As a leading blockchain development company in the UAE, BR Softech excels in providing cutting-edge blockchain development services for our clients all over the globe. We leverage advanced technologies in blockchain software development services and strive to offer a superior platform where two parties can exchange data without the need for a mediator.

We help you incorporate blockchain technology into your existing system or create a new striking blockchain application for you. Blockchain app development is our way to promote business growth and help them transform into better corporations. The peer-to-peer nature of this technology enables us to create a safe and secure environment where parties can share confidential information without any hassle.

Blockchain Software Development Services

At BR Softech, we are highly driven by the reputation of being the best blockchain development company in the UAE. We focus on high-performance, tech-backed blockchain development services that are custom-tailored to meet your business demands. We help businesses reduce risks, and fraud and minimize intermediate fees.

Our 250+ expert developers work day in and day out to provide a varied range of blockchain development services, no matter what your blockchain development needs may be, BR Softech is here to take care of all your blockchain platform needs.

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Here is a list of our blockchain software development services

Neo Blockchain Development

We provide the best NEO blockchain development services to our clients that meet their specific requirements.

Stratis Blockchain Development

We provide a Stratis blockchain platform that allows record sharing between users involved in the business network.

Quorum Blockchain Development

Our skilled blockchain developers provide Quorum Blockchain Solutions for various private apps in the financial sector.

Chainlink Blockchain Development

We are proficient in delivering blockchain applications on the Chainlink platform.

ETH Classis Blockchain Development

Our blockchain professionals are dedicated to providing Ethereum Classic Blockchain development services as per your organization.

EOS Blockchain Development

Our high-quality EOS Blockchain development services provide a safe environment for offbeat correspondence, conditions, and confirmation, all in one exclusively.

Ethereum Blockchain Development

The Ethereum Blockchain solutions help ventures to have scalable growth for improving business standards.

Hyperledger Sawtooth

It is a systematic process that provides a highly modular and flexible platform synchronized by a robust mechanism.

Waves Blockchain Development

We offer you premium waves blockchain development services that ensure a safe and secure development process.

Lisk Blockchain Development

Our skillful developers create a reliable and immutable blockchain app that can enhance business productivity.

Blockchain Development Solutions

Our expert blockchain developers in the UAE offer a range of cutting-edge blockchain development solutions that are highly customised and cater to every type of client's needs. We help several industries including finance, automotive, online streaming, etc, to enhance their core functionality and business efficiency with our blockchain development solutions.

Here is a list of blockchain development solutions we provide to our global clientele:

Blockchain Wallet Development
Blockchain Smart Tokens Development
Blockchain MLM Software Development
Blockchain P2P Lending Platform
Blockchain-based Marketplace
Asset Tokenization Platforms
Custom Blockchain App Development
Blockchain Supply Chain Development
Blockchain Technology Consulting
Decentralised Exchange
Blockchain Development on HyperEdger
Blockchain AI Development

Blockchain Development Platforms

The blockchain developer team at BR Softech leverages their expertise in working on various Blockchain platforms to lower the operational cost of your business and enhance efficiency.

Smart Contract Development

Adapt the BR Softech blockchain development services to achieve new heights in business. We provide the self-executing blockchain smart contract development services which can be used in different industries like healthcare, banking, e-commerce, supply chain, or real estate. It can be customised too through the use of smart contracts where it is required to meet some obligations. We offer smart contract development services for both private and public Blockchain networks.

Blockchain Mobile App Integration

Our expert team of blockchain developers has profound experience in consolidating blockchain development solutions with different mobile apps which results in enhanced efficiency and improved performance. The integration services assure to have maximal transparency and surge the data security which results in eliminating the complexities and revamping the business operations.

Cryptocurrency Solutions Development

We at BR Softech also order aid to startups and large enterprises too through our services of integrating different crypto solutions into the operations to have the advantage of immutability, anonymity, and security. If it's the need regarding the crypto Wallet development or exchange platform development or developing the crypto coding like STO or ICO everything will be furnished at BR Softech

Blockchain Usecase

With our Blockchain development services, we aim to cater to a wide range of industries. Here is a list of our Blockchain use cases:

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management

    We provide blockchain development services for supply chain and logistics management services that can enhance security, reduce business expenses, monitor inventory, and identify inefficiency in operations to help our clients improve their profits.

