With the most qualified and experienced team on board, and with their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, we can produce the best game to make you stand on top in the iGaming sector. Serving more than 100 clients from different countries has contributed to our experience and the knowledge we behold to serve you the best.

Whether it's 3D games or multiplayer games, Android or iOS, or any other platform or game type, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to provide the finest solution.

  • Successful game development
  • Accurate integration and development
  • Skillful Marketing
  • Elevated growth process with us
  • Support & Maintenance all the time

With the ultimate dynamic technology and a customizable integration approach, we can offer full-fledged amazing game development solutions to help you create the best game possible.

We aim to create such a brand image where one sees our product and they just know that it is none other than BR Softech.

100+ Games

100 + Games

1000+ Happy Client

1000 + Happy Client

50+ Countries

50 + Countries

More than 10 Years of Experience

More than 10 Years of Experience

Game Development Resources

You can obtain a wide range of game development services in Singapore at a reasonable cost with your account-specific requirements. Regarding your game, we wouldn't merely offer development services. But, we go above and beyond for our clients by offering maintenance and support services. We will help you with the best of our project completion services.

To facilitate communication and create a game that meets our client's needs, we guarantee full client involvement and collaboration from the very beginning of the project. With us, you can be confident that your game will soar to the highest levels possible in the iGaming sector and give you the expected ROI.

The following is a list of the services we provide to our clientele

Game design services

Custom Game Design Services

The art of game design is something we have excelled at with our experience. Anything you can think of, including AAA games, minigames, sports, racing, or role-playing games, we can make and help you stand out.

Game animation

Animation in Video Games

To provide the best experience for our game enthusiasts, BR's animators have the most in-depth knowledge of the iGaming business and are capable of bringing any game to life by designing as interesting characters and settings as they can.

Engaging UI/UX design

Engaging Engaging UI/UX Design

Our cutting-edge technologies and experience help us deliver the best user interface and functionality. Whether it's the audio or the visuals, we don't compromise on anything when making the finest game.

AR game development

AR Game Development

Our years of expertise in the iGaming industry and with modern game development techniques enable us to create exceptional AR games.

VR game development

VR Game Development

The testimonials of each project can vouch for more than our words about our actions and capabilities, and VR is one of our core work areas.

Game marketing services

Game Marketing Services

BR Softech's work doesn't cease after the game is delivered to its customers; the promotion team is assigned to advertise your game in every possible location on all the media.

Social gaming services

Social Gaming Services

We not only build games but also thrive to serve a phenomenal gaming experience where they can play anywhere around the world and can enjoy the game socially

Fantasy Game Services

Fantasy Game Services

Making Fantasy games has always been a massive success for us. Our unique features, such as player statistics tracking, leader-boards, and real-time data, entice people to download and enjoy our app.

Sports game development

Sports Game Development

Our sports games have spectacular animations, powerful sound effects, and top-notch visual design that is aligned with UX/UI.

Esports Game Development Services

Esports Game Development Services

Esports development services and solutions from BR Softech offer a wealth of functionalities that can draw and grow user counts that are incomparable.

HTML5 game development

HTML5 Game Development

The easiest yet most challenging area of game production is HTML5 game development. And BR has nailed this as well, just like the other game innovations.

Game testing

Game Testing

Before a game is released, it is important to evaluate it. Our team of experts is skilled in in-game testing and performs in-depth testing to guarantee the best quality final output.

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Game Development Solutions

Using our extensive knowledge of various front-end and back-end game development technologies, we can assist you with games that can be executed in the industry per the standards. . To ensure great quality and position your game at the forefront of the industry, our game software developers go above and beyond in everything they do.

Our previous demonstration will give you enough reasons to choose the best game development company in Singapore

Game App Development

With our experience, we can turn your vision for a business into a completely unreal one that incorporates all current technology.

Game Website Development

The gaming websites we develop have dynamic technological interfaces that allow them to adapt to any size across all devices.

Game Software Development

For desktop and laptop computers, BR Softech offers a broad range of solutions for gaming software creation across all genres.

Game Web App Development

With low-cost construction, we can create the most fun game software for you.

Video Game Development

Our workforce includes certified professional video game developers that have been operating in the sector for a significant amount of time and can create your game while being aware of the trends and your requirements

Sign in with Custom Game Developers

The highly specialized game developers at BR Softech create cutting-edge mobile apps for Android, iOS, and PC that support AR, VR, and mixed reality gaming to give your game the perfect reality. Our team of expert software developers is committed to making games with lifelike graphics and enthralling cinematic experiences using the most recent trends. Every project we work on is driven by an unwavering devotion to providing high-standard quality games to iGaming industry

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Our Game Development Platforms

Whichever technology or development engine you decide to utilize, we are completely dedicated to making your fantasy game ideas an actuality.

