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Whether it is a small startup, a charitable trust, or an individual company, our highly experienced team of developers can transform your crowdfunding app into a global success. We at BR Softech rely on continuous feedback and an improved approach to deliver a reliable crowdfunding platform as quickly as possible. With our involvement in the mobile app development industry for more than 12+ years, we have gained a thorough understanding of all the factors that go into creating a mobile application.

At our crowdfunding app development company, we never accept anything less than the best. Therefore our developers strive to keep themselves updated with the latest industry trends to bring innovation to our crowdfunding app development services.

In addition to the on-demand crowdfunding app development solutions, we also offer a plethora of other ready-to-use apps including Uber-like taxi app, Amazon-like shopping app, grocery shopping app, online medicine delivery app, and so on.

Partner with BR Softech to Develop Responsive Crowdfunding Platforms With Trendy Features.

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Crowdfunding Website Advantages

Crowdfunding Website Advantages

  • Save Time And Money

    The implementation of crowdfunding software saves time and money as it excludes the process of visiting a bank and standing in the queue for hours or having discussions with private investors.

  • Effective Marketing Strategy

    It is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Through the development of crowdfunding, organisations will be able to reach out to their investors quickly and with the help of social media can expand their reach.

  • Cost-Effective

    The development of crowdfunding software is not that expensive especially when you hire a crowdfunding development company from India. Your budget constraints can be met by streamlining the development process based on your requirements.

  • Easy Funding

    The white label crowdsourcing platform offers an easy way to raise funds for an idea and it can convert it into a successful project. Also, the integration of the payment gateway makes it easy for investors to make investments online.

  • Low Risk

    Our crowdfunding platform is built with the adherence to international fundraising laws and integrated with a reliable payment gateway to mitigate the risk of online fundraising.

Awe-Inspiring Features of Our Crowdfunding Platforms

The following is a list of the salient features of on-demand crowdfunding app development that contribute to its success.

  • Online Payment

    On our open-source crowdfunding platform, the process of payment can be done online with the help of a payment gateway script.

  • Easy to Use

    White label crowdfunding software is easy to use and it doesn’t require any specific course or skills to use this platform.

  • Social Media Integration

    We deliver open source crowdfunding software, which enables us to reach huge audiences via social media integration.

  • Private Messaging

    Our crowdfunding platform is enabled for private messages which means users can chat with each other on the platform.

  • Smart inbuilt Search Module

    We offer a crowdfunding platform with smart inbuilt search module integration, through which users can search easily.

  • Alerts and Notifications

    BR Softech’s crowdfunding solutions are enabled to send alerts and reminders in the form of push notifications and SMS.

  • Appealing UX/UI

    Our designers put their high efforts to bring appealing design and outcome. BR Softech designing team has an ability that users can’t take their eyes off from the platform.

  • Appealing UX/UI

    Our designers put their high efforts into bringing appealing design outcomes for the crowdfunding application.

  • Multi-language

    Crowdfunding Platform is available in multi-languages such as Hindi, English, Spanish, etc.

  • Fundraiser Acknowledgment

    Auto acknowledgment mail will be sent to the fundraiser upon successful fundraising on your crowdfunding platform.

Salient Features of Our Crowdfunding Clone App Script

Real-time Tracking

Real-time Tracking

We developed a user-friendly interface where investors, fund managers, and administrators can track all the information they require.

Electronically Signed

Electronically Signed

With the help of electronic signatures API like DocuSign, your investors can electronically sign the crowdfunding agreement.

Audit Ready

Audit Ready

All the digital records are saved with the timestamp and date to make it easy for auditors to audit history transactions.

Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

Our aim is to offer reliable, varied solutions; we generally have confidence in embracing the best principles to meet the customer's prerequisites.

Automated Investors Onboarding

Automated Investors Onboarding

With the automated investors’ onboarding process, the process KYC/AML can be met in real-time with accuracy.

Automated Push Notification

Automated Push Notification

Whenever a new update is published on the crowdfunding platforms, potential investors will be notified immediately.

Compliance With Global Laws

Compliance With Global Laws

To keep you free from legal repercussions, the fundraising script provided by BR Softech is fully compliant with all global laws.