  • Financial Transactions Management

    Your business can make use of blockchain-enabled financial platforms developed by BR Softech to store and smooth out the basic data. Through the integration of blockchain technology in financial transaction management systems, risk could be reduced, which could lead to better capital optimization.

  • Health Record Management

    Having blockchain technology integrated into the healthcare system will address challenges facing the current system while providing a seamless, immutable, and tamper-proof healthcare experience for patients.

  • Asset Management

    Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise asset management. It could reduce the asset management cost along with improving the operational efficiency and facilitating better transparency.

  • Document Management

    The business can utilise blockchain for end-to-end, highly-secure document management services, starting with document creation, editing, reviewing, and submission to authorised parties.

  • Insurance Claim Management

    Become the next big disruptor in the insurance sector with our industrial-grade Blockchain development services. Your customers will greatly appreciate a fast and secure process for filing insurance claims, thereby reducing the scope of manual work.

  • Identity and Access Management

    Utilise the great features of blockchain technology such as the zero-knowledge proof encryption scheme to secure your business online and prevent your sensitive data from unauthorised access.

  • Ecommerce Marketplace Management

    Store all the immutable e-commerce marketplace records using blockchain technology to ensure improved order and payment traceability by reducing the involvement of intermediary services.

  • Electronic Voting

    With blockchain technology, you can ensure incorruptible electronic voting. A blockchain-based voting system gives your organisation a secure and easy way to verify votes, as well as a transparent way to count votes.

  • Digital Identity

    Integrate fast, secure, and automatic blockchain technology in your business to protect your customers' digital identities. With blockchain, you can ensure the safe storage of digital identities in tamper-proof infrastructure.

  • Video Streaming

    The combination of blockchain technology and smart contracts makes it possible to build the next-generation video streaming platform that allows free, high-bandwidth content delivery across the globe.

  • Blockchain in Legal Management

    Blockchain can revolutionise lawful businesses, by offering them a secure way to store and validate transactions which helps law firms record & solve various legal matters.

  • Blockchain in Gaming

    Blockchain integration in gaming will let developers create smart contracts that will handle all transactions. Additionally, it prevents the public address of where in-game assets are stored from being changed, thereby guaranteeing advanced security.

End-To-End Blockchain Development Process

Our end-to-end blockchain development process includes the following steps:

Blockchain Consulting
We Consult with our clients to develop a feasible blockchain-based project of their choice.
User Experience and Technical Design
Our in-house team rigorously researches and develops blockchain software as per our clients.
Enterprise Blockchain Development
We help our clients expand their market share and assist them from ideation to development.
We deploy the blockchain app either on public or private blockchain networks as per our client preferences.
Our developer team provides seamless support after deployment and performs timely maintenance to ensure smooth Blockchain application.
We offer continuous upgrades to ensure your business runs flawlessly in the market.

Hire Blockchain Developers in The UAE

We have the finest team of Blockchain developers in the UAE who are well-versed with the latest technology and have long expertise in Blockchain integration. Our expert developers maintain high transparency and authenticity in the development process and keep the clients in the loop to deliver them best-in-class blockchain platforms. Hire our developers to transform your business into a successful organization.

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Why Choose BR Softech As Your Blockchain Development Company in the UAE?

As a leading Blockchain development services provider in the UAE, we aim for 100% client satisfaction and excellence and deliver the same with our robust and reliable blockchain development services that help boost your business to new heights. Our blockchain development solutions have the potential to reach millions of users ensuring maximised revenue and a high ROI. We have:

250+ In-House Professionals

15+ Blockchain Projects

60+ Smart Contracts Deployed

4800+ Satisfied Clients

We have a highly skilled team of Blockchain developers who understand the technical requirements to serve your business through a decentralised ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of blockchain development starts from AED 11k and can reach AED 730k. It is important to note that the cost of blockchain development solely depends on the project type and complexity. Contact BR Softech to get a cost estimation.

