We are in a world that is abundant with huge and vast data as digitalization is the new trend as most of the data is being created online at a large pace. The data accumulated is a huge task for a data handler to manage and it sometimes becomes a huge task to manage it. There is a need to handle the data properly so that it can be easily managed and a Big Data analytics service is the best solution for it.

Big data development services are the best way to manage vast and huge data with a combination of outstanding services. It is the best combination of technology and data. Big data analytics works in a way that data is analyzed and reviewed through the use of technology. Most reputable and well-known firms are using big data analytics in their work to maintain the data securely. One of the amazing aspects of data analytics is that the data is safely secure and it is the most secure platform to safely store the data. Data analytics is an easy platform to manage and arrange the data in a relevant way and each step of the process of big data solutions is verified by the certified developers.

We are the leading name in furnishing the best in market big data analytics services. We aim to provide better and class functionality of Big data analytics software services with the use of advanced and new technologies. The bunch of proficient and competent teamwork provides the solution to match the market trend and which can enhance the business by reaching the goals and achieving great heights. We always update ourselves with the latest technology so that we can easily furnish the requirement on different platforms like Cloudera and Microsoft HDInsight.

The main motive of our organization is to formulate the best strategic analytic solutions which are accompanied by many attributes such as Overall It roadmap, architecture, and execution of the software. BR Softech provides a one-shop solution related to big data services. The team of proficient developers and expert data scientists including Hadoop Certified big data professionals is an asset to our organization. Further, the technological changes always lead to the better results and increased efficiency

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BR Softech Big Data Solutions

We are an acclaimed name in the field of big data analytics solutions

  • Apache Hadoop

    An open-source framework for compiling the vast sort of data and a high-end data processing power and capability to manage and synchronize jobs. Apache Hadoop can be easily achievable through big data Hadoop

  • Apache Hive

    Apache hive assists in big data service which gives a chance to enliven the data and it helps the SQL developers to have Hive Query Language.

  • Apache Mahout

    The developers can assist in developing business applications that are as per the requirements and they can also incorporate the learning algorithms.

  • Apache Pig

    Apache Pig assists in scrutinizing the vast data and our maestros put forward the best top-notch services to make sure quality standards are met.

  • Apache Thrift

    Apache thrift framework is used for establishing the cross-language service and it's a blend of software stack and code generation.

  • Apache ZooKeeper

    Apache ZooKeeper is an open-source platform to manage the configured information

  • Apache Kafka

    Our competent developers provide an amazing grade streaming applications with the data pipelines

  • NoSQL Database

    We are a renowned name in maintaining database architecture and provide technical consultancy and well-managed support.

Big Data Analytics Services

BR Softech put forward several kinds of big data analytics counseling services

Big Data Consulting Services

Big data analytics is the new trend in today’s world. BR Softech caters to the need of the clients through making strategies and enhancing efficiency. Consulting services are provided as per the market need and even after the consultancy

Big Data Infrastructure Set-Up & Tools

We facilitate the consolidation and layout process through apache Hadoop code. We furnish the integration of Hadoop clusters with performance and supervising.

Big Data Maintenance & Support

Our proficient maestro facilitated the integration and consolidation procedure by stabilizing the Apache Hadoop code. We offer big data analytics services that are a consolidation of Hadoop clusters, execution, and monitoring

Big Data Analytics & Insights Services

Our Big data analytics streamlines the consolidation and deployment procedure through stabilizing Apache Hadoop code. We offer big data analytics service by providing analytics and showcasing the insights

Cloud Services

We facilitate provide a secure and vigilant cloud storage platform by enhancing the big data solutions

Performance Tuning

We are experts in nourishing and sustaining performance through the use of big data analytics.

Great Reviews

Edward Davis

Tom (United Kingdom)

This is Tom from elondonedimaonds. I want to say thank you to BR Softech, for offering the best service. This company helped me in every manner as their professional team helped us to make our solution advanced and to sort out the last minute challenges. They fully support and cooperate us, their behavior and support are outstanding. I highly recommend this company.

Denial Forest

Denial Forest (Australia)

After much time and consideration of all applicants to my project post, I choose BR Softech as they are really best as the reviews present them there service is really appreciable. After completion of the job, I can safely say that this reputation is fully deserved. 10/10.


Curtis (United State)

I am CEO of Picpinch. "BR Softech is a great company and they work in a friendly manner. During the development of my project, I was in India and worked with the team closely. The team is really well versed in their respective field and positivity. I recommend every single person to experience the service of this company.


Here is our step-by-step guide for big data analytic software.

  • Goal Set-Up

    To commence with the first step is to construct the goal further on which the company starts working

  • Data collection

    The next step is to accumulate the data as per the desired goals through big data software

  • Data Processing

    After the data collection, the data is processed through Big data software

  • Data Analysis

    Further, the data is analyzed and data is segregated as per the criteria

  • Data Execution

    The data is interpreted through big data software and executed which comprises Spark, Tez, Flink, Storm, and Samza

Why choose us as a big data provider for your company?

What makes us stand out from others is our distinctive big data solution providers


The amazing feature of us is the outstanding and proficient team who are available around the clock to offer support, we make sure that the client is reached on time with a proper solution.


Our vast and extensive experience in the IT field makes us the first choice while looking for big data analytic solutions.

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A competent team of experts is well equipped with the new and advanced technology which assists in furnishing clients' need

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Timely delivery of projects is our specialty as we are committed to meeting the deadlines.

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