Payment in Fiat and Cryptocurrencies

Payment in Fiat and Cryptocurrencies

Investors can make investments either in fiat or cryptocurrencies on our crowdfunding platform.

How do Crowdfunding Websites & Apps work?

Compatible With Both Android and iOS

Our crowdfunding platform is compatible to work on the leading mobile operating systems i.e. Android and iOS.

Learn More About How Crowdfunding Platforms Work and How We Can Help You Grow Your Crowdfunding Project to the Next Level.

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Custom vs Readymade Crowdfunding Platform Script

There are two ways to start your crowdfunding platform: either you can opt for custom crowdfunding app development or you can go with readymade crowdfunding solutions. We share the pros and cons of custom versus readymade scripts here to help you make the wise decision of which one is most beneficial to you.


Custom Crowdfunding Platform

The process of developing a custom platform takes time.

Readymade Crowdfunding Platform

It is an instant solution to start a crowdfunding platform instantly.


Custom Crowdfunding Platform

The development of a customized crowdfunding platform requires significant investment.

Readymade Crowdfunding Platform

Readymade crowdfunding solutions come with a fixed price which is a one-time payment.

Free Demo

Custom Crowdfunding Platform

The custom development process is challenging and costly too, hence you cannot expect a free demo.

Readymade Crowdfunding Platform

The client can check the features of the application before purchasing the script through a free demo.


Custom Crowdfunding Platform

As the development process is tailored to your needs, you can expect the highest level of customization at each stage of the process.

Readymade Crowdfunding Platform

Depending on the readymade script provider, it can be either customizable or not customizable. The client can choose which they prefer.


Custom Crowdfunding Platform

Tailoring your personalised needs you can design the UI/UX of your crowdfunding platform.

Readymade Crowdfunding Platform

Readymade or crowdfunding clone applications also come with a user-friendly interface.

How do Crowdfunding Websites & Apps work?

How do Crowdfunding Websites & Apps work?

Let’s understand how crowdfunding websites & apps work.

  • Showcase Your Idea

    Present your project idea in an impressive way to attract the maximum audience and investors.

  • Campaigning

    Build a strong and lucrative crowdfunding campaign to attract investors and make money for your project.

  • Pre-Development Capital

    Appeal to your family or friends to make an investment in online crowdfunding to start working on your project.

  • During Development Capital

    Once the project begins and you find that the collected funds are less than anticipated you can go again for fundraising.

  • Campaign Ends

    Once you have all the funds to release your product or services you can terminate the fund-raising campaign.

The Crowdfunding Solutions We Offer

We specialize in building Whitelabel crowdfunding solutions with salient features.

  • Crowdfunding Software Development

    We offer Whitelabel crowdsourcing platforms for donation, debt, and equity firms with enriching features.

  • Reward Crowdfunding Software

    Our expert team offers a robust reward-based crowdfunding solution similar to Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

  • Donor Crowdfunding Software

    BR Softech donation-based crowdfunding software ensures that all our client’s goals are met up with reality.

  • Equity Crowdfunding Software

    We offer highly functional and secure equity for the open source crowdfunding platforms to our equity clients.

  • Real Estate Crowdfunding Software

    BR Softech offers crowdfunding web and app development services for real estate where people can have a list of new residential and commercial properties.

  • P2P Lending Software

    We offer a P2P funding app that includes a database of lending sources, lender comparisons, social networking, and collaboration tools.

  • OPB Business Lending Software

    For an effective solution, we deliver OPB lending software which includes custom crowdfunding web and app development.

  • Crowdfunding Script

    We offer a Readymade Crowdfunding Software clone script similar to Kickstarter. It saves time and reduces the cost.

  • Crowdfunding Website Development

    BR Softech offers crowdfunding website development with appealing designs that lure investors.

  • Crowdfunding Administration Software

    Keep an eye on the important data and information about potential investors with our crowdfunding administration software.

How To Earn Profit By Using Kickstarter Clone?

This crowdfunding app is an intuitive fundraising platform where fundraisers are able to select projects and raise funds for them. Invest in crowdfunding app development like Kickstarter and post your project on the platform to raise funds from a crowd of investors worldwide.

