Vast experience and astonishing experience in the field of cyber security services make us the known name in this field. We cater through different services related to cyber security like cyber protection services, and solutions for different domains and sectors to prevent digital attacks. We have a team of cyber experts who are skilled and well efficient in providing cyber services through three steps i.e., business including assessment, protection, and remediation. We offer services that help the user to protect their critical information and digital ecosystem from ransomware threats, viruses, and other hacking attacks.BR Softech's aim is to help our clients in achieving the next level of security with the delivery of high-end and secure products and services.

What is Cyber Security?

In today’s era of digitalization where everything is available on digital platforms, there is always a risk of stealing and misuse of the information. To safeguard the data from inappropriate use or from any alteration there is a requirement of cyber security which aids in preventing the injection of any virus or malware into the system which can ruin the data in just a matter of a few seconds.

Cyber security is the smart step toward effective operation, Security architecture is one step further the cyber security is the next-gen thing. Cyber security is a process to protect the systems, networks, or programs from digital hackers and safeguard the data through different measures.

Web Security Services

We provide web security services to protect your E-commerce or Business website or online presence from DDoS attacks, Phishing, Malware Attacks, or SQL Injections. In Our Web Security Services, we monitor and do security check-in from A to Z levels. Along with this, with the help, of our expert team and internet security engineers, we enhance your website security level.

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Types of Cybersecurity Threats

  • Computer Viruses

    Computer viruses are the self replicated viruses that spread on their own to other documents and even to different platforms. It is usually done through downloading the attachment in emails or visiting the malware site or through the use of virus-infected USB

  • Ransomware :

    Ransomware is the hacking in which the access is gained through the computer code which leads to easy access to the personal information, and payment gateways until they get the ransom. Even after the ransom, there is no assurance that the user will get access.

  • Malware :

    Malware is software that interferes with the work of the system, server, and computer network and even affects the whole system. Malware can be in the form of some script, content or code.

  • Social Engineering :

    Social engineering is hacking into the system through human interaction, it is one of the ways of psychological manipulation through which the user reveals the critical information to the hacker on the basis of the conversation they are having.

  • Phishing

    Phishing is one of the common ways of sneaking into someone’s data and acquiring it. The details or data are easily stolen through it such as master card login credential passwords and other critical information. Phishing is a usual source is through emails.

  • Spyware Threats:

    The spyware thread is a complicated and intricate virus that is usually hidden from the user and is very onerous to detect. These viruses are being injected into the system through public access or through corporate sharing

  • Hacking:

    Hacking is an illegal activity carried out by cybercriminals. Hackers are well equipped with different skills for different purposes like Financial profit, protest, accommodating data, and sometimes just for leisure purposes too.

    It is an unlawful activity by cybercriminals. It is done by hackers for their different specific skills for different purposes such as financial profit, protest, gather information and sometimes it happens it is implemented just for fun and to complete the challenges

  • SQL Injection:

    There are different websites that store the crucial data of websites and services through SQL to have a record of data. This way it attacks the specific server through the codes and server that can get access to the personal information too like credit card numbers, username, and passwords.

  • Botnets:

    Cyber Criminals usually adopt the Bonney as it helps them to get access to different interconnected devices. It occurs through an infected virus which is transmitted to other computers too so it gives access to unauthorized people to access it remotely.

  • Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDoS):

    DDoS is a different compromised system that preys on individuals leading to the refusal of service. The source for the same can be different and it's a tough task to stop this by blocking the IP as it can occur from anywhere.

  • Pharming:

    Pharming is something through which the website traffic is driven to a different site. It results due to the host change or any alteration in the computer settings which is the misuse of the DNS server software.

  • Spam:

    Spamming means nonessential activities on the platform. Spamming is mostly available through the mail as soon as the user clicks on it, it usually attaches to the database and disturbs the whole system. It usually occurs through third-party sites.

Types of Cybersecurity Services

Shield your business information through the prominent Cybersecurity service provider.

Cyber Security Consulting

We provide vast details in our cyber security consulting services that guard your data against hackers. The cyber security service offered by us includes Virtual CISO/vCISO, Network Security, Third-Party Risk Management, Application Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Dark Web Monitoring, and many more.

Infrastructure Data Security

Amplify the employee's sector by integrating the data and emails. We offer infrastructure data security services that is built on managing firewall service, managing detection and response service, network protection, and cloud security service.

Data and Application Security

We are a renowned name in the cyber security service provider. Data and application security helps in reducing the IT risk through pre-assessment and ensures to secure the data. We provide assistance for both personal as well as critical data assets.

Manage Security Services

The main challenge for the organization is to safeguard the organization for there is the need to conduct a few activities and perform the service in a better way. We provide a cyber security solution that enhances your productivity and improves the maturity of services.

Cyber Incident Response Service

We assist in incident response service to provide the organization a safe place and ascertain and safeguard it and assist on an immediate basis. It prevents hacking attacks and it can be of great advantage for the organization

Security, Intelligence, and Optimization

We assist you in identifying the threats so as to be aware and protect the app or website from the chances of some mishap and respond to it immediately to avoid any damage.

Role of Cyber Security providers in the Society

Role of Cyber Security providers in the Society

Offering you the Best Cyber Security Consulting Services

With digitalization, there is the need to have cyber security services which protect from fraudulent activities. It plays a vital role to safeguard from the hacking of websites, apps, networking, or servers. Cyber security service providers are required in different industries to protect from hacking.

Cyber security is pivotal for securing personal data and information like family photos, contacts, and messages as well as it is of great use for the industries also such as power plants, hospitals, and money service firms to secure their confidential data from misuse.

How BR Softech Works on Cyber Security

Reasons to opt for us as Cyber Security Solution Providers.

BR Softech is a prominent IT cyber security solutions provider in India. The team at BR Softech furnishes information security consulting and cybersecurity services to enhance the business process and safely secure the information at the back end. The experts at BR Softech help the client in drafting and executing of the security plans and programs by providing outstanding strategies with the available technology.

The team includes well-qualified and proficient security personnel who are well informed and knowledgeable in different industries, they aim to provide the top-notch security service to the clients and meet the desired outcome.

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