By providing customized and imaginative sports betting apps, BR Softech, Singapore enables enterprises to establish their identities in the iGaming sector. Online gamblers may easily update their banking information, manage configurations, and monitor their playing status, thanks to the emergence of sports betting apps. Online gamblers and sports bettors can easily place wagers with the help of our easily usable sports betting app. Moreover, the user-friendly functionalities of the gambling application make it convenient for the user.

Sports gambling is an extremely popular industry where people participate and can have fun and earn a significant amount of money. We offer extremely modern software and services that will distinguish you in the iGaming market. To give you the best sports betting app possible, our team of experienced developers uses their extensive expertise and experience to accelerate the development process. Our white label sportsbook providers Make sure to provide:

  • Live feed and real-time simulation
  • Give advantage over traditional on-site betting
  • Helps you compare odds from multiple bookmakers
  • Allow users to unfold the overall betting experience
  • Give users access to a live feed of multiple games

BR Softech, Singapore, a company well-versed in digital solutions, has formed magnificent, highly functional, quick, convenient, and feature-rich sports betting websites (Soccer betting application, Cricket matches betting application, Baseball matches betting application, Horse-racing match betting application) and online gambling mobile apps. Let's connect and raise the bar for the iGaming business with cutting-edge gaming apps & solutions. We're known for turning ideas into amazing realities let us make your dream a reality.

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Extraordinary Features of Sports Betting App Development

Designing a game is simply the beginning; it must also have advanced features and versatile functionality to keep people interested. We offer a variety of expert sports betting app development services at BR Softech, Singapore. We conduct in-depth research into the current situation and trends of the iGaming market before designing the features of your game which will drive your business to new heights. It is the new features that make your game distinct in the industry, make sure to choose the right company for it.

  • User Profile and Bio

    Users can start betting on different matches by registering their account details on the app. Feel secure and just play because the profile is entirely confidential and doesn't include any information that could be shared on some other platform or ruin your confidentiality

  • Calendar & Scheduling

    The monthly schedule of this program defines the updating of the time, day, and location of the future match. You can take advantage of all these services by enabling notifications on your mobile device.

  • Multiple Bets

    Depending on the type of match you have, you can actively gamble on multiple games with the assistance of our betting app.

  • Live Event Schedule

    You may schedule your favorite live events by using our live sports betting app which will assist you to schedule the live event.

  • Live Score

    Users can webcast a live match score using the live score mobile app. You can use this when you betting.

  • Security

    We guarantee a top-notch security service while keeping all concerns and protection in mind. Our years of expertise and understanding enable us to construct the appropriate barriers to safeguard your data.

  • Social Sharing and Messaging

    This feature provides you with social sharing requests and texting to another person for betting purposes which are defined as betting with two parties, in particular, one platform.

  • One-Touch Betting Solutions

    We are committed to offering apps that are simple to use and accessible to users of all ages. Our one-touch betting screen can make it very simple for you to place additional bets.

Sports Betting App & Web Development Services

Features for sports betting website construction give you a completely secure setting. You can play with ease after entering your registration information into the app, and this data is kept private. An application administrator who oversees the information grants the user access to the app's premium features. Sign in with the finest game development solution company in Singapore and avail the best sports betting development solutions.



The most popular sport in the world is unquestionably soccer. You may showcase your skills in various Soccer Betting events and take in the game at your leisure thanks to the Soccer Betting Application. Every year, thousands of teams compete in hundreds of leagues throughout the world. The expansion of soccer betting platforms has created several opportunities for businesses and players who want to wager money on the game and invest in it. By giving individuals fair chances to make money and simultaneously enjoy the game, soccer betting app companies have elevated the sport of soccer betting to a whole new level.



Use the cricket betting app to unleash the experience of betting on a vast choice of pre-game and in-play sports. For everyone, cricket has been the unofficial national sport. a game that all generations enjoy. Our cricket betting web development team can help you with exciting features so that you can take full use of them. The obsession with cricket has expanded to billions of people, therefore developing a betting app for cricket can be challenging but also profitable.

Our team of knowledgeable sports betting app developers ensures to give a tailored service following your needs to attract the attention of as many users as possible and to optimize return on investment.