Here at BR Softech, in addition to the Kickstarter clone script, we offer a range of other crowdfunding clone apps including.

  • IndieGoGo clone app
  • GoFundMe clone app
  • Crowdfunder clone app
  • SyndicateRoom clone app
  • Crowdcube clone app
  • Seedrs clone app

Membership Fee

Both entrepreneurs and investors have to pay a certain fee to join your crowdfunding platform.

Listing Fee

The entrepreneurs need to pay a certain amount whenever they want to publish their crowdfunding project on your app.

Advertisement Revenue

Display a few of the ads on your platform and make revenue whenever your users click on them.

Fixed Commission

Whenever a transaction is made on the app, you will receive a fixed amount as a commission.

Why Choose BR Softech for White Label Crowdfunding Platform?

If you are looking for a reliable Whitelabel crowdfunding platform development company, then nothing can go as long as BR Softech can. BR Softech holds a great reputation as the premier destination for open source Kickstarter clone script. We create a Kickstarter clone that mirrors the features of the Kickstarter app and allows your crowdfunding platform to reach the broadest audience possible. Here are a few of the key reasons that make us stand apart from the rest.

Our Dedicated Team



On-time delivery


What is the cost of developing the crowdfunding software, web and app?

BR Softech delivers a highly functional and enrich featured crowdfunding software, web and app for the Android and iOS. The crowdfunding software development cost varies from feature to feature which you want to integrate in the mobile app development.

Why should you opt for readymade crowdfunding platforms clone?

Readymade crowdfunding solution is beneficial in many ways it is a readymade solution which is similar to Kickstarter and Real Estate. The Kickstarter clone script is designed in such a way that it includes all the features of the basic module which requires. By opting readymade solution, you can save your time and reduce cost.

Do you provide the crowdfunding App with source code or without source code?

Yes, we provide you the crowdfunding App with Source Code but you required expertise to modify it.

Can we edit the crowdfunding clone script?

We provide you the PHP script for the web and apk source code of crowdfunding app for the Android and iOS, but to make the changes or to modify it you need expertise or you should have some knowledge about programming.

Will you deliver the crowdfunding web and app similar to the demo?

Yes, we deliver you the high quality and functional web and app similar as it has been displayed in the demo app.

Do you provide the customized Crowdfunding Software?

We provide you the customized Crowdfunding Software for RealEstate platform similar to the demo app, after modifying in the colour scheme and theme as per our client’s requirement along with this, we can add some advanced features to the basic module of White label crowdfunding kickstarter clone open source but it will add an additional cost.

Why should I opt for the BR Crowdfunding Readymade App?

BR Crowdfunding app is one of the ideal choices as we deliver the readymade White label crowdfunding mobile app with best features such as smart analytics system, In-app Payments, advanced dispatch and tracking panel etc. You can have a preview of our Crowdfunding app in our demo app. Our BR Readymade App is a Crowdfunding script of kickstarter and Indiegogo and for Real Estate business.

What technologies does BR Softech opt for developing the crowdfunding app?

We believe to work on the advanced and relevant technologies as per the different platform. We use to build the website in the PHP programming language and for Android platform, we use the technologies Android Sketch Paper, Android SDK Emulator, MobiOne and for iOS we use Appcelerator, RhoMobile and Xamarin as well we deliver the native Mobile app.

Do you provide crowdfunding api?

Yes, we offer crowdfunding api to our customers for their business growth.




"BR Softech is all in all a great team with great turnaround time. They followed guidelines and made an impeccable Crowdfunding app with fast programming and updates in accordance with specifications. Prompt response from executives and good team communication. Great Work!!"

Toby Bakers

Toby Bakers

"I have worked with the BR Softech team and it is quite seamless. I found them very hard-working, attentive to our needs and very adaptable to our engineering changes. Thanks for all the hard work for helping us achieve our goals!” An expert team of crowdfunding app developers."

Jan Johson

Jan Johson

"BR Softech has helped us easily transform our concept into a reality. Staff has been offering us personal guidance, patiently and promptly attending to our inquiries throughout the crowdfunding development process. I am extremely satisfied to deal with very smart and efficient crew members."

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