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Sports Betting

The Best Sports Betting API Provider in India

written by Nitin Garg | Nov 27, 2023
Top Sports Betting API Provider

With the rise in temperature, the fever of betting is also on the rise. Sports betting, is the job of predicting results of the sports matches and placing bets on the outcome of a sports match or event. While sports betting API like cricket, Indian Fancy, Casino, odds, Cricket, score, match odds, horse racing, Betfair and football include people earning their bread and butter, however, it also includes people who bet for entertainment. You can provide millions with the platform to bet using the right sports betting API solution in India, USA.

A bet has two possibilities or says probabilities. Either you win, or you lose. Bookmakers or bookies are the companies that provide sports betting services for the betting agency. Sports Betting API service provider that offers a lot of API integration services to our valuable sports betting users.

What are Sports Betting API Services?

The full form of API is the Application Programming Interface. sports betting API solution providers setups an interface between two websites where one website fetches data from another website. The website which provides the Application Programming Interface creates flexibility for another site to which the betting API is implemented. When we implement an Application Programming Interface to one website, the executed website will have access to all market odds, which is required for that website.

Why Need a Sports Betting API Developer?

Sports betting has always fascinated many. The ever-increasing betting enthusiasts gave the entrepreneurs or sports betting API developers the spirit to take sports betting to a new level. It provided a common sports betting platform to enthusiasts around the globe and eliminated the search for bookies to start their hobby. The concept of sports betting API has been providing wagers to the service providers. The customers are also benefited and earn profits hence having a significant stake in the market.

Types of Sports Betting APIs that we develop

BR Softech is a leading sports betting software provider company with more than 10+ years of experience. We have a team of 100+ skilled betting API developers having exceptional knowledge and a strong technical background in the betting software solution industry. 

Here are the types of Sports Betting APIs that our experts develop at BR Softech:

1. Live Casino API Provider

We have worked on various live casino APIs including the most trending casino games like poker, rummy, keno casino, diamond casino API, and a lot more. Our casino API developers have proficiency in working on top-notch technologies that allow Indian Casino API to run fluently without any hustle. 

We have the expertise to give you the most innovative online gambling API solution optimized enough to work on any device like a smartphone, pc, laptop. Moreover, we also offer integration modules that facilitate the Casino API owner to add third-party tools for various purposes. Coming to the casino API cost, it depends on the type of platform like Android, iOS, or cross-app, etc that you’re willing to finalize for your casino game API.

2.  Sportsbook API Development India

BR Softech provides various sportsbook API solutions like MGM sportsbook API, DraftKings sportsbook API, fanduel sportsbook API, and barstool sportsbook API. Our API development team works on specific modules capable of addressing the needs of both land-based and online betting service providers. 

Our Sportsbook API software includes features like real-time global statistics, multi-currency payment gateways, highly encrypted databases, chat boxes, and a lot more. Real-time communication, 100% project transparency, and on-time delivery are our professional standards that ensure excellent UI, creative graphics, and high business revenue for every end-product.

3. Horse Racing API development

In these 10 years, we have pioneered the Horse Racing API development industry by working on some cutting-edge products like British horse racing API, Australian horse racing API, horse racing API Australia, and horse racing cards API.

BR Softech is the only horse racing API provider in India that has successfully launched a horse racing odds API with extensive features like racing entries, global statistics, previous history, odds comparison data with global filters, horse result tracker, etc.

4. Fantasy Cricket API

When it comes to the Fantasy Cricket API, BR Softech is a leading business tycoon in the Cricket live line API industry. Our fantasy cricket API products boast various interactive features like player credit value, fantasy points, real-time player performance stats, multiple payment gateways, and AI-based security protocols.

Some of our  Fantasy Cricket API products are Cricket live line API, Match  Fancy Odds API, cricket odds API, Cricket Fancy API, and Indian fancy API. We have integrated all of these products with advanced database management systems that optimize the data in an efficient manner without degrading the software performance.

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5. Tennis API Development

Being an experienced Tennis API provider, we have developed various tennis API software, some of them are tennis live API, tennis odds API, tennis match data API, tennis court API, and tennis live data API.

All of these products have some common features like the dashboard to manage feed from multiple tennis clubs, custom bookings, player insights, tournament selection, result statistics, and player ranking updates.

6. NFL API Services in the USA

Our NFL API software is structured in a flexible manner to operate various sets of data structures fluently. We have served international clients with NFL API products like NFL live API, python NFL API, NFL Fantasy API, and NFL scores API.

Our developers follow a disciplinary code of conduct to provide cost-effective NFL API pricing for every client.  Our NFL API’s products boast multiple interactive features like live football feeds, real-time player performance data, multiple payment gateways, etc. All of these API products can work on a mobile, laptop, and platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS.

