RPA is the need of the hour in today’s era of digitalization. The new and innovative transformation in the industries has emerged the need for innovative robotic processes. The results of the adoption of RPA have increased productivity, enhanced efficiency, and cut down costs.

The RPA implementation works on two major objectives to have a smarter and a standardized process among industries. It offers to integrate the different processes which further results in enhanced customer support and assistance.RPA implementation is very much beneficial for the company as it is a never-ending process, lessening the cost, and saving time which leads to increased efficiency.

BR Softech is a prominent name in RPA service provider, we have delivered many successful projects to our clients. We offer the best in-house solution that has enhanced efficiency and resulted in reducing repetitive tasks. Our competent team of developers works to offer the best RPA services.

Our RPA Services Includes

  • Strategy
  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Support

The well-versed and efficient team of dedicated developers and programmers are well equipped to assist in providing the best Robotic process automation solution to the startup firms or any big enterprise or fulfilling the needs of different departments like HR, IT, front office, and many more.

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Robotic Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation Consulting

  • The team of experts analyze your business strength and then comes up with the best strategy
  • The process starts with the recognition of the business process
  • Further, the discussion panel is set up for the identification process
  • The next step is to sketch out the roadmap.
  • Moving further is identifying the tools

Robotic Process Automation Design

  • The architect team of engineers prefers both UI/UX factors for the design.
  • The RPA developers come up with the astonishing designs that attract most of the clients
  • The designers work to bring out the most making designs and a lightweight panel

RPA Implementation

  • The developers prefer to execute the software according to the cognitive automation with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Further, the step is to implement the process in a proper way
  • Planned further moves and systematic planning to achieve the desired results
  • Testing, designing, and further execution in the desired manner

RPA Support

  • Around the clock support for the clients
  • Feasibility to assist in making the changes as required
  • Improvising the process of optimization according to the strategies
  • The RPA software adds up to the security governance and optimization
  • The process of identification of tools.
Robotic Process Automation Benefits

Robotic Process Automation Benefits

  • The robotic Automation process has lessened the chance of human errors which results in efficiency and accuracy
  • RPA can be continuously used unlike humans who lose grip after continuous functioning, it can be used continuously without the need of the breaks
  • The repetitive process is shortened and it can be easily handled through the RPA
  • RPA results in 5 times rise in the rapid speed and assist in improvising the quality

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Industry Focused Robotic Process Automation Solutions

  • BPO

    The BPO industry has a huge demand for artificial intelligence implementation as it lessens the labor-intensive procedure. We offer a robotic process automation service which is precise and it expedites the process at a budget-friendly price and eliminates repetitive tasks.

    Our RPA Solution is helpful for BPO in such areas:

    Data Entry Data Validation File Alterations Text Mining Response to customers
  • Digital Media

    Digital media is the new trend and it is the most dynamic industry as on a daily basis some or other updates are coming which are bringing the changes in coding and programming. Research, planning, and keeping a track of human activities are crucial parts of RPA. A recent survey stated that 70% of repetitive tasks are eliminated through RPA.

    Our RPA Solution is helpful for Digital Media in such areas:

    Order in Cash Input/Output Process Creation Ad - Trafficking Change Management Track active users Quick Response to the customers
  • Insurance

    The insurance sector has also been transformed grouch RPA by the integration of automation. The insurance sector is such that it has the major requirement of a platform that is safe and secure while providing the positive outcomes

    Know in which areas RPA can mold Insurance Sector

    Personalized Quotations Marketing Automation Provide support through- ( Text, email, website, phone, etc) Claim Processing
  • E-Commerce

    Due to the many positive outcomes of RPA, it has also been adopted by many service industries as it reduces the recitative task while saving time and increasing productivity

    RPA molding Customer Service in the areas

    Billing & Collections Service Order Management Helps to update the customers via call, message, and email about the offers and deals Live Chat 24 Hours Support
  • Telecom

    With cutting-edge competition in the telecom industry, there has been the early adoption of RPA. It has been implemented to have the new and advanced solution and enhancing the efficiency

    Stages where RPA helps

    Managing Network Order Processing Service Guarantee Billing Guarantee Management of Revenue Updation of service - on ( Text, Email, Call)
  • Banking & Finance

    RPA is one most awaited inventions in the Banking industry as the finance department is having the burden of numerous transactions and there is a major need to manage it. The RPA technology has reduced the recitative task and helped it to achieve maximum efficiency

    RPA helps finance and accounting in such a way:

    Procure to Pay Order to Cash Invoice Automation Check Report Automatic KYC Process
  • Information Technology

    RPA has improvised the customer response by implementing different features in a effective way

    RPA In the IT Industry

    By Implementing Chatbots

    90% time reduction in response time. Automation 39% of increase in customer efficiency Provide Support for 24 *7 hours.

    Other Advantages Of RPA In The IT Industry

    Reset of Password Automation NOC / SOC Automation Service Desk Automation

Why is the Need for Robotic Process Automation?

The tailor-made high volume of human labor
The rise in productivity and efficiency
RPA technology
Seamless training and human interface
One time solution to human commitments
Business optimization
Software robots

Why Choose Us For The RPA Services?

We are an eminent name in the Robotic Process automation vendors for providing AI development technology and sturdy RPA software.

Years of Experience

To date, we delivered many successful RPA projects to our clients from different industries.

Proficient Team

We have a team of competent and skilled experts who are well versed with the latest technology


The support assistance is provided to the clients around the clock as we understand the importance of work being done on time.

Timely Project Delivery

Our main goal is to deliver a quality project within the desired timeframe

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