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Why Should We Need to Make Educational Games for Kids?

written by Saloni Agrawal | Dec 09, 2020
Why Should We Need to Make Educational Games for Kids?

Modern games with learning approaches are attaining pace these days as they are way more global and essential as well. Educational games online are becoming a preference of people in this technologically advanced environment. Even, the modern education system is also adapting new and different technologies to impart education with fun.

The increasing usage of technology in digital games and implemented science into these provided learning environments have impacted both the learning of students and the teaching of educators. Educational games are used for improving both teaching and learning.  

Now, the concept of GBL (game-based learning) is used to get better approaches for making education fun for kids. Game-based learning refers to incorporating the games in your way of instruction. Educational game apps for students come with great benefits and provide them with a chance to work with various surprise aspects to increase their interest in learning. 

Three Genres of Educational Apps

Consider these different types of interactive and communicative educational games. Check out these few categories-

Three Genres of Educational Apps

Mobile games that are used for children for puzzling over some of the chores to get the results. These puzzles illuminate the growth of logical thinking and help the children learn to search for a solution to some issues that can be faced on the life path. So, these educational games will be amazing auxiliary tools for kids if they learn how to code after that.

  • Coding Games

Online coding games are beneficial educational games for adults and kids as well. Users can learn many things, especially coding while playing. These are new kinds of games that are useful to teach kids how to write the programming code. These coding games will be presented for kids as a game in which various animals leave tips about the coding procedure, or it will be disposed of in any way. 

The major task of coding apps for children is to describe how coding is performed and the logic behind the procedure. Maybe these little programmers who are curious now will become high-skilled developers in the future with real inspiration via these apps.   

  • Educational Games For Learning

Learning is fun through these apps as it has English alphabet in funny design, and kids can pronounce the alphabets via voice and will also get rewarded for the right answer. It can be anything like a math task, a multiplication table, or anything else.

You can also build a game to make children learn various foreign languages. Or there can be a game with aspects of science such as biology, physics, etc. to explain the functioning to kids. 

Reasons Why Should We Develop Educational Games 


Game-based learning plays a crucial role to teach the kids by offering them a chance to communicate, collaborate, and work with each other.

Educational games for Kids are based on a strategy to increase their functioning of the brain, develop the skills, inspire kids to explore new things, and create an emotional connection to learn the particular subject. Here are some more reasons-

Usage Procedure

In this technological world, even kids are bared to the similar from an early age. They play games online and get familiar with the internet or using computers. Numerous cartoon characters are included in learning games to teach kids how to navigate generally, using mouse and keyboard efficiently.

Enhance Memory

Educational toys and games cater to the use of memory majorly. It is helpful to challenge the kids to remember various things as per their order to solve the puzzles. It helps them to memorize the particular order or track narrative sequence.

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Strategic Thinking

Various Educational games online are timed and changed accordingly and therefore challenge kids to think strategically and quickly by using proper logic to go further in the game and reach a high level of completion. These games accelerate the ability of kids to think something advanced and identify & handle each situation by themselves. 

Skills Development

Playing multiple educational games at a time helps children to develop different skills. For instance, adventure and mystery games include details where kids have to think and plan accordingly to get the goal. Similarly, some kind of games helps the kids to build their finance and management-related skills. 

Hand-Eye Coordination

Multiple games need kids to use the keyboard, mouse or gamepad to run those games along with being engaged to the mobile or computer screen. It is also helpful to control the running game, develop hand-eye coordination, and focus on getting the specific tasks at the similar time. 

Procedure to Make Educational Game Apps for Students 

Educational Games for kids

Now we will get to know about the development of Educational games online. Here we will elaborate on all the essential steps taken for creating the app-

Concentrate on the App Idea

Firstly, think about how you can involve kids in your app and determine the age of kids you are developing an app for. Create an app that can be beneficial for every kind of age, so it must follow these major principles-

  • The game must be available every time for users that refers to its offline access. It can also connect to the internet to have some additional information, but the major gaming procedure should be worked in an offline mode.

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  • The learning game must be interesting and vivid for kids. It should have some bright photos to attract children and also provide amazing scenes. The game must catch the attention of kids from the beginning.
  • These Educational games for Kids should have excellent skills for playing and learning. It must be practical, so the kids will be able to implement them in their life.

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Select the Platform

You have to determine which operating system you will use to make the educational game app. It can be anything Android or iOS or both, but the development cost will be higher than before. And, if you want to create a free game app and monetize it with extra paid features or advertising, then you must develop an Android app.

Create the Idea and Game Logic

Decide what will be the game type, be it a puzzle game or children learning app. For this, you have to take assistance from a software development company, and then the project manager will provide you with advice on what you are required to apply for.

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Also, determine what will the app do, how it can attract and how it will work? Game developers will help you to develop a suitable scheme for this if needed. 

Interactive UI/UX Design

Developing educational games for adults apps or kids apps are different things. For kids, there should be an attractive design to involve them in the app. But only pleasing sounds and interesting pictures are not sufficient; user-friendly navigation is also essential. Kids educational games can’t be full of icons and buttons as they don’t waste their time to understand the app working. 

App Development

After developing your app, developers will provide you points on how to create an educational game, what is the best way as per your particular needs, write front and back-end, etc. Although, the software will be tested after the completion of every stage to get the user’s approval and add something if needed.

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Testing Phase

It is a very important phase to test the app since the target users are not the one who will give you comments or feedback about the app and kids won’t get a better understanding of app working, bugs, or lagging.  

MVP Features to Add in the Educational Games to Increase Their Importance

These are some basic features that should be included in Educational Games for Kids. It will be helpful to let your game become a reality for kids. Let’s check out these MVP features to add in the mobile educational app-

  • “Child mode” to block everything in a mobile phone apart from the game.
  • “Rewards” to motivate children and move them towards success.
  • “Voice Recognition” for children to correctly pronounce words and letters.
  • “Music” to add a piece of funny and engaging background music.
  • “Push Notifications” to alert users about new levels, bonuses, and updates.
  • “Click and Swipe gestures” to easily operate the games without complications.
  • “Informative Game Guide” to provide kids with necessary instructions to explain the game working and what they should do.
  • “Google Play Games” to offer the customer additional services so that they can share their success with their friends.  

Final Thoughts

Educational and learning games are crucial to get new objectives and goals interactively. There are multiple educational apps for teachers and students as well that provide game-based learning.

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Learning is incorporated in these games for the betterment of children’s education.

If you are interested in having such kind of app development, then being a leading game app development company, BR Softech will help you in this.

We have dedicated and skilled professionals who will provide you with great assistance to develop online classroom apps, online exam apps and school management software to enhance skills, concentration, memory, motor skills, and also creativeness of kids. Get in our touch to know more. 

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