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Factors Affecting Blockchain Game Development Cost

Game Development
Aug 18, 2023
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blockchain game development cost in india

Are you fascinated by Games? If yes, you should know about new technologies that make your gaming experience fruitful. Also, you think of making your game app while playing games and watching new graphics and visuals. If you are going through this thought, it’s obvious to get your hands on blockchain technology. 

Playing with new technologies like Blockchain can make your experience blissful. With this exciting technology of Blockchain, many people wanted to know how to develop a game. Moreover, when you look at the Blockchain game development market, you will see a rise from 2022 to 2027. In 2022, the market reached $4.6 billion, and it is expected to have a CAGR of 70.3%. The market is experiencing year-on-year growth to enhance the gaming experience.

Nevertheless, people can come up with hundreds of ideas, but the real struggle is to align the notions for developing the games. The foremost and essential thing to look at is Blockchain game development cost. It is a crucial key for basic mobile app development too.  

In this blog, we will discuss Blockchain game app development cost, but before that, various factors affect it. 

However, before breaking down the development cost, it’s necessary that how types, factors, and benefits are determined to tell the actual price. But first, let’s know about the benefits of it for companies. 

Benefits of Blockchain Game Development

If you want to build a blockchain game, you can leverage many benefits. All those are written further. 

  • For trust and anti-fraud measures, transparency and immutability are essential. 
  • Control and ownership of priceless digital assets via NFTs. 
  • Interoperability enables cooperative and cross-game play.
  • Play-to-earn chances that offer player incentives with real-world value. 
  • Players can influence game development through community governance. 
  • Superior fraud prevention and security features in comparison to centralized systems.
  • Opportunities for developers to make more money through the sale and exchange of assets. 
  • Increased retention and player involvement because of ownership incentives. 

Types of Blockchain Game Applications

Game Application

As there are different parts of India, various types of people live in it. Similarly, when it comes to game choice, there are different users with their liking. So, the game application is developed from their point of view. A few of them are discussed below. 

  1. Adventure-based Game

Adventure-type games are fascinating as they can be simple or exceptionally complicated. It makes players more excited about playing these types of games. They are acquired by a larger audience than other games and have great scope in the market. It captivates the user’s attention with an effective story. 

  1. Puzzle Game

These games are simple, but they sharpen your brain. Any age of people can engage themselves and play this game. If you are bored, these games can help in passing the time. Nevertheless, they also improve your memory at the same time. So, it’s time to engage yourself in making such games to entertain people of all ages.

  1. Online Card Games

Everyone has played card games once in their life. However, now it has come to your mobile phones too. Here you can play with your friends and family across the world. In the real world, you need someone to be physically and mentally present in front of you to deal cards, whereas online card games have changed the entire playing by bringing it to the digital platform. 

  1. Betting Games

Last but not least is betting games. These games are highly in demand nowadays. People are now more fascinated by playing online betting games rather than others. Due to this, the revenue is increasing day by day.  

Through these games, the mobile game development cost is affected. 

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Factors Influencing Blockchain Game Development Costs

 Influencing Blockchain Game Development Costs

Many factors influence mobile app development. From legal administration to the game environment plays a significant role in the forming of the game. In the start, the client fixes the price, but with the process, the cost fluctuates accordingly. Here are some factors that affect the prices. 

  1. Location 

The Location of the game development plays an essential role that affects the cost. While hiring developers from outsources can charge based on an hourly basis and region to region. When you go for Western Europe and America, the rates for game development are high, whereas Asia and Australia are relatively low. Not only this, but with the location comes the culture, time, and language differences that affect the developer’s work. So, you need to think twice while choosing the locations.  

  1. Game Design

The concept and design of the game also affect the cost. When you design the game, you should focus on mechanism, UI/UX, storyline, and genre. The more complex your game will be, the more it will increase the cost. In this situation, the team members also increase as experienced and skilled people are needed to design a complex game. 

  1. NFT Market

The NFT Market is incorporated to enable the players to trade with the assets. The cost of integrating the NFT market depends on the quantity and complexity of the NFTs. Moreover, factors such as the artwork and the information required for smart contracts can increase the cost. 

  1. Testing 

Testing and understanding the game is a crucial factor to consider. Thorough testing is essential to prevent bugs. The more complex the game is, the more tester you need for testing. It will increase the cost of hiring advanced testers. Blockchain games need accurate testing to give effective results. The integration of additional testing tools and the need for expertise increase the blockchain game development cost

  1. Legal Compliance

Knowing everything about Blockchain is necessary. Legal compliances and regulations for asset and trading is essential point to consider. The KYC procedure, jurisdiction-related rules, and legal constitution the company needs to follow for mobile game development. It may incur charges for mobile game development companies

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A Perfect Blockchain Game Development Cost Breakdown

Let’s Catch Detailed Information About Blockchain Game Development Costs. 

Name of ProcessCosts
Blockchain App/Software Designing cost$7k to $10k
Development $7k to $10k
Deployment cost $8k to $10k
Integration cost $10k – $12k
Maintenance cost $3k to $4k
Project Managers$5k to $6k
Quality Assurance Team and Testers $5k to $8k
Total$45to $60k

The above table gives an estimated structure for Blockchain game app development cost where the total estimated price is $91.5k to $1.44k. The actual price may differ a lot. The process is even more complex than you think. Depending upon the factors, types, or many more things that affect the cost because in every game specifications, process is changed. 

BR Softech is a mobile game development that not only works in the gaming industry with basic technology but with high and updated technology. So, hiring us is the best option available to you. By hiring our professionals, you can get complete solutions; we have years of experience working on basic or complex blockchain games. Also, if you recruit a blockchain game app development company like us, you can keep focus on marketing and other operations.

We ensure to leave no mistakes when developing game apps with updated technologies like Blockchain or AI. Nevertheless, choose us to get;

  • Expert Developers of Blockchain
  • High-quality blockchain games
  • Amazing solution for every query
  • Corporative team members

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to develop a Blockchain game? 

Blockchain is a trending technology that needs much information and expertise to build a game. So appropriately, you might require three to four years to develop a blockchain game. 

How much does a game development design cost?

It mostly depends upon the game type and platform. However, it can be nearly $5K to a million dollars. 

How much is the Blockchain Gaming industry worth?

The worth of the Blockchain gaming industry exceeded $4.6 billion in 2022 and is poised to hit around $65.7 billion by the end of 2027.

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