POS Software Development Company

POS Software Development Company

BR Softech provides with the best ever solution for all your establishment needs with POS Software. We efficiently integrate our point of sale software with your business as per the business requirement. Our team of experts uses the latest technology to make sure POS is not just considered as a cash collector, but benefiting in increasing sales, evaluating overall performance, managing inventory, and bringing the modernization in industries like retail, Grocery, Hotel, Restaurant, Bar/Liquor, salon and many more.

POS software development helps in delivering the best ever customer solution while enhancing operational functionality of many industries. POS simplify the complete business operations, whether it’s a small business or a huge establishment chain. We develop customized POS system for web and mobile application. It's one software which focuses on making money in the most organized way.

POS Application Development Services

This excellent point of sale software of ours is a true reflection of technology advancement. It offers excellent customer services and helps to increase revenue. We provide with various types of POS application development including restaurants, bar, cafes, retail business and much more. A lot of new businesses adopting this software and running their business successfully.

To manage your restaurant production, billing, inventory, cash, and receipt get this powerful solution and work effortlessly. It's one of the highly configurable and cost-effective points of sale software in India. Its an advanced solution for the restaurant business and food service industry. Without further ado, let's go through the service we offer.

  • Quick Installation
  • Faster execution while focusing on high quality
  • 24/7* Support
  • On-time Delivery
  • Experience the expertise in POS software development of all types

Features of Point of Sale Software

Running a business is a daunting task, hence, to simplify the overall process and reduce the work we have developed this outstanding point of sale software for many industries like bar/cafes, restaurant, education, retail, and small business. It helps in running the business successfully by efficient use of its features and functionalities.

Here we have listed some of the top features of Point of Sale Software.

1. Speedy Interface
2. Table Management
3. Accurate Billing
4. Easy To Manage
5. Inventory Control
6. Menu Management
7. Promotional Offers Notification
8. Loyalty Card
9. Chain-wide Operation
10. Get Detailed Report

Benefits of POS Software

  • Easily Manageable

    POS software is easy to run on the tablet, MAC, PC, iPad or the browser you like. This software doesn't require the internet to work, it can also be used offline.

  • Maintain Inventory Control

    Our powerful point of sale software centralizes the inventory for restaurant and helps in quickly getting the count of all your products and control the stock in an excellent manner.

  • Accurate Billing

    Restaurant POS system minimizes the error possibility and helps the organizations to maintain data wisely. Our accurate billing option provides with multiple payment methods and gives with split-bill features.

  • Chain-Wide Operation

    We provide with POS software which supports chain-wide operations. It can handle multiple restaurant's inventories at one time by providing with accurate data.

  • Flexible Employee Management

    - POS system offers flexible employee management and helps in fulfilling the business needs. It helps in recognizing individual performance and accomplish future goals.

  • Fast Interface

    Restaurant POS system offers the speedy interface. For any business its the basic requirement which fulfills all the needs and offers reliable service.

Components of POS System

Hardware Components

Here we have listed some of the major hardware components to support point of sale software.

  • Register Screen

    Get the product database, display using this standard monitor. It helps in showing the sales report to the customers in a modern way using iPads and tablets.

  • Cash Drawer

    This component is only available for a limited time. It will fade away soon as card payment is taking place however one requires a secure place to keep the cash.

  • Barcode Scanner

    Barcode Scanner helps in to automate the checkout procedure. It simply scans to get product information and then it is added to checkout total. It helps in inventory management and automatically adjusts the stock level.

  • Receipt Printer

    Receipt printer helps the customer in providing with a quick glance of their purchase. It prints the employee sales total, hours & other crucial information.

  • Credit Card Reader

    EMV payment standard went live in 2015 hence, it's important for retailers to have secure EMV credit card reader for taking payment. It reduces the probability of fraud and creates a secure environment for the financial transition.

