As a pioneering augmented reality app development company, we enjoy developing innovative, out-of-the-box applications involving emerging technologies like augmented reality. We provide high-quality augmented reality application development services that offer a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive list of features.

With more than a decade of experience in the field, we develop apps featuring technology such as AR or VR that have enormous market potential but are still in their early stages. We have excellent and knowledgeable augmented reality app developers who provide high-quality services tailored to their particular needs. Aside from developers, we keep the team of support executives on standby mode to offer our clients 24*7 support.

We are not only limited to augmented reality app development services, we also offer augmented reality web development services to enhance our client’s ability to attract a wider audience. Partner with the globally trusted augmented reality app development agency BR Softech and ensure the high quality & faster deployment of your Android & iOS AR app development.

Why is AR App Development Important for Business?

Augmented reality technology is proving to be a powerful and effective way to sustain the long-term benefits for businesses, from manufacturing to healthcare to the gaming industry.

IKEA is one of the best examples of the augmented reality mobile application that is shaping the eCommerce industry. It helps shoppers to try the clothes in augmented reality without wearing them.

>By integrating augmented reality in business applications, you can leverage a variety of benefits, a few of these benefits are noted down.

  • Helps in increasing customer engagement rate
  • Increase sales and generate high revenue
  • Details access to analytics
  • Enhance user interaction

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What is Augmented Reality Technology?

It is often described as a futuristic technology combining the highly visual, interactive method of presenting digital content that includes image, sound, and text in a real-world setting. The concept of augmented reality can be interpreted in several ways. You can use it to see how the furniture will look in your bedroom before purchasing it. It can also be used to play digital board games on the cereal box.

There are many different applications of augmented reality that can affect our daily habits and social lives. AR apps connect digital animation typically to a specific marker or with the help of GPS pinpoint the location on phones. Augmented is occurring in real-time and within the environmental context. There are four types of augmented reality-

  • Marker less AR
  • Marker-based AR
  • Projection-based AR
  • Superimposition-based AR
What Actually Augmented Reality Is?

Using this trending augmented reality we provide with advanced 3D & Animation Designing based game, Mobile App development, customized the services of web & app development. Along with, It is the perfect platform which is compatible with all smartphone device operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and blackberry.

  • AR Software development
  • AR Game development
  • AR App Development
  • AR iOS & Android development.

You can opt for these augmented reality development services. It gives the advance feature to make your business services perform better as compared to other competitive technologies. It makes the real world object on the pocket gadget which is known as the AR app development in business sectors. We are continually growing new diversions, techniques, advancements and catching the consideration and creative ability of top developers around the globe.

Benefits of Augmented Reality App Development

AR helps businesses meet their requirements better by bringing together a new way of sharing information and interacting with others. AR combines the real and virtual worlds in a seamless manner. We have put together a quick list of the advantages you can reap by partnering with the top augmented reality app development company BR Softech.

  • Easy Visualization Facility

    Nowadays, most people prefer to order products and services online instead of visiting a brick-and-mortar store. No matter whether you are buying sunglasses online or a dress, online shopping sites have become the easiest way to shop. With AR, online store customers can visualize products similar to what they would see in a real-world setting.

  • Improving Brand Awareness

    No matter what business sphere you are in, custom AR application development will increase the brand visibility of your business by offering cool features and an exciting user experience.

  • Personalized Experience

    Objects can be explored according to personalized circumstances. By modifying the characteristics according to your preference, you will guarantee a personalized experience.

  • >
  • Better Customer Retention

    Nowadays, users desire a more immersive experience, and Augmented Reality satisfies this desire. Augmented reality brings an unforgettable user experience that goes beyond the screen, and thus improves the customer retention percentage.

  • Noticeable and Unique

    There are so many ways to surprise your customers and generate an essential buzz because you have something to offer to your customers that your competitors don’t have.

  • AR Apps for Customization

    It can be referred to as a chance to generate something different and hence, it is to express the individuality of one person that is way more engaging than that media content.

  • AR Apps are Getting More Virality

    If we talk about the facts, the world of social sharing enhances new customer acquisitions. People share the content and app to let people know about it and use it more.

  • Improvement in Content Quality

    AR production companies give users tools for generating content that they couldn’t do by themselves before.

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  • Interactivity Upholds the Retention

    The entertainment sector is always on top of the list as highly exciting content motivates people to interact with their phone’s application again and again.

  • Engaging and Interactive

    AR technology can make everything so engaging and interactive and also make boring things a bit fun. People can get more step-by-step instructions and detailed information by downloading and accessing augmented reality apps.

