In today’s world, augmented reality has made a momentous presence in each field. The augmented reality game development is now ready to rule over the whole gaming industry. Augmented reality games have technology advancement including software and hardware that provide better opportunities to each augmented game development company.

Augmented reality is ready to take over everything in the world and according to experts, the market of AR game development will reach approx. $289.93 billion by 2023 and its CAGR growth rate is expected to be 152.7% in the sector of augmented reality game development between 2017 and 2023.

Augmented Reality Game App Development Company.

As we all know that various games related to augmented reality created milestones in just a few days, so seeing that it would be a great chance for any AR game app developer to have a worthy try in this field of Augmented Reality Game App Development Company.

There are many AR game app development companies who offer alluring packages along with best and unique ideas for game development. But BR Softech AR game development company is working in this sector for many years as we are proficient in the tools and technology, and needed programming languages. Here are some of the amazing things we provide to our clients-

  • Professional developers who know different tools of AR
  • All technologies needed for game app development
  • Mobile app development along with AR technology
  • Different app deployment methods
  • Branding and marketing strategies
  • Multi-platform games development including augmented reality games android and iOS.

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Our Top-Notch Multiple AR Gaming Designing Platforms

When cutting-edge virtual reality is cornering the spotlight, Augmented reality started quietly to take a hike in everyday lives. How we help our users with multiple sports games with advanced features on their smartphones to give them a real-life experience, augmented reality has covered everything in the world.

VR App Development

AR Mobile Games

Get the best virtual reality experience, web platform’s availability, improved mapping, and object detection and other AR breakthroughs enable the new types of augmented reality game development and allow for interacting with any kind of environment in exciting and new ways.

AR Head Mounted Display System

Through augmented reality, role-playing games have another level of immersion. Our AR developers can take players to real-world locations to fight with the assassins and monsters and to discover the hidden treasure through available cameras and gather virtual objects.

AR Smart Glasses

Supplement the real world with digital creativity with our emerging AR reality game development. Experience with smart glasses that gives you a real-feel of superimposing virtual enemies and obstacles over the instant physical environments.

What is the Need of Augmented Reality Game Development?

Augmented reality is known as the mixture of audio content and game visual with a real-time user environment, unlike the VR that only builds a fully artificial environment. Augmented reality game developers create a playing field by using an exciting environment within it.

Our AR technology offers an interactive experience of a real-world environment where all the objects reside in the real world that is augmented. Here are 6 reasons why we choose BR Softech for AR game development.

  • Fast Growth of Gaming

    AR technology is filling the gap between game developers and users. It involves the advanced features that make the game extra addictive and influence the developers to enhance their skills. The fast growth of augmented reality game app development also helps to grow the gaming market and develop engaging games.

  • Make Tempting Games

    AR creates an immersive experience for its users and permits them to interact with the digital environment personally. We offer distinctive layers of digital improvements for providing an existing real-life setting through tempting to senses.

  • Replacing the Old Games

    AR has replaced all the old games such as- Nintendo, Xbox, and play stations with new AR trends and techniques. We always tend to bring a revolution in the gaming industry by introducing creativity and innovations. Our Special 3D programs allow users to play innovative animations too.

  • Better Consoles

    Our AR in-game development offers new opportunities to augmented reality games PC and developers with advanced technological solutions. There are also various options through which imagination and vision can be advanced than before.

  • Alteration of Perspective

    AR involves supplement data views and digital representation of the real-world by giving users exciting games. Get the best quality features that contain 3D tracking, smart-glasses support, geolocation and so much more for exclusive and innovative games.

  • The Future of Gaming

    AR can be called the future of gaming as the gaming market is coming up with something great. This groundbreaking technology brings digital creation to life. It also gives a great contribution to enhance smartphone computing capabilities and it is an incredible technology that provides a great experience.

BR Softech Work Smarter With these Ultimate Devices

Our expert developer’s team is also able to create the best technologies that are available for development such as-

  • Microsoft Hololens
  • Vuforia
  • AR Toolkit
  • Kudan
  • Apple iBeacon
  • Wikitude
  • Google Project Tango
Work Smarter With these Ultimate Devices
Benefits of using Augmented Reality Game

Benefits of using Augmented Reality Game

Let's talk about how our developers provide you with some of the significant benefits to its game enthusiasts. Our top-notch services can easily attract the attention of millions and provides an opportunity for clients to retain their customers.