Unreal Engine Game Development

Unreal Engine Game Development

Our team of knowledgeable Unreal Engine developers specializes in giving gaming apps for iOS, Android, and other platforms valuable features. To help you create Unreal Engine games with the best tools and most recent technology used.

Unity Game Development

Unity Game Development

We are well renowned for our Unity game creation, and we specialize in developing games from scratch and using the Unity game development engine to create a fascinating and remarkable gaming experience.

Cryengine Game Development

Cryengine Game Development

Because of the expertise with CryEngine, our game developers can produce engaging gameplay with an impeccable UI interface.

HTML5 Game App Development

HTML5 Game App Development

We create unique gaming app development solutions by skillful and talented HTML5 developers inculcating user-friendly features for your game to stand out right with great functionality

AI Game Development

AI Game Development

Our highly skilled team assists us in developing unmatched AI gaming solutions that are simple to use and provide a satisfying playing experience. We utilize AI characters in video games to provide the illusion that the game has been playing in the real environment

Windows Game Development

Windows Game Development

To create games that are compatible with the Windows platform, we have a wonderful team of developers and programmers. Our staff is skilled at making your ideal vision a concrete reality.

Arcade Game Development

Arcade Game Development

With the help of our team of passionate game developers and programmers, we can develop ultra-dynamic, practical games that will engage the broadest possible audience.

Snooker Game Development

Snooker Game Development

The customized snooker game by BR Softech is famous for attaching the feel of the game being played in real environments

Education Game Development

Education Game Development

You may make learning an enjoyable activity by using our solutions for the creation of educational games.

Android Game Development

We develop applications for Android games that work flawlessly on hundreds of handsets. World-class animations and captivating 2D/3D gameplay elements

iOS Game Development

We design visually appealing, functional, and feature-rich iOS games. Experience a slick gameplay experience whether you're using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Browser Specific Games

The devoted HTML5 game developers at BR Softech have a wide range of skills and can produce excellent browser-specific games.

Metaverse Game Development

We are delivering the finest services to assist you in building your ideal business in the dynamic ever-changing Metaverse industry that continues to grow and draw in a large client base.

NFT Game Development

NFT is the new frontier, and we're the finest NFT game development company on Metaverse, creating fully functional NFT gaming systems.

Our Value Added Features in Game Development Solutions

Let's explore the significant features that we inculcate with our game development solutions.

  • Unreal Engine Game Development

    For the strong game's backend, we use cutting-edge programming languages including C++, Java, Swift, Ruby, Python, Unreal-script, Action-script, and several others to ensure that it operates properly on a variety of platforms.

  • Compatibility for Web, Consoles, VR Devices

    Our services for game app development are available in a variety of formats, including the web, several gaming consoles, and the most well-liked VR gaming equipment.

  • Rewards and Bonuses

    The gaming experience is made more engaging and enjoyable when gamers receive rewards in return for their time spent playing.

  • On-demand Modifications

    The accessibility of our customers and their input are our top priorities, therefore they can ask us to make adjustments to their game development solutions at any moment according to their business requirements

  • Rich aestehtics & Animation

    Incorporate the ideal fusion of animation and aesthetics to make your gaming software or app stand out from the competition. At BR Softech, we design game animations and graphics from the scratch with your target market in mind.

  • Well-Defined Rules

    The skill set of the game has an impact on its success as well. At BR Softech, we design games with simple-to-understand rules that anyone can play.

  • Engaging Weapons & Tools

    We give players an exciting gaming experience by utilizing engaging features and gaming technologies.

  • Multiplayer Games

    The game can be played in actual time with other players from around the world thanks to the multiplayer option.

  • AR & VR for Enhanced Gameplay

    To enhance the gameplay experience, we incorporate cutting-edge technology like augmented reality and virtual reality.

The specification in Mobile Game Development

To suit the industry standards & expectations for iPhone and Android game creation, we offer a variety of game gerners keeping in mind the iGaming standard and the competition

Our Various Approaches to In-Game Development

The following are some ways that BR Softech offers to support the various business verticals.

Mobile Game

At BR Softech, we make sure to combine extremely feature-rich games with an entertaining gameplay experience that captivates players for hours.

