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How to Make Your Own Slot Game Machine Software in 2021?

written by Admin | Aug 12, 2021

Now a day game industry is on boom due to covid impact.  all people are living at home and try to find something new. They only find online gaming solutions. So they are tried according to their Intrest in slot games and go ahead to make slot game machines software for slot casinos to make a big business empire in casino games. So as a slot machine development company we are going to gives some special tips to help them to build a big empire.

The popularity of both online and land-based slot games is at a peak. While the concept of playing Slot Game machines might seem simple to you in comparison to playing other casino Slot games in 2021. However, the process of making them might seem a little bit tricky to you. 

There are a huge number of factors that come into consideration while developing an online slot game from scratch. Once these factors are finalized, the process to design your own slot machine comes into action. 

I am not saying that creating a slot game machine is an impossible task. All I am trying to highlight is that the process is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. However, there are several game development tools available to aid both novice and seasoned developers to get started.

In this article, we have concluded all the steps involved in creating a slot game machine in 2021. 

How To Build a Slot Game Machine

Slot game development goes through a variety of stages. Thus, the entire cycle of the development from brainstorming the idea to the final release includes the following stages. 


1. Conceptualize Your Slot Game Idea

The first stage of creating a slot game begins by brainstorming the idea. There are hundreds or thousands of slot game machines available in the market. To increase the usability of your game idea, market research, analysis are essential. Identify the market needs and come up with the most appropriate theme and storyline for your slot game. 

Most slot game machines work on the standard concept of random number generators (RNG). The RNG goes through a cycle of millions of numbers continuously to determine the outcome of the spin automatically. Similar to this one you also need to come up with the slot game idea. 

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The effective and proven way of structuring your game idea is with the mind map. First, create a central concept defining your game concept and then visualize the process of creating a slot game machine. 

At the time of structuring your game idea, make sure you are well versed with the knowledge of ongoing trends. So you can enhance the capabilities of your slot game and make it future-ready. 

For instance, during the last few years, the demand for AR and VR technologies reached unforeseen heights. By leveraging these technologies with your slot machine, you will definitely add up value to your slot game machine.

Another trend in slot games development is cryptocurrency. It is a highly secured payment method that can benefit both slot game machine providers and players. By adopting the cryptocurrency payment system, you can attract a wider audience who prefer to remain anonymous while carrying out online transactions. 

2. Do Some Research

Now, as you have found out how your slot game machine will work, it’s time to do some homework. This covers everything that you want to offer with your slot game machine i.e. features, storyline, theme, and so on. 

To ease down your burden of research. Below we have rounded up a few of the most essential things you can incorporate with your slot game machine. These features will attract users thereby your overall game revenue will increase. 

Bonus or Free Spins

Bonus or Free Spins

As a marketing strategy, you need to offer bonuses or free spins to users more often. This improves the user retention rate and leaves the players with the feeling that the game is worth exploring. 

Referral Bonus

This is another part of effective marketing strategies. In this scheme, users will earn extra spins whenever they invite their known one to play the slot game. 

Huge Jackpots

The biggest reason behind the increased popularity of online slot games is that they allow the players to earn real-world cash. Progressive jackpots are what users will be attracted to. 

Besides these, several other features as well that need to be incorporated into your slot game machine. Consult with your slot game machine manufacturer to learn about those features. 

3. Design

Once you have done the research. The next significant step that comes into action is working on the design of your slot game machine. The secret behind the success of the numerous slot games is their meticulously designed artwork. While many people tend to overlook the importance of the slot game’s design, this is the initial force that drives the traffic towards the online slot game. 

Without having a good art design, slots won’t be able to draw the attention of the people. Hence, it makes sense for slot game designers to spend some extra time developing creative graphics. 

4. Development

Next, you will start with the slot game app development. Here, slot machine manufacturers will evaluate the information collected from the first three steps and implement them in the slot game machine. 

To provide your users with the slot game experience, you need to choose a skilful and powerful slot game development company. BR Softech mobile game development company provides its clients with unparalleled casino game software using high-quality graphics and state-of-the-art game development technologies. 

In this stage, you also need to work on deciding the most prominent programming language for your online slot game. The following are some of the most commonly used programming languages. 


Python is one of the most powerful programming languages used by online slot game developers. Its easy-to-understand nature and powerful algorithms make the programming language an ideal option to develop high-quality slot games. 


This is another fairly used programming language that is compatible with almost all platforms. If you are a complete novice, then beginning with Java would be an ideal option for you to begin with. 

5. Testing 

This is the final stage you need to take before making your slot game machine available to your audience. At the time of testing, you need to be attentive to find all the inconsistencies and need to take suitable action to fix them. 

As you know, the testing process is quite complicated. We have written down a few of the common slot game testing.

Functionality Testing

This phase of testing is used to find the game inaccuracies and bugs that can decrease the performance of the slot game machine. Also, this stage confirms that the slot game machine is developed according to the specifications. 

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

This phase is used to confirm that the slot game machine is working as it is supposed to work. This test is often used to check mobile games apps capabilities to test on multiple platforms. 


This phase of testing is also known as re-testing. This phase is intended to recheck the game components after a few new modifications are made up. 


This phase comes into use to check the overall sustainability of the product. The testers test how much time the software will take up in launching and how proficiently it can work. 


Beta users play the game for hours to see how it is working and where it lacks. They left no stone unturned to ensure the optimal performance of the game. 

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Along with the aforementioned testing types, at BR Softech our team of quality analysts test the game application on several other parameters to increase its effectiveness. 

The Key Takeaway!

You have to make a perfect plan before you get your hands on creating a slot game machine from scratch. If the above-mentioned steps give you a taste of hard times, then you can partner with a slot game development company like BR Softech. 

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