Public, private, and hybrid blockchain are the three types of blockchain technology. In a public blockchain network, users can access data without joining, in a private blockchain network, users need to join to access data, whereas a hybrid blockchain network is a combination of the two.

The blockchain technology can reshape how a business operates. The technology has the following benefits:

  • Peer-to-peer information exchange
  • Public Key Cryptography
  • Eliminates Uncertainty
  • A Perfect Encryption Mechanism

Blockchain Solutions BR Softech Delivers

Our solutions can be used in different industries like finance, automotive, online streaming, and many more to modify the main function or enhance the business efficiency through the array of solutions related to blockchain development.

Private/Public Blockchain Networks

BR Softech furnishes the need for both public and private blockchain development systems that are as per the need of the industry and helps in escalating the complete experience. Customization is something that goes hand in hand with blockchain development and BR Softech caters to the same through the Private/public blockchain development services. It can also be easily tailored and made to fit in as per the requirement.

Decentralised Applications (dApps) Development

BR Softech also furnishes the decentralised applications (dApps) development services to have a secure platform to ensure vigilance. The dApps are the next-gen in blockchain development and it has given some outstanding results too as it is a safe and secure platform without the intervention of intermediaries.

Blockchain Security Software

Blockchain development also comes with Blockchain software Security which takes care to know and address the security issues. BR Softech offers a secured platform that aids the organisation in having secure transactions globally.

Our Other Blockchain Development Services

We are acclaimed as the best know Blockchain development which is a performance-driven, security-based blockchain development service that can be easily customised, The features of our Blockchain development services are:

Neo Blockchain Development

Customised NEO blockchain development services are offered by BR Softech that met the personalised requirement of the client. The NEO blockchain development is available to have a firm and safe NEO blockchain network.

Stratis Blockchain Development

Stratis Blockchain development offers a platform that aids in record sharing with the numerous people who are involved in business networks. Our services also cater to the need for Blockchain Consulting services for different enterprises.

Quorum Blockchain Development

Our team of competent Quantum Blockchain development offers advanced Quorum Blockchain solutions for several permissioned or private apps in the financial sector.

Chainlink Blockchain Development

Our team of efficient blockchain developers are experts in offering the blockchain app on the Chainlink platform, our team always assists to have a proper blockchain solution for clients.

ETH Classic Blockchain Development

The team is self-efficient to suffice the needs of clients with the Ethereum Classic Blockchain development services which easily met the business requirements.

EOS Blockchain Development

The EOS Blockchain development provides a secure environment for different settings, offbeat conditions, and many more. We at BR Softech are well versed with it and easily assist the client with efficient results.

Ethereum Blockchain Development

The Ethereum Blockchain solutions assist businesses in having a safe and vigilant platform for achieving and improvising the results. Our team is self-sufficient to assist in this and provide the clients with the best solutions.

Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth is an assorted process of distributed ledger which helps in creating, deploying, and running. Hyperledger is the most extreme and feasible platform consolidated with a consensus mechanism

Waves Blockchain Development

We cater to the needs of the client with the premium and high-end services that are used to have a smooth and fast development process while meeting the desired requirement.

Lisk Blockchain Development

We are a leading name in the field of blockchain development to develop safe blockchain applications to outgrow the business.

Blockchain Development Platforms

Take the aid of our blockchain experts to develop a blockchain platform that assists in lessening the operating cost and to have increased efficiency.

  • Hyperledger Development

    Hyperledger development furnishes the blockchain umbrella project for cross-industry blockchain solutions.

  • Ethereum Development

    Ethereum blockchain development assists in decentralising the public application.

  • Stellar Development

    Stellar development assists in creating a financial product through its open-source platform

  • Corda Development

    It is an open-source platform and is specially designed for business.

  • EOS Development

    The decentralized Blockchain platform EOS facilitates fast, free transactions.

  • Tron Development

    With this platform, high-performance Blockchain applications can be built.

  • Hashgraph Development

    A new generation of Blockchain is known for its high transaction speed.

  • Tezos Development

    Decentralised Blockchain platform to execute peer-to-peer transactions.

Shift to Blockchain Revolution With Our Proven Expertise in Blockchain Development.

