STO stands for security token offering where new tokens are created and are sold directly as per the regulatory norms. STO is more regulated and secure as compared to the ICO.

STO Development Services

Security tokens are advanced tokens that are supported by physical resources like stocks, gold, or something that is considerably valued. To develop the security tokens there is a requirement to adhere to the securities exchange commission (SEC) regulations which are different for nations. Security token provides the benefit of diversified liquidity of physical resources, which leads to having transactions in a secure way.

Security tokens come up with numerous benefits like expanded market effectiveness, lower issuance expenses, and fractionalization of vast resources. In the case of the startup, it is required to meet up their required administrative commitments, as it comes up with the immense perspective of an assortment of utilisation.

BR Softech, an acclaimed name in security token development company offers services from creating a secure token to the final stage of launching it. Our services are very much budget-friendly and we are well known for our quality products and excellency. We have the expertise in this industry as we have catered to the needs of many international clients around the globe and offered them tailor-made solutions. A team of professionals transforms the client's idea into a revenue-based model which meets their expectations and we assure to provide continuous support to our clients. Work with our knowledgeable and acquainted professionals to strive for your business growth.

What is STO (Security Token Offering)?

Cryptocurrency is the future of finance, it is the new step in the world of digitalization, and security tokens are an addition to it. Security tokens are a blend of having the advantage of both ICO and IPO, it offers a balance of acquiring the capital at a low cost as well as adhering to the legal obligations of security law. These tokens assure the legitimacy of a transaction while raising capital from the investor and acquiring a security token provides an ownership right to the buyer by having a stake in the company.

Procuring a security token acts as a share in the company or it states as a member of an LLC. Thus, shares of the company are accommodated in the form of digital tokens, which bestows to stimulate more investors at a lower cost in case they are listed on the stock exchange.

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Features of Security Token Offering (STO)

Thrive to have more from the fundraising activity with the high-end STO development services with some astounding features like:

Features of Security Token Offering
  • Programmable equity
  • Automated SEC compliance
  • Increased market efficiencies
  • Removal of intermediaries
  • Customised blockchain
  • Tailored smart contract
  • Tailor-made as per your requirements.

Types of Security Tokens (STO)

A gleam to our outstanding Security Token Services

  • Equity Tokens

    Equity token is another word for having stock in any organisation, a security token representing a state of responsibility toward resources

  • Debt Tokens

    Debit tokens constitute a debt or cash in terms of a short loan. Steem is a type of obligation token that is essential for purchasing steem dollars.

  • Utility Tokens

    A utility token is offered to the clients to retrieve an item/administration. It helps in raising assets for the development of blockchain ventures.

  • Assets upheld Tokens

    Asset upheld tokens are constructed on the blockchain stage as an elusive object of definite worth.

BR Softech Provides Security Token Offering Services

Our outstanding tailor-made solution and unbeatable exceptional services are unmatchable. We are offering a cut edge technology solution to the new startups and ventures which provides them the ease to create their own security token offering platform with the easy-to-use STO script software. We provide STO script software with multiple payment gateways and multi-wallet support features to pool different asset transactions.

  • Legal & Landing Page Services

    Providing a platform that coheres to the legislation and other legal obligations related to lending services.

  • Tokenized Asset Offerings Development

    Assist in transforming the real estate and illusion assets to tokenized assets with the advanced feature of attractive development features and accredited investments.

  • STO Exchange Platform

    We provide a totally customizable security exchange service at a budget-friendly price with our security exchange platform.

  • STO Marketing Activities

    Our end-to-end marketing is one of the outstanding features which helps in attracting investors while working as per the token standards.

  • Security Token Development

    Security token development platforms assist the international visitors while providing the guidelines through token services.

  • Equity Token Offering Development

    One of the particular features we provide is the designing of customised equity tokens that pertains to definite rights to the investors related to the registered business through the issuing of equity tokens development services.

    We are specialised in the creation of customised equity tokens that guarantees investors certain rights to legally registered businesses, by equipping equity tokens development services.

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Key Benefits of STO(Security Token Offering)

A standard token sale requires little or less pure capital but as we talk about STO it requires more capital and a large number of investors are moving towards STO as it is comparatively more beneficial.

Tokenized securities come up with many perks which are listed below.

  • Cost-effective

    As there are no intermediaries or the third party in between it results in eliminating the cost of service delivery as well as regulating the price for purchasing and selling.

  • International

    It is equipped with the feature to do trade internationally, they are entitled to universal trading which relies on the establishment. Thus allowing it to have its own digital bitcoin wallet for trading globally.

  • 24/7 trading

    It comes with an easy-to-trade at any time with the comfort of being at home without moving to the counters in the office. The blockchain-based trading comes with the advantage of being consistent as trading can be done at any point in time.

  • Fast

    The automated feature of Know Your Customer(KYC), and Anti Money Laundering(AML) allows a fast and smooth transaction of trading and selling assets.

  • Fast adoption

    Due to its features like liquidity and less administration, these security tokens are very easy to adopt and use.

  • Venture Capital

    It eliminated the need for intermediaries which helps the investors to have easy access to the investment fund.

Simple Process to Launch Your Own STO

We ensure a smooth and easy process for Pre-STO Launch and Post STO Launch. Step included in it are:

How Alexa Skills are Beneficial for your Business
  • Discover What Your Technology Is
  • Pick out the Jurisdiction for Your ICO
  • Abundance with Securities Law
  • Recognized the Securities Laws Affecting Your ICO
  • Draft Your White Paper
  • In case you looking for developing an ICO successfully

Why Choose BR Softech For STO Development Services?

We are experts in providing the STO launch service for the new security token offering campaign, which assists the blockchain team in acquiring funds and offering security tokens. With the help of this campaign, it escalated the demand and cryptocurrency usage, which in a way increased the value of the new token and eventually stimulated more investors towards it.

Our commendable and experienced team assists our clients to experience a smooth and error-free process of implementing security tokens in their business and gaining efficiency. We work on the goal of doing smart work and meeting the requirements of clients. Being a security consultant in a company we assure you that our STO services are commendable and unmatchable.

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Frequently Asked Question?

Q1. How do I launch STO?

Security token offers are coming up with some easy steps. Prior to the launch of a security token offering, you must follow certain ideas and guidelines that attract more investors. With certain legal regulations, you are able to launch the STO without much effort. With these Security token offering processes, one can fulfil their launch process.

Okay, so here are the important steps to be followed during the launch of STO.

  • Draft your Security Token Offering White paper
  • Have a Legal Advisory
  • Hire a blockchain developers
  • Create an STO website
  • Develop a Security Tokens
  • STO marketing

Q2. How does an STO work?

Ultimately, security token offerings aren’t changing the underlying securities;

they’re the same securities you can buy through an ordinary investment platform. However, they are changing the way companies and investors approach security sales.

Q3. Why Choose BR Softech to Launch your STO Development Company?

When it comes to STO development, no one stands as clearly as BR Softech does. We offer unparalleled STO development services backed by 24*7 customer support services. Our multiple payment gateway services and multi-wallet support are other great benefits of choosing us over others.

Q4. Benefits of STO development services

  • Accessed digitally and globally
  • Raising capital for business
  • Assurance to investors
  • Refinancing or restructuring the existing debt
  • Easily converted into cash
  • Optimise the price volatility
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