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Fulfil the requirements is the only purpose behind any innovation. Inescapable use of these smartphones is providing various kinds of innovations for finding methods to add functionalities in mobile phones. In starting, it was used just for adding functionalities like business card readers, cameras, FM radios, and media players.

The second phase, in which customers have maximum convenience by making custom hardware devices. It is directly available to them for connecting with their mobile phones. For example- credit card readers, physical fitness monitoring tools, sleep analysis device, armbands, and remote controllers for tools and more.

BR Softech- Hardware Apps Development Company

The need for these hardware apps and integration services is increasing extremely fast with each passing day in modern time. And, to fulfil this need, our company is trying hard and establishing itself as the best hardware company that provides you with suitable and appropriate solutions for your issues related to hardware.

We have many years’ experience in building and designing embedded hardware designs. At the same time, we also provide a power-efficient and portable system for medical devices, wearables, home automation, and surveillance solutions.

Introduction to Hardware-Integrated software Solution

For some businesses, a single mobile app is not enough always. It is the reason why mobile apps for various businesses like engineering, manufacturing, technology, etc. are needed to be integrated with some hardware for improving business development. A hardware-integrates solution is referred to as mobile systems combined with the hardware for connecting the two by the app or any other technology system. The main purpose behind hardware integration is to use the mobile devices for replacing other traditional styles of controlling the hardware just like a remote.

Through this user interface on a mobile phone, controlling the hardware has become sleek, easier. It has more advantages than a single remote with few buttons and benefits of capability, mobility, and fewer costs.

Approaches by BR for Hardware Integration Projects

Approaches by our company for the new projects of hardware apps and device’s development are extremely scientific and structured. Here is the work methodology from mobile apps to hardware integration solutions-

  • Executing the Business-Logics

    Based on the business logic, we draw appropriate architecture for the data-sets that are pushed to the server. These are also used in different formats to provide data-mining capabilities or business dashboards to the system.

  • Knowledge of Data-Sets

    It is essential to do proper discussion and brain-storming over the data-sets that will be provided by hardware as an output. The data will also consume on the mobile app.

  • Development of POC

    For making the execution process easier, we develop a small proof-of-content through the hardware to display and outline all the chances of receiving the desired results. It takes less than two weeks, and it is used as an action direction for the future.

  • Hardware Integration

    After the knowledge of business logics and data-sets through that, we perform integration of the hardware to the mobile application, whether it is to control or to access the hardware. We can also integrate it to android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows app.

  • Quality Assurance

    It is the most significant part of the development procedure, including proper test cases and use cases. As the system needs to be entirely bug-free, and it should be done with proper cautious. It is to cover up all the probable scenarios at the time of testing.

  • Connecting Hardware

    After all the steps, you require to connect peripherals devices to the board from the development kit. You can use any devices to connect with the hardware.

Advantages of Hardware-integrated Software Offered by BR

With the enhancing popularity of ‘Internet of things’, combining the hardware and software has become the main purpose for various apps, and BR is also providing such applications. From warehouse management to surveillance systems, this the hardware-integrated solution has made life easier for people and reduced overall cost too. Here are some more advantages-

Advantages of Hardware-integrated Software Offered by BR
  • Over productivity can also be increased through hardware integration as the combined ease of hardware and mobile app that have to be controlled manually generates and productivity is also increased with the easier workplace.

  • Essential mobile technology is created, and it will reduce the cost of business, including inventory, maintenance, and less engineering and manufacturing costs.

  • Digital tools that use hardware integration foster innovation- various features of Apple’s iPhone like Facetime combine hardware and software and permitting for greater innovation to create better features for improving customer’s life.

  • With the advancement of mobile software, linking it to the hardware is also becoming essential. It would result in the best possible system for your business.

  • Also, it creates a key competitive benefit for the business, be it due to workplace improvement and functions or due to more attractive products for customers. Digital hardware solutions create a more efficient space for various industries.

How is Hardware Integration Beneficial for the Business?

All the businesses and industries can be further improved through integrating the mobile experience with the hardware functionality. After that, this hardware-integration software solution developed by BR can be a perfect fit for your business. At our company, you will get a successfully developed multiple automated hardware integration system to provide businesses with an easy solution to improve overall costs and efficiency.

Our technical team has rich experience in creating software strategies and solutions for various companies that have overcome highly difficult integrated business challenges. To make it easy for business, we provide mobile device configuration build to take the guesswork out of installation.

Easy Steps for System Integration Procedure by BR

  • Understanding of Needs

    It includes sharing ideas and needs of a system integrator, and it is crucial to know regarding the expectation of you and your team’s future system and its components. For providing you with an efficient system, BR team ensures to deliver the customers comfortable and easy to use the software.

  • Identification

    After the specifications and expectations, many software are listed down, and business analysts conduct a meeting to find out the suitable one for operational feasibility. They have rich experience in converting the needs and improving communication between the development team and client.

  • Architecture Design

    A system integrator is always ready to perform the procedure of collecting the subsystems together. Although, first, they need to make a strong base for reducing all the risks. Next phase will be writing a plan regarding the integration of multiple components. Usually, blueprints are used to visualize the procedure.

  • System Integration Design

    It is one of the most challenging and longest phases of the procedure in which the actual integration is done. Based on architectural design, it has developed its physical equivalent. System integration should perform easily and successfully without losing any data.

  • Execution

    The system is verified and tested after creation. If there is any error, then it will be fixed, and the system will go for operational testing for one more time. It is to make sure the product is errorless product. The new system will also be based on the previous one.

  • Maintenance

    The competitive advantage of having a subsystem integration by BR over buying a new system solution is that we make sure that the developed product is working flawlessly after its release. If any of the components is missing or complex, it can be added or modified anytime. Also, you can report the bug or can fix it.

What Makes the BR Stand Apart from Other Hardware Apps Development Company?

BR has worked with various companies and industry sectors, and whether you require software that interfaces with multiple devices or a single device, we can build it for you. We have the experience to develop tablet, mobile, web or desktop-based apps to connect them to either local database or cloud database. Here are some of our mandatory services for customers-

  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Rich-feature Product at the appropriate price
  • Delivery on time
  • Update notification
  • Tech protection
  • IT professional and dedicated team

We provide a custom user interface dashboard that is customizable or predetermined, for providing ease to customers. So, it is quick and easy for customers to understand and visualize the data retrieved from the hardware. From the creation of system apps to integrating them with mobile devices, we provide every kind of facility to the valuable customers.


Jacob Isla

Jacob Isla

"It was my first working experience with the BR for the development of hardware integrated software. And, I was impressed with their way of working. I loved their work as they were responsive, and communication was easy with them. "

Emma Nora

Emma Nora

"Whether I want a developed app or any technological services, BR is always my first choice. I always feel relaxed while working with them because they provide all the details from time to time regarding the project. Thanks to them."

Charlie Hocks

Charlie Hocks

"Outstanding services with professional and dedicated team members, this is what I feel about BR. They never miss a chance to amaze me with their performance every time. I recommend them to everyone due to their great work! "

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