Augmented Reality App Development Process

BR Softech is the best augmented reality app development company that caters to a large variety of augmented reality app development services. We aim to create the best AR development platform where users can experience the power of impeccable AR techniques and technology. We follow the tailored augmented reality app development process which consists of the following steps.

    Brainstorming Idea

    The augmented reality mobile app development process is being done by brainstorming the idea and collecting the business requirements. Research your competition and see what they are offering as well as what else you can provide the audience to guarantee a captivating user experience.

    As part of the augmented reality software development process, we also define the technical component of the project as well as prepare the roadmap of development.

    Prototype Development

    Now the next step that comes into existence is determining the best-augmented reality product development platform. Be it Vuforia, Wikitude, ARCore, or ARToolKit, we pick the simplest yet most essential use cases for prototype development.

    Conceptual & Technical Design

    Once the client approves the prototype, we proceed to create the user interface for every component of the augmented reality app development solutions. Either we develop the 3D objects from scratch or reformat the existing 3D objects to enhance the user experience.

    At this phase, we also determine the delivery milestone for the augmented reality app development services.

    Augmented Reality App Development

    Our company provides stable, scalable, and secure augmented reality app development solutions to improve the business process and boost audience engagement. The main goal of augmented reality app development is to bring the best user experience to the table.

    When the AR application has been developed, the quality assurance team tests every component of it to ensure that it is working as expected.


    This is the final stage in augmented reality app development. The process of deployment will be carried forward depending on the choice of augmented reality mobile app development.

    Application Maintenance & Support

    After deployment, the real testing of your application begins when end users install your application on their device. The demand of end-users keeps changing, hence the application will require constant updates. The top augmented reality app development company, will offer you a post-application maintenance & support system,

Types of Augmented Reality App Development Services By BR Softech

With in-depth experience in augmented reality app development, we offer all types of augmented reality app development services for both Android & iOS. Our team of best augmented reality app developers is constantly on a hunt to figure out new & innovative ways to enhance the value of our services.

Some of the most acclaimed types of augmented reality apps offered by BR Softech are listed below.

  • Projection Based AR

    Project-based AR mobile app development services are meant to expose digital images onto physical objects. We have a team of highly experienced augmented reality app developers who have experience in developing projection-based augmented reality apps.

  • Marker-Less AR

    Marker-less AR app development provides your business with the ability to track and target customers based on their location. This will help you to serve your audience with content catering to the current location.

  • Marker-Based AR

    Marker-based AR applications meant to be used for multiple purposes. One of the primary uses of such an application is to detect the object placed in front of the camera and display its information on the screen.

  • Superimposition-Based AR

    Superimposition-based AR replaces a part or the entire view of an object with an augmented view based on recognition technology. We employ top augmented reality app developers who specialize in superimposition-based AR applications to assist your business to gain momentum and reach new heights.

Industry-Specific Augmented Reality App Development Solutions:

We serve a wide range of industries. The following are a few of the industry-specific augmented reality app development solutions we offer to our clients.

  • Augmented Reality in Ecommerce

    Offer a captivating shopping experience to your users by allowing them to explore your product virtually. Shopping online is just like shopping in person - shoppers can rotate virtual items just like they do in real life to make more informed decisions.

  • Augmented Reality in Marketing & Advertising

    Experience the ultimate AR experience that engages, excites, and turns your audience into loyal customers. Successful implementation of AR in marketing and advertising will boost revenue and increase the user base of your product.

  • Augmented Reality in Entertainment

    Develop the augmented reality content for the entertainment industry rather than developing the traditional programming content.

  • Augmented Reality in the Military

    AR is helpful for military forces to evolve MRO through superimposing digital info onto a user’s real-world view by step to step service orders. It is to identify visual services required in 3D.

  • Augmented Reality in the Classroom

    This technology overlays interactive digital aspects like images, text, sounds, video clips, and 3D models into real-world environments. It doesn’t only increase learning but also provides students with the opportunities to generate their content.

  • Augmented Reality in The Workplace

    With this, employees can practice analyzing possible hazards and rehearse various ways to handle emergencies.

  • Augmented Reality in Architecture

    In this, computer software must include real-world coordinates and be independent of cameras or images. Despite augmented reality field services, it also includes 3D models of a presented design projected onto a space using 3D models and mobile devices.

  • Augmented Reality in Education

    AR is popular in schools for learning students as educators can improve outcomes of learning by enhanced interactivity and engagement. AR apps, it has a wide scope of providing learning apps to students.

  • Augmented Reality in Healthcare

    AR lets the users see the real-world scenes and projects digital data onto the existing environment. As it is a blend of virtual reality and augmented reality. These contents are in the form of digital sounds or images and applied in videos or 3D models.