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Our Blockchain Use Case

There are different industries that we cater to with our amazing Blockchain development services.

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management

    We assist in blockchain development services for supply chain and logistics management services that help in amplifying the security, eliminating business expenses, tracking inventory, and recognizing ineffectiveness in operations which leads to increased efficiency and profit share.

  • Financial Transactions Management

    We help businesses to put together the blockchain-enabled platform to safely store and have smooth transactions with the help of consolidated blockchain technology in the financial transactions, which leads to reduced risk and finer capital optimization

  • Health Record Management

    Blockchain technology can be easily consolidated into the healthcare system to the inscription the issues in the current system to assist in flawless, immutable, and guarded healthcare experience for patients.

  • Asset Management

    Blockchain technology can be integrated with asset management and transform it to be more efficient. It helps in bringing down the asset management cost while improvising the operational competency and simplifying through maintaining transparency

  • Document Management

    Blockchain is of great use for the business to have end-to-end and secure document management services like creating documents, editing, reviewing, and presenting them to legitimate parties.

  • Insurance Claim Management

    Blockchain is the new rattle in the insurance sector, it helps in having a rapid and safe process for filing insurance claims and eliminating the manual work

  • Identity and Access Management

    Blockchain technology is the new trend as it assists in zero-knowledge proof encryption schemes to have a vigilant business online and secure the data from unauthorized access

  • Ecommerce Marketplace Management

    Blockchain technology assists in depositing the immutable e-commerce marketplace record and certifying improved orders and easily tracing the payment by eliminating the engagement of intermediaries.

  • Electronic Voting

    Electronic voting can be easily assisted through Blockchain technology, it aids in providing a safe platform for a firm to easily substantiate the votes and maintain transparency for counting votes.

  • Digital Identity

    Consolidated easy, safe and automatic blockchain technology for the organizations to have a secured platform for storing digital identities. It aids in keeping a pool of all the records of digital identities in tamper-proof infrastructure.

  • Video Streaming

    The blend of blockchain technology and smart contracts aids in developing a next-gen video streaming stand that assists in having free bandwidth content delivery around the world.

  • Blockchain in Legal Management

    Blockchain has transformed the legal department too by providing a safe harbor of the data and substantiating the transactions which is a helping hand for law firms to store and solve different legal issues.

  • Blockchain in Gaming

    Blockchain consolidation in the gaming industry assists the developers to develop smart contracts to handle all the transactions. It helps in avoiding the public address of in-game assets to be rectified which is a great help in having advanced security

Our Blockchain Development Solutions

We cater to the need of the clients with our wide array of Blockchain development solutions which are as follow:

  • Blockchain Wallets Development

    We provide the well-equipped and furnished features of blockchain wallet development to have ease of storing digital assets.

  • Asset Tokenization Platforms

    We offer an asset tokenization platform to the clients to ensure improved liquidity of different arrays of assets.

  • Blockchain-Based Marketplaces

    The marketplace is available to ensure a safe and secure platform for purchasing or selling or exchange of different currencies.

  • Blockchain MLM Software Development

    Blockchain MLM software development assist in having an ease of having digital transaction from any place

  • Blockchain Smart Tokens Development

    Block chain smart token is developed which shows the remarkable value and adheres according to the SEC (Security & Exchange Commission) guidelines

  • Blockchain AI Development

    Consolidated integration of blockchain and AI is provided to ensure the efficiency of Data security.

  • Blockchain P2P Lending Platform

    We ensure that a safe, secure, and efficient Blockchain P2P lending platform is provided to the clients for smooth functioning.

  • Custom Blockchain App Development

    Our solutions are advanced and easily tailored as per the need of the enterprise whether a startup or a big firm

  • Blockchain Supply Chain Development

    Our Blockchain development solutions are completely transparent as we counsel the client at every stage whether it's developing, deploying, or managing.

  • Blockchain Technology Consulting

    We provide consulting services regarding the potential of blockchain development so that the clients can outgrow their business

  • Decentralised Exchange

    We assist in creating a tamper-proof decentralised platform so as have a smooth and fast exchange of cryptocurrencies

  • Blockchain Development on Hyperledger

    We use Hyperledger to have a secure and safe blockchain application to outshine the competitors.