  • Deliver an amazing user experience
  • Help you to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds.
  • Provide location-based information to make the features look more realistic.
  • Deliver the best AR services at affordable prices

What Makes BR Softech Unique?

Our AR technology offers an interactive experience of a real-world environment where all the objects reside in the real world that is augmented. Our team of professional developers excels in providing valuable features that transform the gaming experience of its user.

Let's have a look at what makes us a top AR game development company.

  • AR UI/UX Design

    It is very important in AR app development to ensure the high impact of visibility of the real-world content. Be it a game or application, we offer clear information about actions and results. The relationship between virtual and real object picture is also crucial for having AR experience.

  • AR Development

    The team we have is experienced in the techniques and methods of AR development. We provide edges, market tracking, and 3D shape detection with cloud-marker based AR, real-time scale adjustment and PC/Mobile/HMD Augmented development, SLAM using stereo camera, or mono camera.

  • Forward in Time

    Our developers for AR games keep track of just the present best techniques and also guide you regarding the technologies of the future like Google project Tango, iBeacon, and Microsoft Hololens.

  • Computer Vision

    The base we use in AR technology is vision concepts. It is an interdisciplinary field in which the researchers develop and study algorithms to detect real-world objects in a video or image. It also requires the automated tasks done by the human vision systems like detection of faces and bar codes.

  • Integration of Geo-Location

    Our development team is capable of launching the Geo-location-based AR games development like Pokémon Go. We also create runtime virtual maps of the coordinates of GPS and showing the AR content that is visible on a specific geo-location.

How Do We Do it?

Our company has a team of skilled and knowledgeable AR game developers that are well supported by the creative and designing wing. Here are the kind of AR we can create-

Benefits of using Augmented Reality Game

Barcode/QR code-based AR

iBeacon technology AR

Markerless SLAM AR

Marker-based AR

Face tracking

Cloud markers

Kinect development

Motion tracking

Geolocation-based AR

From imagination to reality, Customize your gaming experience with AR

Let’s Start

Quick Glimpse of Our AR Game Development Process

We also use AppReal for AR game development services and for serving to outsource development needs efficiently. We are always prepared for driving the project from start to end. We follow the agile methodology for creating apps that reflect the flexibility and transparency at the reasonable rates you require. We complete the project in below-mentioned 7 basic steps:

Development of the concept of AR game
Storyboard development
Designing of the Game
Support and Upgrades post-deployment

Why Choose BR Softech?

Currently, BR Softech is one of the leading augmented reality game development companies that develops some truly engaging and amazing 3D AR games in various genres. Our team of dedicated developers who work with full-focus when it comes to animation and rigging of gaming visuals.

Despite the acknowledgement from our satisfied clients, our developers are the reason we are touching the heights in the gaming industry. We hire AR game developers with skills and rich-experience that help us to develop games with AR technology. We have-

Hassle-free Development

With dedicated and skilled project management and employees along with affordable rates, full transparency, and on-time delivery, we occupy the rank among the best AR game development companies in the gaming industry.

Amazing Designs

We have a team of designers, artists, and AR game app developers who have specialization in creating AR game design and to know how to contain features and elements for creating interesting gameplay.

Work Transparency

Our team believes in transparency throughout every project from start to end. We give the clients regular updates from their project to tell them the status of the development.

Working with Different Tools

We work with the right SDKs for the client’s project based on the functionality needed such as- smart glasses support, 3D tracking, geolocation, etc. For augmented reality game app development, we use tools like-Vuforia, ARKit, etc.

Seamless Communication and 24*7 Support

We have world-class support services that are here for our clients 24*7 which means we always attend the queries of our customers and improve them as soon as possible.

Delivery on Time

We always submit the projects of the clients at a given time and don’t delay the services. we have reasonable prices for providing services as per the needs of the clients.

Our Game Services

Our highly competitive and skilled team of game developers offers advanced game development services which are compatible with operating Systems like, Android, iOS, Windows, and more.

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