  • Augmented Reality in Retail

    The retail industry is also making use of augmented reality technology to offer their customers a shopping experience like never before.

  • Augmented Reality in Games

    AR is the kind of integration of audio content and game visuals with a real-time user environment, unlike VR that generates an artificial environment completely. Augmented reality uses the existing environment in the gaming industry and generates a playing field through this.

Our Impeccable Features of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality solutions provided by BR Softech are very beneficial, However, these are not everything businesses need, but it has a lot to offer to various sectors and people. Because of its features and advantages, augmented reality progressive web apps are considered to be more interactive and appealing for the market than virtual reality.

  • Noticeable and Unique

    There are so many ways to surprise your customers and generate an essential buzz because you have something to offer to your customers that your competitors don’t have.

  • AR Apps for Customization

    It can be referred to as a chance to generate something different and hence, it is to express the individuality of one person that is way more engaging than that media content.

  • AR Apps are Getting More Virality

    If we talk about the facts, the world of social sharing enhances the new customer’s acquisitions. People share the content and app to let the people know about it and use it more.

  • Improvement in Content Quality

    AR production companies give users tools for generating the content that they couldn’t do by themselves before.

  • Interactivity Upholds the Retention

    The entertainment sector is always on top of the list as the highly exciting content motivates people to interact with their phone’s application again and again.

  • Engaging and Interactive

    AR technology can make everything so engaging and interactive and also make boring things a bit fun. People can get more step by step instructions and detailed information by downloading and accessing the augmented reality apps.

Frameworks, Platforms & Tools Used For AR App Development

Our team develops augmented reality applications for Android and iOS on various platforms and tools, as indicated below.

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk 3DS Max

Android’s ARCore

Android’s ARCore







Unity 3d

Unity 3d



Android Studios

Android Studios

Why Should You Choose BR Softech For Augmented Reality(AR) App Development Services?

BR Softech helps you provide remarkable Augmented reality development service using the latest technologies. Our aim is to reach the maximum number of users and provide significant gaming, and app user experience with Augmented Reality Game development. Examine all the options to get a satisfying experience and increase revenue utilising our AR App & Game development services.

Best App Development

Get different types of augmented reality apps for Android and iOS apps with our team of experts and experience stunning graphics with a highly polished interface. We use the latest technologies to help you serve with the best solution.

24x7 Technical Support

Get your problems instant solutions with our 24x7 technical support.

Expert Game Programmers

We have a team of expert ultimate Mixed Reality providers and game programmers holding years of rich experience. Their hard work brings video games and apps to life.

Smart Solutions

We strive to provide smart service solutions at the time of cutting-edge technology. Our cost-effective solutions help in saving time and effort.

Seamless Communication

We promote seamless communication to give users a greater experience and aim to provide more personalized services.

Flexible and Customized Solutions

All our augmented reality app development solutions are flexible and tailored to meet the specific requirements of the business.


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Sarah Betty

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Ronald Brian

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Frequently Asked Question?

Q1. What Are Some Good Examples of Augmented Reality App Development?

Nintendo’s Pokemon Go App


Google Lens


IKEA Place

Q2. How Much Time Does it Take to Develop an Augmented Reality Application?

It’s quite difficult to provide you with an exact augmented reality app development timeframe. The process can take approximately four to six months.

Q3. What is the Estimated Cost That Will Occur While Developing the Augmented Reality Platform?

Cost of augmented reality app development varies greatly depending on the augmented reality app types and features. It ranges from $10,000 to $30,000.

Q4. Which Technology Will You Use For Augmented Reality Development?

Augmented reality development uses a variety of technologies, including.






Q5. Do We Completely Own The Source Code of The Game?

At BR Softech, we ensure complete transparency with our clients. We will provide you with the complete source code upon completion of your game development project. The source code of the game can be further customized to meet your specific needs.

Q6. How Should I Evaluate Which Tech to Use: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, or Mixed Reality?

The choice of technology depends upon your preferences. For example, if you wish to offer a complete virtual reality environment accessible through a headset, then nothing can go as far as VR. While AR is an ideal choice if you are satisfied with the overlay of the virtual content. If you want the blend of both AR and VR, then Mixed Reality is meant for you.

Q7. What Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring an Augmented Reality App Development Agency in India?

Ask them to share their complete portfolio

Testimonials of previous clients

How much time will the augmented reality app deployment take?

What technologies will they use?

Acquaint yourself with their support system

Q8. What Mistakes Should Be Avoided Before Choosing an Augmented Reality Development Agency in India?

Not doing your research

Overlooking the importance of the experience

Making a compromise on the quality of the app for the sake of money

Poor quality of content

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