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Nowadays all the founders, entrepreneurs, and various independent brands live in an instinctive commerce world, in which small-to-medium every kind of business competes with the global corporations. In this article, we have put a guide to describe inventory management and stock management to level up the playing field and help you to grow the value of your brand with scalability, speed, and smart insights.

Here you will find everything you required about inventory control basics for best practices and strategies to advance the automation procedure.

BR Softech- A Stock Management Solution Company

These days, every person relevant to the corporate world is involved with trading directly or indirectly. If you are also one of them, then you can contact us for having advanced and premium-quality best inventory management software. We assure you to deliver all significant software of inventory management including small business inventory software, stock management and billing software, and stock management system projects. Despite these, we provide you proper and regular software updates and serve our customers in a better way by offering stock management apps.

What Is Stock Management or Inventory Management?

Stock management is known as a practice of storing, ordering, controlling, and tracking the inventory. Stock management apps developed by BR Softech helps all kinds of businesses and corporations to keep track of company assets and stock management is applied to each business time that is used to develop services or products, right from the raw materials to goods manufacturing.

While inventory management systems can be used as a tool that helps you to keep track of goods and products across the supply chain of the business. Also, it optimizes the whole spectrum spanning from the placement of the order with your vendor for delivery to the customer and mapping the entire product’s journey.

Different Kinds of Stock Management Defined by BR

Stock management can be categorized into four main types as follows-

Different Kinds of Stock Management Defined by BR
  • Unfinished goods or materials that are still in progress or production.
  • Components of raw material that are ready to be used in good production.
  • Consumable stocks that can be used in the routine business running and require updating time to time like stationery and fuel.
  • Finished goods that are fully ready for sale.

These categories are defined by BR, but if you want you can categorize it into further categories too. if you classify the stock as per their value, you can classify them into low, medium, and high-value stock. It can be beneficial for planning and funding for the stock replacement if there is not enough cash flow. It is significant to manage and keep track of things that need replacement.

Valuable Features Offered by BR for a Stock Management System

When our company offers a billing and stock management app to the customers, we believe that we are providing the customers with the best solution for their business. With this intention, our company has also developed these kinds of solutions for our respected customers and here are the features these apps and solutions have-

  • Scanning & Barcoding

    Barcode is known as a machine-readable and visual representation of data i.e. electronic data entry by using a scanner. The data stored in the barcode is tied typically to something like- lot number, SKU, purchase order, or customer shipment. After scanning, the data is accessed and shown to the user for more information or action.

  • Better Forecasting and Inventory Control

    By this feature, a business can have the past data for analyzing the future demand and it is not essentially provided by all the platforms, hence forecasting is significantly similar to maintaining the right amount of inventory for every product under the stocking list. It is helpful for products that are falling in demand.

  • Configurability

    Stock manager apps developed by BR allow a single system to configure and setting-up for 2 unique business entities for having a different looking personality. Through this, comprehensive systems are applied successfully across industries and without any customization too.

  • Stock Alerts

    Receiving the notifications and alerts when there is under or overstocking despite a controlled or limited threshold. It helps place orders or provide discounts for eliminating the extra stock.

  • Generating the Product Report

    Having a look at the most famous item from the list and it will be easy to manage the items in the inventory that are not that much popular like others. You can have discounts on those products.

  • Handling the Stock Returns

    Management of returns more efficiently by decreasing time to return the products by process automation. And, also managing various points of sale and warehouses. There can be an integration of all locations within a single inventory management system through inventory management app android.

  • Material Inventory

    Group records into predefined categories make sure to update about component quantities and their specifications that improve your stock of products and manage their schedules as needed.

  • Records of Purchase Orders

    Generate a single list of records of purchase orders and can easily analyze what products are famous, seasonally, and perpetually both and change them to meet with the customer’s needs.

  • Management of Warehouse

    This is the most useful feature of the inventory management app created by BR that you need for optimizing your warehouse stock or maintaining the exact log of every product’s location. It will give you a single idea of where all your products are collected.

  • In-transit Tracking Based on RFID

    If all your business supplies come from a third-party and there is dispatching of the goods for delivery, then it is helpful. It leverages RFID technology for real-time tracking of the inventory in transit.

  • Improved Cash Flow

    If you can manage the stocks efficiently, it will help the business to free-up the cashflow for other elements of business operations. This is why stock management is very essential for cash flow management. As for a business, you should be able to track how much is your stock in the present, when you can run out of this stock, and when it can be replaced?

  • On-premise Versus SAAS and Cloud Storage

    Various companies have implemented SaaS and cloud-based software that made inventory management systems more budget-friendly than on-premise support systems and implementations based on the number of data storage usage and users.

Essential Things Considered by BR to Develop Stock Management Application

The entire world of inventory management is looking for the betterment of it and can be done through the android inventory management system. These are the things that are considered by our company to develop an improved inventory system than before-

Inventory Track

We apply the practice of making sure that stock should be always in balance with the received goods and products being sold. Accuracy can be easily achieved by the barcode scanners and barcodes and inventory stock can also be tracked by the supply chain ..


A good inventory management app android should have much scalability for growing with the business. As it is very easy and affordable to upgrade a dynamic system to meet the company’s needs than having a whole new package.

Better Security

When someone uploads personal or commercial data on the internet, it must be protected and its integrity must remain intact. This inventory app developed by BR provides security and protects and upholds the customer’s data always from global cyber threats. We provide quality services and make sure the backups and security too.

Automatic Ordering

The newly generated software system incorporates the technology of multi-channel stock management. The software can create a purchase order based on the inventory stock levels. It also saves time for the user who needs the warehouse’s stock and product’s bill.

Sharing Skills

Android inventory management systems need to be better at communicating with each other to prove the effectiveness and worthiness. As data needs to flow often from inventory management software to the CRM, accounting, ERP, and other systems. For this, BR offers the customers readymade stock management apps solutions for improved business.


A business’s inventory management data is used to enhance effectiveness and analyze the process gaps to generate a smooth workflow. This software system can also create a lot of data that is based on inventory stock, although it is data manipulation and report generation that change it into something practical for more informed decisions.

Why Hire BR Softech Rather than any other Development Company?

For businesses, the inventory management system is essential as it supports the product’s activities and identifies the sales trend and availability of on-hand inventory. Similarly, it also handles the liquidation of goods for wholesale, e-commerce retail, and manufacturing companies. But for all of these, businesses need an improved inventory system for stock management. BR Softech is providing the customers best inventory management software so that all the people can get benefits through this including wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors, etc. The app solution provided by us can handle new products and reordering the existing products. Despite this, these following are the services our company is providing to the customers regarding inventory system-

Easy Registration

Payment Feature

On Time Project Delivery

24*7 Support

Handle easily your business sales and all the stock details on your mobile devices through the development of the stock management website by BR. App solutions provided by us will be accessed easily and will be fully secured. We have a dedicated team of skilled and rich-experienced developers who believe in providing good quality services to our valuable customers and clients. Have quick details of products and inventory management through the inventory management app developed by us!!


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