We are a veteran company in the USA that excels in providing iPhone game development solutions and aim to develop cutting-edge iOS gaming apps that grasp the attention of players and promise a high ROI. We specialise in creating customised and engaging iOS game development services according to the latest industry trends and audience preferences.

Our skilled team of iOS game developers strive for customer satisfaction and ensures to deliver a product that promises 100% client satisfaction. Our supreme-grade development services ensure a high ROI and will be beneficial in growing your business with a quick turnaround time.

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If you are looking for highly experienced iOS game developers, contact BR Softech. Our skilled team of developers are adept at building 2D/3D and AR/VR iOS gaming apps that adhere to the highest industry standards. With over 12+ years of experience, our iOS game developers have created an ‘N’ number of games for the iOS platforms that have millions of downloads. They are adept at working with a wide range of game development tools and have developed a wide range of iOS games of different genres.

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Our iOS Game Development Services

With a focus on customer-centricity, we have been recognised as a top iOS mobile game development company in the USA. Leverage our iOS game development services and transform your unique game idea into a fully-functioning mobile game app.

  • Asset Creation

    Our iOS game developers are adept at creating various types of art assets from cartoonish to realistic styles that run flawlessly on different types of iOS devices like iPad, iPhones, etc.

  • iOS Game Development

    Our game developers have an in-depth understanding of the iOS gaming platform and gaming technologies like Unity, Unreal, and Cocos2D. We have years of hands-on experience in developing different types of games for the iOS platform.

  • UI/UX Design

    We are well aware of the aesthetics and designs of the iOS platforms. We create stunning and eye-catchy designs while keeping the smooth renders and UI transition of iOS in mind.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Being a leading iOS development company, we ensure customer-centricity by providing post-launch services like customer support and updates. We track the performance of the game and roll out timely updates to include the latest features and fix any bugs and glitches in the iOS gaming app.

iPhone and iPad Game Development

IOS Game Development Company

iPhone Game Development

Being one of the most popular smartphones in the market, iPhones are one of the primary devices for gamers. BR Softech has developed a number of iPhone games in various genres including RPG, strategy, and adventure.

IOS Game Development Company

iPad Game Development

iPad offers an unprecedented gaming experience with high resolutions and amazing graphic rendering capabilities. Our developers and designers are well-versed in making feature-packed games that are optimized for the iPad platform.

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Types of iOS Games We Develop

Our skilled developers have prior experience in developing iOS games in various genres.

  • iOS Adventure Game Development

    Our developers transform your unique game idea into a fully functioning app while providing engaging and active gameplay by combining a great storyline with classic quests. We also adhere to the highest industry standards and create a game that performs flawlessly on various iOS devices.

  • iOS Fighting Game Development

    We develop action-packed fighting games for iOS by creating a stunning battle arena and characters with impressive fighting techniques. Our fighting games allow players to play with AI bots and their friends for a competitive gaming experience.

  • iOS Strategy Game Development

    Engage your players in a battle of wits where they apply strategic maneuvers, analyze, and make rational decisions based on the situation. Our developers offer engaging gameplay with an engaging plot and user-friendly features.

  • iOS Arcade Game Development

    Our iOS game developers have developed a wide variety of Arcade games ranging from minimal fighting to complex story-driven games. Challenge other players to a duel and get a chance to win lucrative rewards in our Arcade games for iOS.

  • iOS Casual Game Development

    Kick back and relax while playing Casual games on the iOS platform. We develop cutting-edge Casual iOS games that offer a relaxing gaming experience with unparalleled replayability. Take a break after a hard day from work with our Casual iOS games.

  • iOS Poker Game Development

    Leverage our Poker solutions for iOS and get a chance to win big prizes. Our developers are adept at creating casino card games like Poker, Blackjack, Teen Patti, and Rummy with dedicated features and functionality that provide an exceptional gaming experience.

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Our iPhone Game Development Tools and Technologies

Our developers are veterans in the industry and have in-depth knowledge in working with various tools and technologies for developing iPhone and iPad games.


Why Choose BR Softech as an iOS Game Development Company?

Being a top iOS Game App Development Company in the USA, BR Softech has an in-house team of dedicated iOS game developers that have developed various types of iOS games over the years. We have a reputation for delivering high-quality products within an estimated budget. We are well-versed in developing iOS games and know the ins and outs of the iOS platforms. We follow the highest industry standards and the same is reflected in our cutting-edge iOS mobile games. Partner with us and avail-

Cost-effective Solutions

Seamless Game Integration

Customised Game Solutions

On-time Delivery

Dedicated iOS developers

Integration of the Latest Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Ans. iOS game dev is the development of feature-rich games that run on the iOS operating system developed by Apple. The process involves idea generation, market analyses, game design, development, testing, and release. These games can be either simple or complex depending on the preference of the client.

iOS 2D game development is fairly simple and doesn’t require a lot of resources. Simple casual and hyper-casual games generally fall into this category. Meanwhile, complex 3D games include various components like storylines, plots, complex features, and more. Most 3D games also leverage advanced technologies like AR and VR to enhance the gameplay experience.

There are many genres on the iOS gaming platform. This includes RPG, strategy, simulation, adventure, action, etc. Once the genre is decided, iOS game designers start working on the designs, levels, and characters of the game. Developers work with designers to bring their art to life.

Ans. There are primarily three stages in iOS game development-

Pre-Production: Before you can start the development phase, it is important to conduct market analysis, identify the requirements, and conceptualize the idea of the game. Developers and designers brainstorm to come up with a unique idea, create a Game design document, and identify the milestones of the project.

Production: This phase includes the creation of the iOS game. The developers code various game elements like characters, levels, environment, art designs, animation, and more. Developers also bring the designs to life and create the levels and the user interface of the game. All the pre-determined features are also integrated into the game during this phase. Ultimately, all the game elements are brought together to bring the game back to life.

Post-Production: This is the final stage of the development process and includes testing, launch, and support. Once the game is developed, the game is tested. Testers conduct playtesting and iron out all the loose ends in the game. Finally, the game is launched and player feedback is collected to improve the game in further updates.

Ans. The time duration of the development process is mainly dependent on a number of factors. Factors like the complexity of the game, number of features, 2D/3D game elements, and more directly influence the overall duration of the development process. On average, a simple iOS game can be developed in 2 to 3 months. However, more complex projects can take up to 5-8 months or more.

Ans. The cost of developing iOS games is not fixed and is influenced by a variety of factors. Factors like the complexity of the features, the location of the developers, the level of graphics, the tech stack, etc directly influenced the overall cost of developing iOS games.

On average, the cost to develop an iOS game can range from $10,000 to $15,000. However, if you want to develop a cross-platform game with advanced features, you will have to invest around $30,000 to $50,000.

Ans. Some major benefits of iOS game development are-

Massive MarketWith over 1 billion active users on the platform, the market for iOS games is huge. Developing an iOS game will help you to leverage the benefits of this significant user base.

Better Graphics and Performance iOS games generally feature better graphics and in-game elements than Android games. This is because the Apple Store has stringent policies and quality tests that have to be passed for an application to be published on the App Store. Ultimately, only the best-in-class gaming apps are published on the App Store which in turn leads to better revenues and engagement.

High Revenue Compared to Android games, iOS gaming apps typically earn more as users are more invested in spending money on games.

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Our highly competitive and skilled team of game developers offers advanced game development services which are compatible with operating Systems like, Android, iOS, Windows, and more.

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