As an award-winning IoT healthcare solutions development company in the UAE, we develop highly automated and tech-driven healthcare solutions that are hard to find in the healthcare industry. We leverage the latest technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Mixed Reality to create customised healthcare solutions for different domains.

Our wide range of healthcare solutions promises to elevate the operation efficiency and functionality of medical centres to the highest standards. We provide cutting-edge, innovative healthcare services such as remote health monitoring, highly efficient medical imaging, and enhanced computing systems.

Smart Healthcare Solutions

With the emergence of AR, AI, ML, MR, and VR technologies, we aim to provide patient-oriented and robust healthcare solutions. One such technology is the IoT, which has transformed the healthcare sector.

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What are IoT smart healthcare solutions?

What Makes BR Softech Unique?

Being a segment leader in the healthcare industry sector, we offer our clients exceptional services:

  • Real-time monitoring & reporting
  • Seamless communication and interaction
  • Threat and medical management
  • Rapid data analysis
  • Prompt alerts
  • Regular checkups at home via smart devices

What are IoT Smart Healthcare Solutions?

IoT smart healthcare solutions are high-tech devices used by medical professionals for real-time remote monitoring of health and enhanced patient care. The patient diagnosis and interaction have become flawless through smart healthcare solutions.

Exclusive Features of IoT Smart Healthcare Solutions

We offer the finest and top-notch IoT innovative healthcare solutions with friendly UI, modern graphics, and next-gen technologies.

  • Chronic Disease Management

    Our innovative healthcare solutions take the utmost care of serious chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart issues.

  • Home-based Care

    IoT-based devices monitor patients' healthcare details to provide them with proper diagnoses at home.

  • Remote-Patient Care

    Post-pandemic, our intelligent IoT solutions provide patients with regular check-ups and health monitoring services at their doorstep.

  • Short-term Care

    Patients with non-chronic and minor diseases leverage short-term care IoT solutions.

  • Patient-Generated Health Data

    The Patient-generated health data includes essential information about the patient’s treatment history, age, illness track records, etc.

  • Protective Care

    To prevent you from future illness and life threats, we aim to provide full-fledged protective care solutions to users.

Extensive Range of IoT Healthcare Solutions

As a leading IoT-enabled healthcare development company in the UAE, we strive for 100% client satisfaction via transparency in developing IoT healthcare solutions that are robust and scalable for your business. Our extensive IoT healthcare solutions include:

Benefits of using Augmented Reality Game
  • Remove system glitches
  • Eliminating operational costs
  • Disease Management
  • Enhanced Drug Supervision
  • Improved Patient Experience
  • Enhancement in Treatment Results

Benefits of IoT in Healthcare

Technology is rapidly changing the healthcare industry, making less human dependency by implementing innovative healthcare solutions using IoT. The primary benefits of IoT in healthcare solutions are:

IoT Development Trends In Healthcare Industry
  • Economical Solutions

    We provide affordable medical solutions that are highly scalable.

  • Efficient Management of Medicines

    Our smart solutions can manage medicines and drugs by helping medical centres efficiently track everything.

  • Improved Patient Experience

    Our intelligent solutions offer patients flexibility and convenience at their doorstep.

  • Enhanced treatment outcomes

    Our IoT-enabled solutions have high-tech features and a patient support system that offers enhanced treatment outcomes.

  • Overall Enhancement in Technology

    With the latest technology and IoT-enabled healthcare solutions, patient checkups have become only a few steps ahead.

  • Reduced waste and errors

    Our healthcare solutions are error-free and faultless to provide clients with the best experience.

Importance of IoT in Healthcare Industry

Intelligent tracking of staff, patients, and resources
Enhanced Patient Management
Health & Wellness Improvement
Instant Available of Emergency Aid
Availability of Critical Hardware
Promoting Patient-centric Education

Why Choose BR Softech as an IoT Healthcare Development Company in the UAE?

Being a renowned IoT healthcare development company in the UAE, BR Softech is well-versed with the latest trends in the global healthcare industry. Our certified team of developers works 27/7 seamlessly to deliver the most innovative and ultra-modern solutions for patients worldwide. Choose us and get:

Flawless Communication

Cross-platform App Development

Timely Project Delivery

A Dedicated team of Certified Developers

24/7 Technical Support

Integration of Advanced Technologies


On average, developing an IoT healthcare application costs AED 70k to AED 110k.

It takes 2 to 3 months to develop a fresh IoT-enabled solution.

Yes, we provide highly customized IoT solutions integrated with top-notch features and high-quality graphics.

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