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RPA - Robotic Process Automation Services

Introduce it with the AI technology and exclude repetitive task, save and reduce the cost of your entity. Increase productivity through digital support.

Robotic Process Automation Services Company

RPA has become a leading technology of the industries. This technology is transforming the workflow of the diverse industries with innovative Robotic Process Automation Solutions. The high impact has been seen on the core part of the businesses which includes productivity, efficiency, and cost.

The main motive of RPA implementation is to introduce smarter and standardized process across the industries. It helps to increase collaboration and coordination in the organization and enhance customer services. To opt for RPA is beneficial in numerous ways as it never sleeps, makes zero mistakes, reduces cost, and saves time which leads to accuracy and productivity.

BR Softech is known as the prominent RPA service provider in India, provides you a highly functional software to boost the productivity of the entities and exclude all the repetitive task from the working process. With our experienced and professional developers, we offer end to end RPA Service to our customers.

Our RPA Services Includes

  • Strategy
  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Support

Our team is a melange of well - versed and dedicated programmers and have an ability to provide the Solutions to the robotic process automation startups, and to various other departments of the entity such as back-office automation, HR, IT, front office etc.

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Robotic Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation Consulting

  • Our experts review your business in depth and then suggest the best strategy.
  • Foremost step by our RPA Engineers will be the identification of the business process.
  • The discussion will be held on the idenfication process.
  • After Identification, they will roll out the roadmap.
  • The process of identification of tools.

Robotic Process Automation Design

  • Our Architect engineers focus on both UI/UX factors of the design.
  • RPA developers bring an appealing design for the users that they can’t take their eyes from it
  • Our designers bring a lightweight and attractive design for the panel.

RPA Implementation

  • Our RPA developers help to implement the software as per the Cognitive Automation while using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.
  • Bot implementation to act with the process significantly and in a proper way.
  • Proper and Systematic planning and execution to bring the best results.
  • It designs, test and deploys in a proper manner.

RPA Support

  • Our team is always available in support of 24x7.
  • As per client’s requirement, we assist you to change the management requriements.
  • We help you to improve the process and optimization of RPA, as per your strategy.
  • BR Softech RPA Software contributes to the Security, Governance & optimization.
  • The process of identification of tools.

Robotic Process Automation Benefits

  • By robotic process automation implementation, it reduces the possibility of human errors which results in the high quality and accuracy in the workflow.
  • RPA increases productivity as human beings have their limit and get tired but, it works around the clock. The process never comes to an end.
  • RPA implementation reduces cost as the repetitive process is handled by the software, so it eliminates the human resources.
  • Robotic Process Automation as a service increase 5 times faster speed and helps to improvise the production quality.
Robotic Process Automation Benefits
Improve Your Business Efficiency with us

Industry Focused Robotic Process Automation Solutions


In BPO there is a high requirement of Artificial Intelligence implementation as through it they can reduce the labor-intensive process. Our Robotic Process Automation services in BPO brings accuracy and quick process at an affordable price and exclude repetitive task.

Our RPA Solution is helpful for BPO in such areas:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Validation
  • File Alterations
  • Text Mining
  • Response to customers

Digital Media

The process of working on digital media use to change day by day as, on each day a new strategy and planning use to introduce to improve the coding and programming part. Research, Planning, and to track human activities are the crucial part of the Digital industry. According to the survey, Since RPA has introduced nearly 70% of the repetitive task has been excluded

Our RPA Solution is helpful for Digital Media in such areas:

  • Order in Cash
  • Input/Output Process Creation
  • Ad - Trafficking
  • Change Management
  • Records Of active users
  • Quick Response on the customer’s response


RPA transformed the insurance workflow automation process into easy and faster. The insurance working process system is repetitive and sensitive. This process demands accuracy and provides a positive experience to the customer.

Know in which areas RPA can mold Insurance Sector

  • Personalized Quotations
  • Marketing Automation
  • Provide support to the - ( Text, email, website, phone, and etc)
  • Claim Processing


Service industry ensures that it offers a positive customer experience, and by excluding the repetitive task it results in saving time and helps to reduce cost.

RPA molding Customer Service in the areas

  • Billing & Collections
  • Service Order Management
  • Helps to update the customers via call, message, email about the offers and deals
  • Live Chat
  • 24 Hours Support


Telecom has already integrated Machine Learning technology in it. With the cutting edge, Artificial intelligence development technology, we help our user to offer innovative RPA Solution to our customers.

Stages where RPA helps

  • Managing Network
  • Order Processing
  • Service Guarantee
  • Billing Guarantee
  • Management of Revenue
  • Updation of service - on ( Text, Email, Call)

Banking & Finance

RPA has been a boon to the accounting industry, as finance departments are already overloaded with the transactions, have limited resources and they have to finalize the deals in the very less time. A lot of repetitive tasks held and it is imperative that it should have 100% accuracy.

RPA helps finance and accounting in such a way:

  • Procure to Pay
  • Order to Cash
  • Invoice Automation
  • Check Report
  • Automatic KYC Process

Information Technology

In information technology, it improves customer response. It helps in a different way and among one of the effective way is by implementing chatbot.

RPA In IT Industry

By Implementing Chatbots

  • 90% time reduces in the response time.
  • 39% of customer efficiency increases.
  • Provide Support for 24 *7 hours.

Other Advantages Of RPA In The IT Industry

  • Reset of Password
  • NOC / SOC Automation
  • Service Desk Automation

Why is the Need for Robotic Process Automation ?

Customised high-volume human labor

Customised high-volume human labor

Steep productivity and efficiency

Steep productivity and efficiency

RPA technology

RPA technology

Effortless training and human interface

Effortless training and human interface

Permanent solution to human commitments

Permanent solution to human commitments



Business optimisation

Business optimisation

Software robots

Software robots

Why Choose Us For The RPA Services?

We are known as the best Robotic Process Automation Vendors as we offer AI development technology as well as robust RPA Software.

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Our team has years of experience in the RPA industry and enhance various industries.

Proficient Team

Proficient Team

We have a melange of a highly skilled and dedicated team.



Our support team is available for 24 hours and our customers can contact us at any time and from anywhere.

Timely Project Delivery

Timely Project Delivery

BR Softech main quality is to deliver the project on time or before the deadline.

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