The Baseball Betting App can help you place wagers from the comfort of your home, and professionals at the Baseball Betting website can help you make significant profits. Our development team of a baseball betting app guarantees that your app will have the best functionality and be able to provide the best possible customer support. Our betting software makes it easier for users to find the best odds and allows them to make money using the app. We provide businesses specific solutions and the opportunity to provide services equivalent to those offered by suppliers of the Betfair API. Use our baseball betting applications and tools to fuel your fantasy baseball betting app.



Horse racing has been one of the most widely watched sports on earth. With the help of our horse racing betting app, you may play the game wherever you are at your convenience and get horse racing odds. The traditional techniques of betting have been completely transformed by contemporary horse racing betting apps. To view the live horse racing betting events and details and to remain up to date on its features click the home menu icon. These types of apps are advancing sports culture and enabling individuals to make a nice living.

Ultimate Sports Betting Development Solutions

Sports Betting Team Management App Development

BR Softech can provide The simplest team management app development For successfully handling the app and the betting, we use a simplified user interface. At BR Softech, Singapore, we offer solutions that may help you ace your business and stand out in the iGaming sector with the best betting app owing to our years of experience working as the custom sports team management app provider.

Sports Betting Club Management App Development

We create management software for sports betting clubs that enhances the user experience and makes it easier to manage. Being the most well-known provider of sports club management solutions, we at BR Softech, Singapore, do everything in our power to offer the best club management with the most amazing features that will help you grow your company and succeed in the iGaming market.

Sports Betting Training App Development

Our Android & iOS sports betting app developer has years of experience creating sports betting apps. To create an app that meets our customers' specific needs, we conduct extensive research into what is happening and what would work best for our app. We don't just develop but craft the finest ultra-modern sports betting apps

Sports Betting League Management App

BR Softech help in leveraging the sports betting businesses with the power of a feature-rich and custom sports betting league management app. With the greatest experts on board, we can help you create cutting-edge sports betting league management apps that will set the bar for the iGaming industry.

Value-added Sports Betting Games In Betting App

One of the finest and fastest-growing companies for betting online and app development. BR Softech, Singapore, offers engaging live sports betting game applications. Our expert staff makes a constant effort to produce something distinctive for its consumers to have a wonderful experience.

Kabaddi Betting

Kabaddi Betting

Kabbadi is an Indian game that is creating a great niche around the globe. With our expertise, we have been developing top-notch in the iGaming industry. We offer the finest betting app for Kabaddi with raging features altered to clients' requirements.

Ice Racing Betting

Ice Racing

Ice Racing Betting app delivers the best gaming services for both apps like Android and iOS. Our ice racing app inculcates high-end features and a simple interface to give an ultimate experience to its users

Volleyball Betting


The popularity of volleyball sports betting websites and apps is growing tremendously. Our automated gameplay provides numerous options to select as per the better preferences and selections.

Tennis Betting


Tennis is one of the interesting games, at BR Softech we develop extraordinary games with astounding features to an enthralling experience for its users.

Basketball Betting


If you're interested in basketball, then we can help you deliver the best solutions to maximize your business and have compatible features to retain your customers forever. Our expert developer makes the entire process of developing the basketball betting game simpler and more transparent for anybody to comprehend and use nicely.

American Football

American Football

Our development of fantasy football betting apps would certainly improve the play experience for all sports enthusiasts. We assist you with a platform where you have an ultimate experience and good money with that and who does not like it anyway?

Boxing betting


People who know boxing are well-known for its features. With our team, we will give astounding features to help you stand out your game in the iGaming industry

Golf betting


We develop an app that has a wide range of features that help you to reach the heights of your business. Our golf betting script can be proven as a cherry on the cake for its users.

How can you Hire Sports Betting App Development Company?

Check the company and its status and previous projects, check the relevant testimonials, and book a consultation with the company

Dream big and collaborate with us to make it happen. We haven't been creating majestic games for the iGaming sector for a significant amount of time. Every step is handled by our internal expert staff. With additional business-friendly sports betting applications & website solutions that can help you meet your business goals, we integrate amazing features like the admin portal and user panel.