Hire Blockchain Developer

Hire Blockchain Developer

Our group of experts has the requisite skills that are required for a bLockchain development. We are continuously updating ourselves with the new and modern technologies to cater to the needs of all the industries like healthcare, automotive, banking & finance, media & entertainment. We offer a dedicated team to the client which excels to meet up the requirement. The latest technology and the outstanding support make us the first choice when talking about blockchain developers. We even cater to the need to have tailored and customised blockchain solutions to outgrow the client's business

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Our Step-By-Step Process to Getting Started With Us

Our Step-By-Step Process to Getting Started With Us

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To start with the assistance you need to fill up the Get quote form to initiate the discussion with the project manager

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We provide you assistance and consultation to make sure your business outshines our competitors

Get a Cost Estimate

After understanding the client's requirements we give the estimation of the project with the clear transparency

Project Kickoff

The team of experts will work as per the requirement and deliver the final product to the clients. Even we offer customised blockchain solutions to fulfil the criteria of the project.

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Blockchain Application Development Process

We offer a customised Blockchain development service that is according to the clients' vision.

Blockchain Consulting
Our Blockchain developers help in understanding the client's needs and converting them into something feasible.
User Experience and Technical Design
The team of experts aids in doing research and developing blockchain software as per the requirement
Enterprise Blockchain Development
Expanding the market share and increasing the ROI are taken care of by the experts through solutions and assistance.
The team helps in deploying the app on public and private blockchain networks as per the client's requisite
Our team offers maintenance and support to the clients to make sure the smooth running of the application
To outgrow the business we offer constant upgrades to our clients

Why Choose BR Softech as Your Blockchain Development Company?

We are a fully equipped Blockchain development company with an astonishing name and proficient developers. Our blockchain developers can cater to any need of the client with an amazing outcome. Our extensive experience with clients worldwide helps us to excel in different categories. We are a renowned name in iPhone gaming and blockchain development services. Our motive is to work on two major criteria that are timely delivery and quality solutions.

In-House Professionals

Blockchain Projects

Smart Contracts Deployed

Delighted Customers


Why should your business adopt Blockchain technology?

As a future-driven technology, blockchain is competently reshaping the way businesses operate. Blockchain delivers a lot of benefits to the business including:

  • Peer-to-peer information exchange
  • Public key cryptography
  • A perfect encryption mechanism
  • Eliminates uncertainty

How much will Blockchain development cost you?

The cost of a project can't be answered definitively because it depends on your requirements. The cost to develop a Blockchain starts at $3,000 and can reach $200,000.

What pricing model do you use?

We offer both fixed price and hourly development pricing models to our clients. Depending on their requirements they can opt for any one of these two pricing models.

Why should I choose BR Softech for my Blockchain development project?

As you can see, BR Softech has a range of Blockchain development services to choose from, so you can pick the one which seems most profitable to you. Furthermore, the Blockchain development company holds expertise working on the major Blockchain development platforms. In addition to all of these, the majority of developers at BR Softech hold more than 5 years of experience in the domain.

What are the various types of Blockchain Technology?

There are three types of blockchains: public blockchains, private blockchains, and hybrid blockchains. A public blockchain network allows users to access data without joining, whereas a private blockchain network requires members to join. A hybrid blockchain combines the two.

Why Choose BR Softech as Your Blockchain Development Company?

As a fully integrated Blockchain development company, BR Softech helps Blockchain startups, as well as well-established organisations, develop groundbreaking Blockchain development solutions that will alter the world for the better. Through our extensive experience with blockchain technology, we excel at offering businesses the transparency, efficiency, and automation they require.

We are recognized worldwide as the leading iPhone game development company that works with the sheer motivation of expecting the client’s expecting and delivering something that has the potential to become the reality of millions of devices.

250+ In-House Professionals

15+ Blockchain Projects

60+ Smart Contracts Deployed

4800+ Delighted Customers

We have a highly skilled team of Blockchain developers who understand the technical requirements to serve your business through a decentralised ecosystem.

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