Now, you can alter, change, and disguise your voice through an application or game including a microphone to add some other angle of creativity. You can do it right from the ‘girl’ to ‘Alien’ or even ‘girl’ to ‘boy’, and the voice editor apps are limitless. Through these apps, you can modify your voice in various ways. By changing voice, you can create voices for avatars, online video games, and podcasts. Voice disguiser can be used for obscurity over the internet or radio. These editing apps can change the voice for audio projects and other voiceovers.

What is Voice Conversation?

What is Voice Conversation?

It is a voice-changing process that changes the voice of the user by using many effects and modifies the voice. By this, you can record your voice, apply effects on it, and can share it with your friends. These voice editing apps are an effective way if you want to modify your voice for any purpose.

BR Softech- Voice Conversation App Development

BR Softech- Voice Conversation App Development

To have the best and most fun voice changer applications, you can contact our expert development team. We provide the most suitable and appropriate apps so that you can alter the voice as per your requirements. Our company also works with the other application related to this, so you don’t require to change any settings or configurations in available programs. You can install these apps and can start doing voice distortions in minimum time.

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Features Provided by BR in Voice Conversation App

  • With the development of these voice editing apps, there is also provided with some advanced by BR, have a look-
  • Apply various effects in real-time through a microphone or some other audio input devices.
  • These effects can also be applied to the existing files.
  • Load these effects and save it for voice modification.
  • Available vocal effect library contains girl, robot, boy, atmospheric, alien, echo, and much more.
  • Make custom, unlimited voice effects.
  • Voice editor android apps can work with the existing games and applications too.
  • You can develop voices for any characters in audiobooks.
  • It has low CPU usage so that it will not interfere with the other running apps on the phone.
  • It has an intuitive and simple interface.
  • This online voice changer male to female is compatible with all other programs.
  • You can change your voice in live programs while chatting or playing.
  • This app is fun to use and easy to integrate.
  • You can also use personalized voice types while playing with your friends.
  • No performance of it hit to FPS while gaming online.
  • It works with any audio input; be it microphone or headset.
  • It includes various effects such as giant, robot, helium, zombie, monster, squirrel, alien, drunk, and many more.

How to Use the Voice Conversation App?

It is very easy to use this voice conversation app just by following these below-mentioned few steps, check out these-

  • Login/Signup

    As a user, first you have to login into the voice changer app by entering your name or email address. So, that you can again use the app with these provided details.

  • Make a Call

    By this app, you can also make a call to one of your friends, family, or anyone you want to do prank with. It will need permission to access all of your contacts to make the call.

  • Voice Converted

    This voice changer app male to female instantly convert your voice into the selected voice type, be it anything.

  • Choose Voice Type

    After making the call, you can select a particular voice type among all the voice types that you want to use. It has several voice types so that you can choose any of them.

  • Start Talking

    After calling and having the voice type you want, you can start talking to the person you desire. That person will not recognize your voice at all.

What are the Reasons Behind Choosing BR Softech?

If you are looking for the options for such apps that can help you to change your voice completely for some reason, then BR can help you with this. We provide Voice Conversation Apps and solutions that have the advantage of changing the voice. Our dedicated team of developers create voice editing apps for both iOS and Android users that allow you to have online voice changer to male, female, male to female or female to male with various voice changer effect. Here are some of the services offered by BR as mentioned below-

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On Time Project Delivery

24*7 Support

That is why customers believe in the services of BR Softech, and we provide premium-quality services and solutions to our valuable customers. Our developed software is also good for the security purpose, and there is no misuse of your data at all through these apps. Contact us anytime for any development!!!


David Thomas

David Thomas

"I am extremely happy with their work quality and services. BR and their team have brilliant ideas for the business growth and provide full support for voice conversation app development. Thanks a lot to them."

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Charles Robert

"They have expertise and fine-knowledge about everything and every kind of app development. I had an amazing experience while working with a knowledgeable team. Till now, I have recommended them to many people."

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Matthew Daniel

"Throughout the whole procedure of app development, they stood with me as a pillar of support. Whenever I had any issue, they acknowledged it. Thank you for your delightful services and incredible experience."

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