Join our community, grow your company, and maintain your position as the leader in the online gaming sector.

Book your free consultations with BR Softech, Singapore.

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Varied Types of Sports Betting Solutions

The iGaming industry is buzzing over the sports betting business.

Below are the different types of sports betting solutions that we aim to incorporate into your app to assist you to succeed in business.

  • Crypto Sports Betting

    A growing number of sports fans are discovering Crypto Sports Betting because of its large bonus. It offers the possibility of quick withdrawals and accepts bets in both Bitcoin and alternative currencies.

  • Bitcoin Sports Betting

    Over the past few years, there has been a gradual influx of potential market expansion into bitcoin sports betting. Bitcoin betting sites offer incentives to attract new customers.

  • Crypto esports Betting

    There are countless reputable online bookies for crypto esports betting that offer a wide selection of features and properly licences trading platforms.

  • Blockchain Sports Betting

    Blockchain technology is the ideal answer for sports betting companies. Blockchain-based systems provide several custodial functions as well as the ability to wager against other players.

  • Over-under Betting

    Over-under betting is also the same kind of wagering that provides cumulative points. You can bet over or under a specific number with a complete point set.

  • Money line Betting

    One of the most popular sports betting methods is money line betting, usually referred to as the win bet. This money line wager is really simple because all that is required is to choose a game and win it.

  • Teaser Betting

    Combination bets include teasers and pleasers. Basketball and football are two sports that are paid for. You can vary or modify point spreads in both sorts of bets, either in your favor (teasers), which decreases the odds, or against you (pleasers), which increases the odds.

  • Straight Bets

    Many sports fans are likely familiar with the sports bet; the straight bet. Especially when it comes to sports like football and basketball, it is also the most popular wager made by sports betters.

  • Total Line Bets

    The total line bets are providing the services where no. is set for a combined score for both teams. The total bet line also provides you with an option where you can bet on half-games of football and basketball.

  • Parlay Bets

    With a parlay bet, you can wager on several events as opposed to just one. Given that the team must win each of its games, this wager is exceedingly challenging. The key to winning the cash-in parlay is that all of your selections must succeed; else, the parlay is useless.

  • Head to Head

    Head-to-head betting is conceivably the oldest type of wagering. In head-to-head betting, you simply wager on the outcome of the game, such as a win, loss, or tie in the case of football.

Sports Betting App dashboards and their controls

With our panel, you can have the best Sports Betting Development services that are customized to fit your company's needs while also acquiring specific advantages, streamlined configuration, and dynamic designs. We are a reputable Betfair API provider with a user-friendly UI and numerous functionalities with competitive pricing.

Get one of the finest and most simplified dashboards with BR Softech Singapore's best team force and elevate your business

Punter Panel

  • Create a User Betting Account
  • Get Live Feed
  • Increase Revenue with In-app Purchases
  • Ensure Easy Navigation
  • Bet Using Virtual & Real Money
  • Protect From Fraudulent Activities
  • Get Betting Tips
  • Days, Schedules, and Calendars
  • Instant Notification
  • Secure Portal

Booking Panel

  • Create a Bookmaker Account
  • Ease of User Management
  • Send or receive Notification
  • Providing Live Feed
  • Customer Support
  • Change Availability
  • Get Betting Tips
  • Days, Schedules, and Calendars

Admin Panel

  • Manage Different Games
  • User Account Management
  • Finance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Bookmaker Management
  • Payment Management
  • Marketing management
  • Live Feed Management
  • Customer Support
Our Working Process of Sports Betting App Development

Our work methodology for Sports Betting App Development

The work methodology is very crucial in any organization, with our expert team and their professional knowledge we give high-end sports solutions features. We ensure that the outcome of our solutions is well-equipped with ultra-modern technology and has the potential to elevate your business just right.

  • Planning

    This process entails extensive procedures such as detailed market research, extensive documentation, thorough designing, complete project planning, and further development and testing services.

  • Process

    The production process begins when all the pre-production has been accomplished. The organization needs crucial components, such as audio production, quality control, and other experienced app developers, while establishing

  • Execution

    Except testing, the job is largely finished at this point. Our team of experienced engineers puts the features through numerous testing and upgrades them as necessary to meet market demands and your business requirements sports betting app.

