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To People Who Wants To Develop OFC POKER GAME But Have Not Started Yet

written by Admin | Oct 22, 2021

OFC Poker is one of the most popular variants of Chinese poker that has surpassed the popularity of many card games like baccarat, rummy, Texas Hold’em Poker, etc.

This game is drawing players from all age groups. Moreover, the perception of poker has changed drastically, earlier it was a hobby but now various gaming entrepreneurs are considering ofc poker game development as an enormous business opportunity. 

According to research, the online gambling industry will elevate to Rs 11,880 crore with a CAGR of 22.1% by 2023. Players are taking ofc poker as a serious profession and willing to pursue it as a career.

If you’re also looking to make a strong foothold in the online gambling industry then hiring an OFC poker game development company is the only way to turn your business idea into reality. 

This quick guide will tell you about the major aspects that one should know before developing an OFC poker app.

Factors Fuelling the Growth of OFC Poker Game App

The penetration of smartphones and increase in access to the internet has made India a rapidly emerging mobile gaming industry. 

According to the findings of the NASSCOM, the smartphone gaming industry has grown with a CAGR between 40% to 50% during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Such rising figures have encouraged various mobile gaming companies to focus on OFC Poker game app development.  

Following are the factors that have empowered the growth of online ofc poker. 

  • User experience: The ofc poker games are built with the efforts of creative graphic designers that work with an efficient code of conduct to ensure an incredible user experience. 
  • Mobile compatibility: The ofc poker game apps are built using modern software development kits capable of building the game using lightweight programs and other feasible resources. That’s why such card games are compatible with lower configuration mobile devices.
  • Easier installation: These games can be easily installed from the application stores like Android, iOS, and a lot more.

These factors make such poker software the best of both worlds for emerging online gamblers. 

Furthermore, the ofc poker game software boasts an incredible gaming experience even on the 2G internet connections which is an absolute delight for professional players. 

Future of OFC Poker Game Development

The options to play online card games during the 90s were limited to Texas poker and Omaha but now with the advancement of technology, we have numerous online card games.

Even at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the online gambling industry was the only business segment that managed to generate a whopping market capitalization rate. 

With the evolution of mobile platforms, games like ofc poker are available 24/7 for online gamblers. Nevertheless, the mobile gaming industry is flooded with various top-notch games but ofc poker has grown significantly. 

According to a KPMG report, the revenue of the online gambling industry will score 12,000 crore benchmarks by 2023. Moreover, the audience is tired of playing the same old Omaha poker format. 

Things To Know Before Hiring OFC Poker Game Development Company


Developing a game app like ofc poker requires a good investment and a skilled workforce. In this section, we’ll know about the things that one should know before hiring an ofc poker game development company.

1. Project Budget

Project budget is one of the essential tasks that one should accomplish before hiring an ofc poker game developer. Having an appropriate budget gives an ideal coastline to control the number of requirements and infrastructure. 

Moreover, it would also assist you to track the project performance that whether it is getting completed  according to the work plan or it needs more time 

2. Work Portfolio of the Company

Work portfolio is an efficient way to check the reliability of the online ofc poker game service provider. Always examine the work portfolio, ask for the live projects, technical background, years of working experience, no. of technologies on which they have worked, and customer testimonials to determine what people are actually talking about them.

3. Competitor Research

There are a lot of poker app games in the market, what makes your ofc poker app different from the other card games? These questions can only be answered after conducting a rigorous competitor analysis.

Always research the strategies that are already prevailing in the market and examine the case studies of the competitors that have already failed. 

Also, run the surveys like “which card game do you like the most, what are the features that you don’t like in an ofc poker game?”. Doing an in-depth analysis will help you to map the strongholds and leaks in your business strategy.

4. App Platform

App platform decides the functionality, features of an ofc poker software, and its audience targeting as well. The Android smartphones dominate the Asian market and the rest of the European market is surfaced by iOS smartphones. 

That’s why audience targeting is highly dependable on the choice of app platform. Although, various gaming entrepreneurs prefer cross-app development because it provides maximum exposure by deploying the game app on both Android and iOS platforms. 

5. Technology Stack 

Technology stack is a set of tools and frameworks that help in the development of a mobile game app like ofc poker. Picking the wrong software development kit can jeopardize the quality of the whole end product.

Therefore, the technology stack is one of the most important things to ensure the top-notch performance of a mobile game application.

6. Post Maintenance Plans

Before finalizing an online ofc poker game service provider always check their post maintenance plans because bugs are an inevitable part of the software development.

The software maintenance also decides the future upgrades of the product and an app like ofc poker requires frequent maintenance and testing. Therefore, always check the post maintenance plans before selecting a programmer for card game app development.

