that is made by combining the closing and the opening number, which is referred to as Jodi.

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The Game Is Played As Per The Following Rules:

The Satta Matka game is the most trending game in the gaming industry and bettors are attracted to this game.

The Game Is Played As Per The Following Rules:
  • Single Panna

    It is the simplest version in which all three digits are unique and different from each other.

  • Double Panna

    It is a slightly more complex version of the game where two consecutive digits are the same. Double Panna has two repeated digits altogether.

  • Triple Panna

    This is the extreme and rare version of the Panna where all the three-digit numbers are similar to each other.

  • Half Sangam

    Satta Matka is a four-digit game version played by players. It is a combination of ank and Panna.

  • Sangam

    Sangam is the most rewarding game version where players deal in 6 digits

Rules Satta Matka Software Development Built On

We provide a handful of online game apps and software keeping quality and security in mind. Our aim is to reach the maximum number of users and provide greater gaming, playing experience with mobile game development. Explore all the options and play to create a better chance of winning.

Features of Satta Matka Software
  • Open shift:

    During the open shift, players can choose what number they want to bet and how much they want to bet.

  • Closing time:

    When the shift closes, at closing time, the number used is announced, and on that number, people can also bet.

  • Close shift:

    The betting period has ended and the winner will be announced shortly. After the announcement, the winner will be rewarded with cash or other rewards.

  • Opening time:

    There is once again an opportunity for players to bet and discover their destiny. The announcement of the numbers will be made and players will be able to choose the numbers along with the betting amount.

  • Jodi:

    Players can bet on a combination of numbers of open shifts and close shifts, and when those numbers combine it is known as Jodi. Players can bet on the Jodi to enhance their betting chances.

  • Declaration of Result:

    The result is always declared in a combination of three numbers that are called Panna. The final result is the outcome of the open Panna result and the close Panna results.

Types of Satta Matka Games

There are many types of satta matka games but not all are popular the most popular satta matka games are following:-

  • Kalyan Satta Matka Game:

    The number you choose for this type of Satta Matka will range from 0 to 100. The kalyan Satta Result is determined by your luck, so you place your stake and hope for the best.

  • Delhi Satta Matka Game:

    This name delhi satta matka name derives from a Hindi word meaning betting pot. It was previously possible to count the pots by drawing a range. This name is popular among everyone in the betting line.

  • Rajasthani Satta Matka Game:

    Rajasthani satta matka game is the most famous satta matka game of rajasthan. Choose any number and then the result will be taken out from the 'Matka' between 00 and 99, and you'll be able to win it if you guess it correct.

  • Mumbai Satta Matka Game:

    In the Mumbai Satta Matka game, there are two halves: the Open Result and the Closed Result. Playing this game is fun. The name says that it is based in mumbai.

  • Worli Matka:

    Worli matka is based in worli mumbai. A small number of people are permitted to place bets on this matka as it is based in deep slums of worli.

Types of Satta Matka Games

Technology We Used in our Satta Matka Game App & Software

Satta Matka game Software and application advancement organizations say that building this game isn't an easy task since it is a game that requires effective coding and different components to meet the wagering rules and requirements of clients. For the most part, organizations look for Satta Matka live Game applications and programming on the Play, Google, and Apple stores.

Technology We Used in our Satta Matka Game App & Software
  • At BR Softech we use the latest technology to develop the Satta Matka game app:-

  • Linux

  • Swift

  • MySQL

  • Node. js

  • Kotlin

  • Flutter

  • Jquery

Satta Matka Game App Features

We at BR Softech deploy the fun and engaging digital version of the old-age Satta Matka game app, which comes with a comprehensive range of features to keep you at the forefront of your industry.
The Game Is Played As Per The Following Rules:
  • 1. Live game: It assures you that you are participating in the live game. It is the real game in which you deal.

  • 2. Play & Bet Anytime Anywhere: You can play the online game anytime, anywhere, whether it's day or night or any festival. To experience the thrill of satta matka game app software, you only need an active internet connection.

  • 3. Real players: You will be playing with real players from all over the world.

  • 4. Result Roll Back: This feature is proven helpful when the wrong number is displayed. With the help of this feature, the winner's payment can be verified and reversed if necessary.

  • 5. Instant Result Declaration: An instant result displayed on the player's screen after each bet has been placed.

  • 6. Result Notification: From the admin panel, the administrator can send custom notifications or results to the players. This will boost user engagement with your Satta Matka game software.

Why Choose BR Softech For Satta Matka Game Development?

Worldwide, the online version of the Satta Matka game software is gaining popularity. Thus, setting foot in this lucrative industry will bring your business exponential benefits. At BR Softech, we have a seasoned team of Satta Matka game software designers and developers with extensive expertise in game development. Furthermore, we employ the latest technologies to come up with the most innovative development solutions.

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Frequently Asked Question?

Q1. How Much Time Does it Take to Develop a Satta Matka Game?

Satta Matka game developers take time anywhere from days to months to years. On average the development of the Satta Matka game with basic features takes time between 1 month and 3 months.

Q2. What is the Estimated Cost That Will Occur While Developing the Satta Matka Game?

Snake and ladder game development costs generally range from $9,000 to $25,000.

Q3. Which Technology Will You Use For Satta Matka Game Development?

For the backend, we prefer to use Java and for database requirements, we depend upon MySQL, Oracle, PostgresSQL. The front end of the game app is developed using technologies such as Vue. JS, Angular, Reactive Native, Flutter, and so on. These are just a few technologies we name. Let's connect with us to know more about the technologies we work on.

Q4. Can I Access Our Satta Matka Admin Panel Using Mobile Devices?

Yes, you can access the admin panel of the Satta Matka on your PC or mobile devices seamlessly. Login credentials are required only.

Q5. Where Do You Store All Data of This Satta Matka Game?

The answer to this question completely depends upon you. We prefer to store your Satta Matka game data on highly secured gaming servers. If you have any recommendations for the gaming server, then you may discuss them with us and we will store the data on the chosen server.

Q6. Will You Provide Both The Satta Matka Website & Mobile App Development Services?

Yes, we offer a range of Satta Matka game development services including website development, mobile app development, and software development.