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With the advancement of technology, now everyone is trying their hands-on video editing as it is so easy through using video editing apps or DIY video editing. In recent times, it can be done by any person because now video editing apps provide a lot of unique and useful features for making professional videos. Through video editing software, you can edit your videos, including various filters, and share them with your friends after saving them.

A Video Editor App Development- BR Softech

A Video Editor App Development- BR Softech

We build the most comprehensive and powerful video editing apps for recording, editing, and sharing them to help the mobile users for making amazing videos. Being the leading mobile app development company, we identify market trends and discover a striking tendency. The mobile app development by BR will give an extra edge to your business, and undoubtedly, this video editing, recording, and sharing app development will provide a good solution for all the app users. It will be helpful to make the app stand out from the other apps.

Things Considered by BR for Creating Video Editor App

There are so many things that are considered by BR while developing a video editing app for Android. Planning and developing parts are more sensitive and BR makes sure to execute the idea well, and doing enough project research as app development needs a lot of details.

Targeted audiences should be the topmost priority while developing an app and BR always consider this. Now, every person loves to make funny videos and share them on their social accounts. So, the targeted audiences will be the young generation that is energetic, fun-loving, and socially active a lot. The video-editing app will be ultra-modern, packed with all the fancy features, exciting and thriller too for attracting more customers.

There should be advanced and enough features for users in the video-editing app. A fully-functional app version will be better to use for customers, and it should have an amazing interface to deal with the users. These features should be simple as no user likes to read a full-guide to know how to operate the app.

Always consider suggestions and feedback from the users as, through it, you will have an idea regarding what type of response your app is getting among the users. The overall success of your video editing app development depends upon it. So, the app should have proper functionality to fit your purpose and easy and fun to use.

Unique Features that are Included by BR in Video-Editing Mobile App

These features make the video-editing mobile app unique in every sense. We provide every possible feature and way to make the users satisfied, have a look at these features-

Make it Different from Others

It is essential because if the developed app will be like other apps, then what is the use of it? So, build a unique app and be sure it has some advanced features too. When you enter the same market with the same market, you have to do it in a different way of attracting customers. When it is about video-editing mobile apps, we make sure that it is different and recognizable. BR has also added some AR and VR features into it to make it unique.

Social Media Integration

To create the best video editing app for Android, integrate it with the social media that will be the most crucial feature in the mobile app. People, after creating funny videos like to share them with their social-media friends and on their stories of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It is an instant feature provided by BR that must be included in an app as nowadays people like to share their things instantly.


Most apps these days are giving an advantage to the people to make money through the app. Mostly there can be seen that while playing an interesting video, occurring ads in between irritate us. To get rid of this, it is better to have in-app purchases or paid features of the app. Hence people can earn money through the app. It is a sensible option to make money by app monetization. But you have to be careful while doing this as it can also turn into app failure.

Integration of Payment Gateway

Develop video editing software with this feature, so users will be able to make an easy and online payment in terms of having in-app purchases and subscription of the app. Multiple payment gateways are essential these days as it can be integrated to make the payment procedure very convenient for the app users.

Real-time Analytics and Reports

The whole report and analytics relevant to the app and entire user data can be managed by using a few APIs. It will gain real-time data from the servers. It will include how users make videos, number of users with the free or paid subscription, number of video shares, number of downloads, etc.

Editing and Recording Videos

The app must create videos and allows the users to edit them by applying various filters on recorded videos. Integrated your app with the features where users can use filters and stickers, sound effects, fragments combination, etc. to make their videos more attractive. This editing makes the video look more representative and professional.

Despite these features, BR also integrates AI technology in the video editing app for iOS and Android to make videos through it. While developing a mobile app, do not be limited regarding feature-list for enhancing creativity as it makes a lot of difference.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Video-Editing Mobile App?

Based on the number of features, technologies, and time invested in mobile app development, any person can estimate the high cost of creating the app. Also, it depends upon some other elements too, such as:

The area of the app development centre
The complexity of the app and the number of hours invested
Various provided features
Selected platform (Android, iOS or both)

So, the cost of such a mobile app will be high according to the integrated technologies. The estimated cost will be around $10,000-$30,000 for a single platform, be it Android or iOS. But if you choose to develop the app for both platforms, it can go up to $45,000.

Why is BR Unique than Other Mobile App Development Companies?

To hire the services of a leading company for video editing software development, choose BR Softech for services. We provide rich features and high-quality to our valuable customers through our dedicated and knowledgeable team members. In terms of getting our service, you will get these below-mentioned services for sure, have a look-

24*7 flexible customer support

Easy Registration

Time to the time App update

Push notifications

Advanced features

Reasonable prices

Multiple payment features

Delivery on time

By analyzing the rise in demand for this video-editing and sharing mobile app development, BR is also providing these kinds of video editing website development. Our created websites and apps also include rich features that are capable enough to make, edit, and share videos with the online viewers that have enhanced significantly well. The industry of video-editing application has been grown these days, and a lot of people is now looking forward to video-editing solutions through mobile apps for recording, altering, and sharing the videos to their friends and followers.


Devan Marco


"BR Softech focuses profoundly on working with state-of-the-art and advanced technology to deliver high-quality Video editing app using the best programming language. BR helps the user to relish the exceptional features."



"BR Softech is a trusted company that delivers high quality services that strive to deliver quality services. They develop enticing video editing app that meets all our needs. Bravo!! Keep Going"

Hazel Hudson

Hazel Hudson

"BR is undoubtedly the best video editing app development company in the sector. It helps accentuate the basic details of the app for enhanced user experience. BR is a complete package for creating, editing and processing the development."

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