BR Softech is a prominent name for TensorFlow development as we have catered to many clients with our efficient and outstanding services. We stand out from others as we have the most efficient and dedicated team of developers and experts who have extensive experience in this field. We cater to the needs of the client with tailor-made solutions that are as per the client's requirements. Our solutions strive to cater to the need for advanced technology and in offering differentiable programming across several tasks. If your organization is looking forward to a better understanding, perception, classification, forecasting, and invention then TensorFlow solutions are what you require.

Tensorflow is the utmost important tool for deep learning, it is an open-source machine learning library that makes use of algorithms to create advanced models. This was formulated by the Google Brain team initially for internal use and within no time it was adopted across several alphabet companies for both research and commercial use. This is one of the amazing tools for artificial intelligence. It simplifies the whale process and provides a new advancement to the application-graded library. Tensorflow is known as the second generation invention of Google brains, which can be used on different platforms like CPUs and GPU with optional CUDA and SYCL extensions or common purpose of graphic processing units

Few more details regarding the TensorFlow and how it brings transition in the business:

  • It makes numerical computation an easy task with the use of data flow groups.
  • Offers feasibility and is highly modular to assist in multiple models.
  • Enhance the efficiency of the business
  • Can be easily used on CPUs, GPUs, desktops, and other platforms.
  • Automatically differentiate the capabilities.
  • Make the research and production process easy and fast.

Hire TensorFlow Developer from BR Softech and provide your customers with great experience.

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Hire our TensorFlow Developer to enhance the efficiency of your business. Our TensorFlow Development Services

Resolve your big data issue smoothly through the use of TensorFlow development services. TensorFlow helps in executing large tasks without any issue and efficiently aids in developing an instinctive solution. Tensorflow facilitates multiple languages, whereas the primary language of the TensorFlow library in python. Here are the details of our TensorFlow development services.

Voice and Sound Recognition

The experts at BR Softech assist you in putting up a neural network to enhance the experience of the customers and channel the customers to take more information. It aids in solving the customer's issues at a rapid pace and saving time.

TensorFlow Chatbot

Eliminate the manpower cost by using chatbots in the system. Chatbots are used as an engagement tool that allows users to have a great database and have a handy and easily accessible solution.

Image Recognition

Image recognition in Tensorflow assists in recognizing the images and objects. Facebook tagging is an example of image recognition, as well as health care is also entering into it as it assists in getting more information about the patient and his illness details on the system.

User Behavior Analysis

The Tensorflow experts at BR Softech offer services related to creating an advanced analysis that helps in understanding users' behavior. The user behavior analysis tool enhances the sales and converts the prospective customers into real-time customers

Streamline Automation

Employ our dedicated Tensorflow developers to create a process automation tool. The streamline advance tool assists in streamlining the whole process and create outstanding results in financial operations

Advanced Predictions

The integrated machine learning with Tensorflow aids in forecasting future events. The predictions assist in outgrowing business and have the opportunity to perform the essential changes by knowing the complex data sets.

Our TensorFlow Development Expertise

The experts and professionals help in providing top-notch development services that can be carried out in different verticals. Proficient professionals are having the essential qualities and skills which can cater to different industries whether small or large enterprises.

  • E-commerce & Retail

    We are a leading name in offering advanced e-commerce and retail industry solutions. We have a consolidated chatbot for shopping sites which helps in enhancing the overall customer experience

  • Education & E-learning

    Opt for a new and modern classroom with the use of advanced e-learning solutions. We make use of new and modern technologies that are outstanding and create an educational environment that differs from traditional learning as well as it can be developed in the form of different apps also.

  • Banking & Finance

    Make use of advanced marketing strategies, predictive routing, and income or expense management with the adoption of TensorFlow.This helps in allowing customers to do smart financial planning and smooth transition.

  • Travel & Tourism

    We offer modern and latest technology like Augmented Reality, VR, and MR to create a new and advanced travel and tourism application which has created a demand for travel applications that offer different services like AR navigation, custom payment gateway, and e-ticketing system, and much more.

  • Healthcare

    The use of Tensor flow makes use of advanced technology that cate the need of the healthcare sector and also enhance the overall working.

  • Media & Entertainment

    Advance solutions are incorporated in the Media and entertainment industry too with the creation of customer relationship management with the integration of AI chatbots for enhancing functionality

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Hiring Models

We cater to the needs of clients to develop the business model for several verticals which are flexible enough to choose as per the need and requirements.

Dedicated Tensorflow Hiring Model

Dedicated Tensorflow Hiring Model

Grab the opportunity to work with our qualified and certified TensorFlow developers. It is of great assistance to those who are handling big projects and need support for it. The TensorFlow developers are knowledgeable and we even offer flexible payment options too with the advanced features and potential for the implementation of abilities like:

  • Monthly Cost
  • Pay on completion of milestone monthly
  • 90-150 hours of the guaranteed project working
  • Transparent fee structure, with no hidden charges

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Fixed Price Hiring Model

Fixed Price Hiring Model

The fixed-price hiring model is available in some predefined categories. Just before initiating the project, an agreement is prepared with all the details which are to be billed for the defined work. This process helps in accomplishing the whole process and providing an accurate amount. With the help of this model, it has the benefits of:

  • Upgrade the plan
  • Cancel the project anytime
  • No change in pricing unless you are adding something
  • Can be paid in milestones

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BR Softech is a leading name in in-app or software development solutions. We provide an array of different services related to app or software development while maintaining quality. Our motto of work is to keep the client's data safe and provide them with quality outcomes timely. We work to satisfy our customers and equip them with efficient and high-end app experience with the use of Tensorflow machine learning and devel

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We have completed many national and international projects with outpost perfection

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The extensive and vast experience of our developers and experts makes them equipped to face any challenges and provide a real-time solution to it

Excellent Communication

We always maintain transparency and have seamless communication with our clients as we are sharing a weekly update with our clients for keeping track of project progress

Skilled Professionals

Our experts are well versed and proficient with the new advanced technology. Their vast experienced help in catering to client's needs in a better way

Adjustable models

We offer the flexibility of providing the best engagement tool to our clients which are available as per the requirement

Over 3000 Happy Clients

We have our expertise and have delivered many successful projects to the clients which help us in having a better understanding of the client's needs and requirement

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