7. Cricket Betting API development

BR Softech is a Cricket Betting API provider with a vast portfolio of cricket batting APIs like 

bet365 odds API, python sports betting API, cricket betting API, betting exchange API, and Dynamic odds API

Our cricket betting products are developed using universal modules that support the integration of various betting tools and interfaces. Our cricket betting API products host some features like global betting statistics, real-time betting details, account history, player performance, secured transactions, etc.

The Cricket API cost varies on multiple aspects like developer experience, API features, technology stack, country of the API mobile game development company, etc.

Which are the Best Sports Betting API Providers?

Which are the Best Sports Betting API Providers?

Since the time the sports betting applications has been introduced to the enthusiasts, a number of sports betting API had made their entry into the business with a fair share of bettors across the globe. Some of the leading sports betting API in the market are:

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  1. Betfair: The Betfair API, the only platform that introduced the world about online betting exchange and is still the big fish of the ocean. It provides the largest platform in the world for online betting. Using the Betfair Exchange API, the developers can build optimal betting tools and interfaces to use with the sports exchange to generate revenue or for other Betfair customers.The Betfair API hosts some features that make it stand apart in the league like– finding markets, finding out the current bet details, conveniently placing bets, check the history or account statements.
  2. Betable: It is one of the leading sports betting API Software provider company, which holds gaming licenses not only by the United Kingdom but also by Alderney. It is with the help of Betable’s that the developers can add real money legally to the games without the hassle of the cumbersome and costly processes of obtaining a gambling license. With the help of the Betable API developers can legally provide a platform to bid using real money on the respective applications. Therefore, making it possible for the developer to add a variety of games to bid using this API.
  3. SharkScope: SharkScope is a Poker API integration service provides for sports betting business owners. SharkScope providers all result of poker tournaments that could integrate with websites, TV, and any other digital platform like android apps.

It contains all the data about players in tournaments and their playing streak over time. Users can also enjoy the convenience to compare, evaluate, and rank amongst players of poker tournaments.

The SharkScope API offers developers to integrate the information into their developed apps. Developers can develop apps on SharkScope tracks using the company’s comprehensive API.

  1. Pinnacle Sports: Pinnacle Sports that was started in 1998, is a well-established online sports betting platform that operates in more than 200 countries. Pinnacle Sportsbook software provides the clients, and its participants access to an XML API that provides live odds and enables the clients to place bids directly. The sports betting API is an online service that includes all the information on betting on various sports like football, soccer, baseball, rugby. The Pinnacle Sports API offers the developers the convenience to use the necessary features of Pinnacle Sports with their applications. Some API functions include collecting lists of sports, gathering lists of leagues, and gathering sports feeds.
  2. EOddsmaker: Eoddsmaker is the platform that helps provide betting odds and also analyzes services using the Oddsmaker engine. EOddsmaker also offers convenience to the clients with the necessary information that helps keep them updated with the market of the sports betting industry across the globe. By using the API, developers get the freedom to integrate the database into their respective applications. The API works on SOAP protocol, and the responses are returned in XML format.

    With the help of the eOddsmaker get multiple JSON and XML betting feeds, that prove to be beneficial for pre-match as well as live in-play betting odds.

Sports Betting API Price?

When investing in a sports betting API, one should not consider the cost as the deciding factor because the returns from the Draftkings sportsbook API are high. The owner(s) not only generate revenue from the customers when they lose a bid but also get a commission if they win and the ads that appear on these websites and apps become another source of income.

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How to do Payment for a Sports Betting API Service Provider Company?

When estimating the project, the cost associated with it becomes the primary area of concern and also the convenience and flexibility of the mode of payment. Depending on the policies of various developers, there are many ways by which an enthusiast/entrepreneur can initiate the process of the sports betting platform by paying either digitally or using fiat currencies.

How to Hire Sports Betting API Developers?

Hire Sports Betting API Developers

To provide a smooth platform for the users to level up their betting interests, it is essential to approach the team of experts as knocking on the wrong door might give you a product that is not so efficient when compared to other sports betting apps in the market.

BR Softech is a one-stop software and IT solution that will provide you with the best sports betting API script developers which provide perfect integration of sports betting API with your app and websites.

Is Sports Betting App Development Company Beneficial for Betting API Integration?

There are several betting APIs in the sports industry that can provide information on specific lineup formations, gaming winning goal scorers, and scratches.

However, It is crucial to choose the right API when looking to integrate it into your sports betting API platform. One should stay cautious while selecting the API to develop their product as choosing the wrong API, and you might end up with less detailed information than what was needed/required/desired.

Generally, finding an API that supports complete match data is top-notch for most platforms. There are several APIs that cover more than one specific league in context to a particular sport.

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The trending sports betting using digital technology hike the demand for the experts or say developers for sports betting API. Let the developer choose the right sports betting API suiting your needs. 

BR Softech, a sports betting app development company that excels in the IT and software solution market with its expertise, will help you in starting your sports betting app. Provide millions with the platform and generate high revenues with the sports betting API.

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