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In this world full of Mobile apps, AdMob is something that gives all the developers an advantage to earn money through playing advertisement on popular apps. For this, you need to know every little thing about how to develop an AdMob alternative app. Here we have brought a tailored guideline for all of you to know about AdMob app development by our company.

Admob App Development Company- BR Softech

Whether you are new to this business or you are an experienced user, here you will get various great resources for helping you to business growth. To get most of the benefits from these in-app ads, you require a good userbase and good knowledge of who are your targeting customers? For this, we will help you to enhance the customer base and making it easy for you with our professional team members. Get readymade Admob alternative android app developed by us and be ready to advance your business.

What is Admob Clone?

Google Admob has made it easy to earn money for developers through mobile apps, along with high-quality ads. Nowadays, Admob clone apps help enhance the value of each impression. It is done by combining the global advertiser's innovative ad formats, demand, and advanced app monetization technology.

Showing the ad to the app users also permits you for developing a sustainable revenue source for business growth while focusing upon creating quality apps. Advertisers help have new customers, and users can also discover related services and products at the time of enjoying free apps. So, it is useful for everyone like users, developers, and advertisers.

How Admob work?

How Does it work?

Ads are created to be available for paid or free to users who want to promote their services or products to other app users. After creating space for ads in the app, it works with the advertisers who are paid customers to show the ads related to users.

  • The Google Ad Network

    To develop the best Admob alternative 2020, it is one of the largest ad networks globally. It works with lots of advertisers to compete for ad space in the app. It refers to more related ads and more demand for users that mean more revenue for you.

  • Hybrid Revenue Models

    Mix your in-app advertising with the other sources of revenue like in-app purchases for creating a sustainable and balanced income source.

  • Ad Mediation

    Cast a broader net through expanding the demand of advertiser to the third-party networks. Admob clone does the heavy lifting for ensuring ads from the highest paying networks and making money as per thousand impressions (CPM).

What is the Procedure to Make Money Through Admob Clone Developed by BR?

Admob Clone app is free for every person to use, and even, the Google and third-party ad networks you are using will pay you as per the clicks. It is beneficial for Adminadmin, publisher, and users too. Here are some simple and easy procedure to make money through Admob clone app-


  • Register or Login
  • Apply Category into the App
  • Receiving the code
  • Adding the code on the web, video, or app
  • Getting money from Admin


  • Signup or Login
  • Develop a campaign
  • Adding price for Day, week, or month
  • Adding Banner
  • Having pay for add
  • Analyzing reports and sending the money to Adminadmin


  • Login
  • Adding a category to the app
  • Admin can add, publish, and remove the content
  • Sending report
  • The publisher sends whole payment to the Admin and Admin send payment to the app user.

Key Advantages Offered by BR through Google Admob Clone App Development

The new features offered by BR for Admob clone script will allow the marketers to target new customer base for all kinds of apps which tend to be worth more than any other segment like travel or gaming. These features will help people to enhance the business with multiple options. Check out these features-

  • Enhanced Customer's Base

    It is a strong tool to make you able to create an audience list of how people are using your app and then generate personalized experience. It helps to grow the app revenue through users. You can also display the ads to re-engage the users while they are busy with other apps on the web.

  • In-app Purchase House Ads

    It is a free and new format to change completely how you think regarding the strategy of in-app purchase monetization. It can also be used for creating a personalized ad for promoting sell items to users. After this, it is predicted by Admob clone app's audience-aware platform who are interested in buying and displaying the ad. You can keep high-value users through this and can make each impression count.

  • Admob Native Ads

    Through this, participating developers will enable to display native ads in the app by Google Advertisers. They can also customize it to match with the bot form and function of the app. These displayed native ads in AdMob alternative 2020, are designed to be identified clearly as ads to users.

  • Earn Money Anywhere

    By displaying both ads, native and in-app, users, publishers, and Adminadmin can make money. As many people are there, who are using these apps just for monetization. By changing the appearance of the ads, the customer base can also be enhanced for making more money and targeting the audience.

  • Turn the Passion into Profit

    Nowadays, so many people use different apps for hours just for fun. What if, they can make this fun into a passion and then into profit. It will help you to make money easily by doing your favourite thing. You just need to know about how to make the ads more relevant to the users.

  • Get More Visitors and Sell

    When you get more visitors, it will automatically increase your sell too. Make the ads more relevant, so that users can connect them to those ads easily. It will make your customer base stronger and enhance the sell. Also, find out timely where are the opportunities for growth.

Is Adsense Clone as powerful as Admob Clone?

Is Adsense Clone as powerful as Admob Clone?

Adsense clone script works as a web ad network, whereas the Admob clone is used for a mobile ad network. Adsense is best to use for publishers who want more automation, easy to execute ad solutions and to have a dedicated ad management system. It is known as a place to monetize the websites, including forums, blogs, and online services.

Adsense clone is an easy and fast method to execute the ad delivery. Your ad inventory will be optimized by Google and enhance the revenue by Auto ads. There is easy access to performance reports. So, it is proved as a strong tool as Admob in terms of the web ad network.

Adsense clone and Admob clone are such powerful tools that help you to sell the ads on the app or site. Each of them offers various features for various kinds of publishers. Choose among them the right fit as per your needs of advertising.

Why should You Select BR Over Any Other Admob solutions Development Company?

For developing a similar website like Admob, you need to know every little thing about it. Our company and team members have that required knowledge and professionalism to create a successful app solution for our valuable clients. Here are some of the services we provide-

Easy Registration

Multiple payment options

On Time Project Delivery

24*7 Support

Google Admob and Adsense clone are now two new strong terms in the filed of app monetization. If you want to make more money by displaying relevant ads, then these are the best advertising platforms for you. At our company, you will find more amenities for customers than any other Firm. We also develop other suitable alternatives for Admob, so you contact us for the best AdMob for iOS and android clone services.


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Sarah Betty

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Ronald Brian

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