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As a leading company in car wash app development, BR Softech aims to enhance the growth of our clients' businesses by offering them exceptional car wash app development services at a competitive price. In every stage of project development, we use cutting-edge technologies and will recommend excellent solutions to implement specific features and meet your business requirements.

With us nothing left to chance. Each of the features of the on-demand car wash app is rigorously tested on multiple cases during its development phase to improve your confidence in its performance. As soon as the client approves our application, our car wash app developer takes the initiative to upload it to the live server to make it available to targeted audiences. The code we write is also tested and monitored by experts to ensure flawless performance on multiple devices, including Android and iOS.

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Car Wash App Development Service

On demand apps like car wash are the present and future of app technology. Hence making investment in the on-demand car wash app development seems like a worthy decision. The in-house team of our car wash app developers and designers work together to turn your idea into a million dollar product. Our car wash app development features a high level of functionality with an integrated technology stack that will help you reach the top of your industry.

White Label Development Solution

We're your one-stop solution to launch your car wash business in the shortest amount of time. We offer white label car wash app development solutions that are 100% customizable, scalable and designed specifically to meet your car wash business' needs.

Multiple Payment Gateway

Using our multiple payment gateway services, your customers can easily make secure transactions in exchange for your services.


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Car Wash App UI/UX Design

The success of any business depends on the quality of the user experience it delivers. Our UI/UX designers strictly adhere to the guidelines of iOS & Android operating systems to create visually appealing car wash apps without compromising functionality.

Cross Platform Car Wash App Development

From BR Softech you can hire a car wash app developer to create a cross-platform mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS. We make use of programming languages such as PhoneGap, Xamarin, and ReactNative that run on multiple platforms facing no issues.

Br car wash app demo

3 Panel In Car Wash App Development

We developed a car wash app catering to the needs of all the parties involved in the online car wash business service i.e. user, washer and .

Car Wash App Development user Panels
  • User Panel

    We developed a dedicated panel serving the users where they can schedule bookings for their car washing. Users will find this page to view a list of all the car washing packages, as well as to select a date and time, pickup location, and delivery status of their car.

  • User profile

  • Address

  • Car details

  • Schedule car washing

  • Pick preferred date & time

  • Select car pick up location

  • Check the availability of the technician for particular date & time

  • Wash status

  • Help & support

Washer App

The registered washers will be able to accept or reject the washing request depending on their availability. The panel is equipped with a visually appealing and user friendly UI to track profits and growth rate of the washer's business.

  • Washer profile

  • Wash requests

  • Wash status

  • Payment request

  • Detailed earnings report

  • Upcoming washes

  • Reviews & rating

Car Wash App Development Panels
Car Wash App Development Admin Panels
  • Admin Panel

    This panel is considered to be the backbone of the car wash mobile app. Here the admin can effectively manage the registration of the washers and users. This panel can also be used by admins to resolve problems arising from the use of the mobile applications for car washing.

  • Washer registration

  • Managing users, washers, and credentials

  • Creation of wash plans

  • Manage wash requests

  • Manage user & washer feedback

  • Manage payouts

How Does Car Wash On Demand App Work?

Learn how an experienced team of on-demand car wash app developers can deliver a successful car wash app for your business.

1. User sends the request for the car wash service
2. Admin receives the request from the user
3. Admin start searching for the car washie around the location
4. Admin shows the nearby cash washing detailer to the user.
5. User gets the various options for the car washie and selects one
6. Admin notify the car washie
7. Car washer goes to the user location
8. Detailer give the service as per the package.
9. User makes the payment via online or COD
10. Admin makes the payment to the car.

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On Demand Car Wash App Development Features

  • Cloud Management :

    All the information stored on the car washing app remains accessible through the cloud. In this way, there is less possibility of data loss, as a result you can experience better features with speed and safety.

  • Heat Map View :

    The heat map view feature is proving to be helpful to find out the most popular areas, car washing packages. This will enable you to make informed decisions to ensure maximum growth for your car wash business.

  • Pricing Calculations:

    The app will automatically calculate the cost of washing the car based on the user's choice of car cleaning packages and add-on packages.

  • Robust Admin Access:

    The admin has full control over the application. Thus admin can make any changes to the application effectively whenever it seems required.