Desktop Game

We produce an unmatched 3D Dimensional experience with our desktop game that captivates enthusiasts.

Windows Game Software

The desktop game software we provide gives players the freedom to let their imaginations wander freely and offers them an engrossing gaming experience.

Our Game Design & Development Process

The following tried and tested game design and development methodologies are used to create all of our high-quality mobile gaming apps and software.

Our Game Design & Development Process
  • Video Game Development

    Video Game Development

  • Unreal Engine Development

    Unreal Engine Development

  • Unity Game Development

    Unity Game Development

  • Android Game Development

    Android Game Development

  • iPhone Game Development

    iPhone Game Development

  • Windows Game Development

    Windows Game Development

  • AI Game Development

    AI Game Development

  • AR Game Development

    AR Game Development

  • VR Game Development

    VR Game Development

  • iPad Game Development

    iPad Game Development

  • Poker Game Development

    Poker Game Development

  • Casino Game Development

    Casino Game Development

  • Ludo Game Development

    Ludo Game Development

  • Rummy Game Development

    Rummy Game Development

  • Roulette Game Development

    Roulette Game Development

  • Board Game Development

    Board Game Development

  • Card Game Development

    Card Game Development

  • Teen Patti Game Development

    Teen Patti Game Development

  • Slot Game Development

    Slot Game Development

  • Bingo Game Development

    Bingo Game Development

  • Baccarat Game Development

    Baccarat Game Development

  • Heart Game Development

    Heart Game Development

  • Call Break Game Development

    Call Break Game Development

  • Blackjack Game Development

    Blackjack Game Development

  • 888poker Game Development

    888poker Game Development

  • Chess Game Development

    Chess Game Development

  • Sports Betting Development

    Sports Betting Development

  • Facebook Game Development

    Facebook Game Development

  • Fantasy Sports Development

    Fantasy Sports Development

  • Omaha Poker Game Development

    Omaha Poker Game Development

  • PokemonGo Game Development

    PokemonGo Game Development

  • Satta Matka Game Development

    Satta Matka Game Development

  • Texas Holdem Game Development

    Texas Holdem Game Development

  • Snake & ladder Game Development

    Snake & ladder Game Development

  • Tic tac Toe Game Development

    Tic tac Toe Game Development

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Our Game Services

Our highly competitive and skilled team of game developers offers advanced game development services which are compatible with operating Systems like, Android, iOS, Windows, and more.

Why Choose BR Softech as a Game Development Company

The one-stop destination for all the game development services in Singapore that you require to turn your fantasy game into a reality. The years of amalgamated development experience have been gained by our team of software engineers, designers, and artists giving us the artist board to create unparalleled games. Furthermore, keeping the competition in mind we keep ourselves updated with current trends and technologies.

Transparency & communication at the highest level

The agile game development process

Minimizing risk

Adherence to best security practices


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Client Testimonials

Ryan Bryon

Ryan Bryon

It was my first time collaborating with BR Softech, but now I think there is a long way to go with their fabulous team. They pay very much attention to the statement of customers and deliver such a fab game, which is said to them. They ensure that the product matches all the requirements. Thanks for the wonderful services.

Jofer Kriss

Jofer Kriss

BR Softech is a company that gives full attention to their valuable customers, and I had an amazing experience with them too. I came into contact regarding game development and they provided me with a great feature game. They know how to work and deal with customers.

Oscar Puker

Oscar Puker

BR Softech has hired a professional and dedicated team for accomplishing the requirements and desires of the customers. They delivered us a magnificent game that covers all the features that I asked for. I would love to work with them again and have such amazing services from them.

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Frequently Asked Question?

Yes, at BR Softech, we are a team of Android, iOS, and PC game developers who hold years of experience in turning game development ideas from scratch to reality on millions of devices.

These are some of the most common software or tools we use to develop games.

Unreal Engine





Visual Studio

GNU Tool Chain

There is no set timeframe for developing video games; they can range from a few days to a few months to a few years. Let’s discuss your game development project with us and we will give you the estimated time your game development will require.

The answer to this question completely depends upon you. We prefer to store your game data on highly secured gaming servers. If you have any recommendations for the gaming server, then you may discuss them with us and we will store the data on the chosen server.

Yes, we offer a range of game development services including website development, mobile app development, and software development.

At BR Softech, we ensure complete transparency with our clients. We will provide you with the complete source code upon completion of your game development project. The source code of the game can be further customized to meet your specific needs.

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