We all understand that the future of mobile marketing is mostly dependent on the proximity marketing principles, that is a popular marketing strategy these days. For the development of iBeacon software, there are used class-apart apps by using location-based campaigns, data collection, and Beacons with free access.

iBeacon App Development Company- BR Softech

iBeacon App Development Company- BR Softech

BR Softech provides premium-quality Beacon/iBeacon app development that unchecks the true potential of BLE technology. We offer excellent business solutions through leveraging the efficient power of Beacon/iBeacon by employing the powerful Bluetooth low energy technology (BLE). Also, we help our customers in their respective domains by offering the best technological services containing navigation & maps, location-based systems, giving information on indoor positioning systems, location, discount notifications, and sensors.

Overview of iBeacon/BLE Device

Beacon is known as a part of Bluetooth hardware that can have varied sizes based on battery capacity and range, but it varied only a little bit. In simple words, the BLE device transmits low energy signals along with the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. Also, it has an effective range of sending signals around 50 meters. Now there is an app like iBeacon Android for smartphones that includes BLE and iBeacon app solutions. Mobile apps based on iBeacon can receive the triggers actions and low energy signals accordingly.

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How Does iBeacon App Work?

Apple’s iBeacon standard includes an optimal broadcast interval of 100 Ms. and broadcasting uses more battery frequently. It also allows fast discovery through smartphones and some other listening devices. It has an easy registration process for both admin and users. Take a look at this-


Easy signup or login
Get a real-time notification on related location
Checking the product specifications
Placing order
Checking order status


Add information about all the available products
Putting the devices on related location
Getting notifications about placed orders by customers
Checking the product status and availability
Dispatching order
Checking order status

Features of iBeacon App Development Offered by BR

The sudden rise in iBeacon technology through the iBeacon android app is one of the most important things in the world. It has provided strength to various business insiders to enter in mobile application development of the beacon industry. Most experienced and skilled app developers of BR accept the challenges that are different from creating a beacon app.

Here are these six features that are only provided by BR for their valuable customers. Check out these features and have an excellent iBeacon app.

  • Variable Signs

    Beacon apps have to deal with the external radios to transmit signals, so the app has to figure out the distance of the beacon that is affected by the user’s presence. Additionally, signal quality differs highly among beacon hardware manufacturers. Hence, the app has to be designed for making a choice depending upon the received variable information as these get affected by temperature, gadget control, and polling intervals.

  • More Security and Balancing UX

    Estimate android app developed by BR proximate the physical distance of the user from a beacon for linking data in the real-world context. To create an iBeacon app, our developers require precisely that elements will increase the user’s experience without interfering in the user’s privacy. It also has enhanced security features than any other app.

  • Authoritative Business Rationale

    Business rationale scripts must be added by us significantly. This script stations the data for privacy and explains the meaning of ‘at the beacon’. Also, there is a time-based heuristic to select if the user is still there reasonably. And, other business logics scripts can be executed for analyzing the trends, drawing conclusions, and performing statistical analysis.

  • Access for Location & Bluetooth Activation

    Users has to enable the location services and Bluetooth for activation of iBeacon NFC. User has to wait until the last conceivable moment to ask for the permissions. It will be a perfect opportunity to prove the value of the app despite the blasting users before trying it or the people who are close to the app.

Why Should You Go to BR for iBeacon App Development?

At BR, we have expert iBeacon app developers with perfect app strategy and core expertise to develop mobile apps like interactive apps, payment solutions, etc. We will deliver you a great iBeacon app for location-based events and shows as an excellent solution for sales promotion and communicating point-to-point information. Here are some amazing services provided by us-

Custom iBeacon App solutions

Provided value-added user experience

Mobile payments through various ways

Offers Real-time notifications

24*7 flexible customer support

Excellent business ideas

We offer tailored solutions for iBeacon software to the clients for a better experience, interactivity, and communication. With the developed solutions by us, you can expect location improvement and better proximity accuracy that are some key factors. So, contact us to enjoy a seamless experience and remarkable usability features at an appropriate price!


Lucy Oliver

Lucy Oliver

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Adam Noah

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Harry George

"After seeing their outstanding facilities and seamless user experience, I would like to work with BR again and again. They considered all my requirements for the project and accomplished them too. Regards from our side."

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