Software Components

  • Cloud-Based

    POS were also known as SAAS (Software-as-a-Service). Its access and support of the internet, however, if the internet stops to work it will sync the data, track sales record and will save the data once the internet is connected.

  • On-Premise

    This traditional model requires purchasing a license for software and then install them on the server or system. To update and maintain the software one requires dedicated IT professional who can take care of all the required maintenance.

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The Advantage of Point of Sale Software for Small Business

Point of Sale software for restaurant provides with a secure and reliable restaurant solution. It helps in managing complete management of the business and support them to establish the reputation. Here we have listed some of the most valuable advantages of point of sale software for small business.

The Advantage of Point of Sale Software for Small Business
  • POS helps in managing inventory and reduces the overall inventory overhead cost.

  • This time efficient software helps in reducing the time spent on back office and inventory management.

  • Retail POS software saves the time of the sales force.

  • Restaurant POS system speeds up the checkout Lines and clutters the complexity of standing in the queue.

  • Restaurant Billing Software automates the accounting tasks officially and generates reports.

  • The restaurant POS software helps in Improving relationship with the vendor and provides with accurate, timely inventory information.

  • POS application development helps in increasing the traffic and manage overall performance.

  • Point of sale software helps in providing with the highest customer service level.

Types of POS Terminals

There are basically three types of POS terminal which help many industries to grow their business efficiently.

Retail POS System

Retail POS System

A special computerized solution to fulfill all your business needs. Mainly its connected via gateways and widely used in higher traffic stores to provide with satisfactory customer experience.

Countertop POS

Countertop POS

Countertop POS helps in accepting electronic payment and allow faster checkout. It's a perfect blend of high performance and reliability available at low cost. Its rich features with no hidden fees make it lucrative for many small businesses. It is an ideal cost-effective solution.

Industries Where You Can Implement Our POS Software

  • Retail POS Software

    POS is an integrated network which provides with great control on inventory management, accounting management, employee management, order management, customer management, data, and analytics information while focusing on customer relationship and experience. It takes care of all the ongoing loyalty programs, gift cards, deals, and discount to grab the audience attention.

  • Restaurant POS Software

    Offer a seamless solution to your customers with Restaurant POS software. It provides with high functionality and makes sure to determine all the industry needs. From the fast interface to quick checkouts, quality report, easy menu configuration setup, table management and a lot more, it takes care of everything depending on your restaurant business requirements.

  • Point of Sale Software for Small Business

    BR Softech carefully curated POS development process for small business and help them generate more and more traffic and revenue by providing with cost-effective solutions. It helps in leading an independent business by optimizing the stock, make sales and learn from data to grow the business smoothly.

  • Salon POS Software

    Get the best every solution for your ever-growing business with the salon POs software. It helps in online booking, calendar management, and in managing customer membership. It promotes the secure environment for customers to make the best use of salon services and allow salon employees to proactively reach to the customers whose membership is soon to expire.

  • Bar / Liquor Store POS Systems

    Get this appealing and desirable POS system to maintain your Bar/ Liquor store up to date. It helps in operating the Bar/Liquor Store and provides with a flexible solution. With the help of point of sale system, one can get accurate information of the stock and can stock the inventory in the most efficient and simplest way.

  • POS Software for Hotel Industry

    Hotel industry requires this software to fulfill so many requirements and provide with efficient customer service. It helps the hotel industry to become more versatile and provide customers with a personalized experience. It helps in accommodating customer needs professionally gives the customer with more reliable experience.

POS is an integrated point of sale system that lets you manage everything from one platform. It can handle can a lot more than just managing front end sales of the business. You no longer have to worry about the restaurant POS systems cost as its available in cost-effective prices and takes care of payments, bills, and checks while saving the time and reduces the error possibility.

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It is a mealenge of hardware and software which is created to centralize the business operations. If you are looking for the pos software development company then contact to BR Softech as we offer you the pos system for sale, point of sale software design.


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