  • In-App Chat

    This feature comes in aid when the washer or user faces any difficulty while using the app or wants to communicate with each other. Through in-app chat, they can connect directly with each other instead of using third-party chat applications.

  • Account Management:

    Our app allows washers and users to effectively manage their car wash app account. Thanks to our highly engaging and easy-to-use user interface.

  • User-Friendly:

    Employing the broad industry experience and access to state-of-the-art car wash app development technologies we bring user-friendly .

  • Multi-lingual:

    Our on-demand car wash app development solutions offer support for multiple languages, making it easy for people from different regions to take advantage of the online car wash app features.

  • Hire Car Wash App Developer

    BR Softech recognized as the leading Car wash mobile app development company, thanks to our in-house team of car wash app developers. The competent team of developers at our company specializes in creating top car wash mobile applications for different sizes and types of businesses. From requirement analysis to deployment of the app, our developers follow a transparent development approach and keep the client informed about the progress in development. From our company you can hire a car wash app developer according to your budget and requirements.

Car Wash App Development Panels

Why to Choose BR Softech As a Car Wash App Development ?

Development of an on-demand car wash mobile app is a complex task that requires the right knowledge and access to the right technology stack. Here at BR Softech we hold both of these qualities alongside more than a decade of experience in developing such applications. BR Softech is the ideal partner if you want an in-house developer team that can help you manage your car washing business efficiently online.

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Highly-Efficient Ready-Made Car Wash App Development Solutions

In this hustle bustle of life we dont have time to do basic home chores and even a car wash has become a big task for the human beings, as with time we have to change. You can understand how hectic it has become as jobs and business has become the priority even a person is looking for the car wash online booking service in the form of car wash booking app. Yes, and if you want to deal it in a modern way, so contact to BR Softech as it is the best web and app development company and offers the best car wash booking system.


How much does it cost to develop an on demand car wash mobile app ?

BR Softech offers you a well versed car wash app for web, Android and iOS and the cost of the car wash development varies from feature to feature which you want to integrate in the app.

Why should you opt for Readymade car wash app clone?

Our readymade car wash booking app is beneficial in many ways as our car wash app clone script is designed in such a way that it includes all the features of the basic module. Hence, our cleaning detailing app saves your time to wait till the app develops, it saves you to wait till the Cleaning Mobile app develops from the scratch.

Do you provide the car wash app clone with source code or without source code?

Yes, we provide you the source code of the online car wash booking app, but you need expertise to modify it.

Can we edit Readymade Car Wash Booking App Clone Script?

We provide you the PHP script for the web and open source code for the android and iOS car wash online app platforms, but to make the changes or to modify it you need a expertise or you should have some knowledge about programming.

Will you deliver the Car Wash App similar to the demo app?

Yes, we offer you a high quality car wash booking app similar as it has been displayed in the demo.

Will you provide customized car wash booking app solution?

Definitely, we offer the customized car wash booking app similar to our demo app while doing alteration in the colour scheme and theme as per our client’s requirements as well as we can add some advanced features to the basic module of the car wash app as per your requirement but it will add an additional cost.

Why Should we buy BR Car wash app?

BR car wash app is the one of the ideal choice as we deliver the readymade car wash booking app with the best features such as smart analytics system, In-app Payments, advanced dispatch and tracking panel etc.You can have a preview of our app in our demo app .

What technologies does BR Softech opt for developing the car wash app like classic auto wash and speed car wash App?

We believe to work on the advanced and relevant technologies as per the different platform. We use to build the website in the PHP programming language and for android platform we use the technologies Android Sketch Paper, Android SDK Emulator, MobiOne and for iOS we use Appcelerator, RhoMobile and Xamarin as well we deliver native app. With the help of these advanced technologies, we are enabled to deliver the clone similar to Uber app for car wash.


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"BR provided advanced and high-quality services when I contacted them for car washing app development. They considered all my project needs and completed them. I thank them very much for such efforts and impressed with their professionalism."

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"Whenever I hire BR for any service, their team always comes up with excellent ideas and quality work. A big thanks to them for completing my project with such efforts. I would work with them again, for sure! "

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They did an amazing job by understanding all my requirements for creating the exact app I wanted. Their team provided advanced features at an appropriate price. They have a good way to deal with clients!

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