What We Can Provide In Sports Betting Platform

It has been a while since BR Softech established a significant position in the iGaming sector. With our best of services and solutions we aim to revolutionize the whole iGaming industry with modernistic solutions and games, below is the list of services we offer.

White Label Sports Betting Product

White label apps service provider gives you a ready-made sports betting web development solution by inculcating all the tailored made elements for your business

It can help you in different ways, such as quicker releases, lower risks, lower costs, and diversification. Such advantages encourage companies to choose ready-made solutions, rather than designing application services on their own.

With BR Softech and its workforce, you may accomplish all of your goals and expand your business.

Customized Sports Betting Application

We will work together to develop applications for sports betting that are both suited to your specific necessities and are aligned with current industry trends. We can supply bespoke solutions with high-quality functionalities at competitive rates.

Things we take into account when tailoring the sports betting app for your business

  • Convenient and innovative
  • Easy to Use
  • Fun Engagement Strategies
  • Verified Payment Gateways

Why Choose BR Softech For Sports Betting App & Website Development?

With the greatest games and solutions, our goal is to give gaming enthusiasts the ultimate gameplay experience. The experience we have contributes to the creation of distinctive, exciting games with cutting-edge features.

At BR Softech, Singapore, we aim to provide our best quality in every phase while keeping our clients updated throughout the development of sports betting apps. We don't just believe in developing but also in taking care of the entire process from extensive research to testing.

Sign in with the best sports betting app & website development in Singapore

Best Game Studio

Get a variety of Android and iOS games with our Sports betting App developer team of experts and experience the thrill of real-time aesthetics with a highly polished interface keeping intact the latest technologies

24x7 Technical Support

Get your problems instant solution with our 24x7 technical support.

Expert Game Programmers

We have a team of expert game programmers holding years of rich experience. Their expertise helps us accomplish your ideas into reality

Smart Solutions

We strive to provide smart Sports Betting service solutions with high-end technology. Our cost-effective solutions help in saving time and effort.

Seamless Communication

We promote seamless communication to give users with greater experience and aim to provide more personalized services.

Flexible and Customized Solutions

We collaborate with our clients, from time to time to help them achieve their desired results. Our flexible Sports Betting App solutions are designed to suit all your specific needs with utmost flexibility.

Sports Betting FAQs

The cost to create sports betting application starts from $20,000 and goes up to $50,000 and more depending on the customization. Mainly, the cost fluctuates depending on the features you wish to add and the development company location.

Integration of the latest technologies like APNS, GWT, Cloud Environment, Database, Realtime Analytics, Debian, CentOS, Macintosh, Ubuntu, Datastax, Sinch, Nexmo, and a lot more depending on your requirement.

Sports betting API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools that we use to build sports betting applications. Sports betting API specifies how software components interact.

Betfair’s Exchange API is considered one of the best APIs as it allows developers to access market data, including pricing and volume. It can be used to place bets, manage bets, check bet status, and retrieve account information.

Yes, BR Softech helps you provide with ready-made betting website clone of Betfair. Our Betfair clone script can be customized as per business requirements offering lucrative features and high-end functionality.

Any sports betting website must have a valid license, reliable payouts, encrypted connection, offer games from reputable sports-book API providers, and establish a solid base of players.

  • Determine your business requirement
  • Check online reputation
  • Check credentials and licenses
  • Search unique yet competitive features

Here we have listed the complete support required for the sports betting app and site:

  • Safety from hackers
  • Sports betting Server maintenance
  • Development and design issue maintenance
  • Upcoming Version Updation
  • Payment Security

Sports betting developer’s hourly rate differs based on location:

  • India — $15 -$80 / Hour
  • Eastern Europe — $20 -$150 / Hour
  • North America — $50 -$250 / Hour
  • Western Europe — $30 -$175 / Hour
  • Australia — $50 -$150 / Hour
  • Singapore— $50 -$250 / Hour

Our Game Services

Our highly competitive and skilled team of game developers offers advanced game development services which are compatible with operating Systems like, Android, iOS, Windows, and more.

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