Variants of an OFC Poker Game App


The best thing about OFC Poker is that it doesn’t come in one standard format, this trending card game is available in three variants. Let’s proceed further to learn about them. 

1. Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker

This variant of the OFC poker is quite different from its standard format. Here, a maximum of 3 players can play the game. Here 3 cards are dealt to each player at a time, they have to set 2 cards and discard 1 from the hand until the 13 card combination is achieved.  

This 13 card combination is termed Fantasyland in the Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker, if a player achieves Fantasyland then he/she can discard 1 card from the 14 new cards.

Although, the rules of Fantasyland are similar to the standard format. However, the full house is dispensed during the middle of the game. 

2. Double Deck Open Face Chinese Poker

As compared to the previous variant, more players can play the Double deck open-face Chinese poker. Here, the two decks are shuffled together and both are stacked together. 

Although, the rules of this variant are similar to the standard variant of the OFC poker app or other single deck card games. 

Features of OFC Poker Game App

In this section, we will learn about the features that an online ofc poker game developer should provide. 

1. Admin Panel

The admin panel is a user interface that comes with features and functionalities which are only accessible by the admin. 

  • Admin control panel: an admin can use this feature to add more players, game tables, and full house advantage inside the game app. Moreover, this feature allows the admin to delete or ban any player from the game’s database.
  • Admin dashboard:  Using this feature, an admin can efficiently access the database of the game which comes in different forms like chats, event remainders, upcoming matches, famous rewards, and a lot more.
  • Player database: As the name suggests, this feature allows the admin to monitor user data like registration details, player’s performance, etc.
  • Gameplay optimization: An admin can use this feature to enhance the gameplay by optimizing multiple characteristics like shuffle speed, card swapping, etc.
  • Payment integration: Using this feature, an admin can use the usage of payment gateways and total game revenue with various filters like daily, monthly, or custom date revenue. 
  • Policy update: As the name suggests, the policy update feature allows the admin to update the game rules, policies, and guidelines. 
  • Rake monitoring: For every bet, some amount of rake is deposited directly into the admin’s account. An admin can use this feature to track the total rake amount to date. 

2. User Panel 

The user panel comes with features that are only meant for the players, following are the features that an online ofc poker game developer should provide in the game application. 

  • User log-in: This interface helps the user to log in or sign-up for the game using an in-built email address or social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+, etc. 
  • Chatting: The chatting feature allows the user to interact with other game players, send message requests, discuss the game stats, and a lot more. 
  • Make new friends: Using this feature, a user can send friend requests to the other players. Once the friend request is accepted, players can enjoy playing in private rooms with their friends. 
  • Winnings: This feature is integrated with highly secured elements that allow the user to withdraw their winnings safely. 
  • Tech support: If a user is stuck in the middle of the game’s interface or has a query about any issue then he/she can contact live tech support.
  • Live feeds: This feature allows the user to keep their eye on crucial data such as the highest bets of the day, upcoming events, famous strategies, and much more.

Cost to Develop OFC Poker Game App


Developing a game app like ofc poker is not a piece of cake, it requires vital investment and a lot of hard work. It’s not only the job of developers to build such a game, there are team members like graphic designers, testers, business analysts, etc that handle the other phases of game development efficiently.

Despite features, the cost to develop a game app like ofc poker also depends on the country of the game development company because the cost to hire a game developer in the USA and European countries is much higher than that of hiring a resource from a country like India. 

Let’s dive into the following table to understand the cost estimate of ofc poker game development in India.

Platform Cost
Android $25,000 to $40,000
iOS $30,000 to $50,000
Web-based $40,000 to $60,000

Why Choose BR Softech for OFC Poker Game Development?

BR Softech is a leading poker game software company nestled in India and the USA. The company laid its foundation stone in 2010 and since then they have worked on various poker software projects like ofc poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker, seven stud poker, and so on for more than 200 global clients. 

They have a proficient workforce of 100+ ofc game developers with years of industry experience. The developers of BR Softech boast exceptional coding skills and tech knowledge that empowers to shape any complex gaming idea into reality. 

Despite programmers, the company has 30+ graphic designers that possess a creative approach to design stunning graphics with cutting-edge user experience.

If you have an ofc poker business idea, feel free to reach out to us!


1. On Which Platform will you develop this Game?

This game can be built on any platform like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Moreover, you can also contact us for cross-app development.

2. How much time will it take to develop ofc Poker Game?

Depending on the game features and functionalities, it consumes 1000 hours on average to develop ofc poker game. 

3. Which technology will you use to develop the game?

The choice of tech stack depends on the game features and functionalities. Although, our experts have a knack for working on various game development studios like Unreal, Unity, etc.


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