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How to Make an Enjoyable Educational Game for Learning?

written by Admin | Jun 17, 2021

Games are considered as an effective way of learning as it allows you to learn a lot of things along with the fun. Now, with the escalating demand for video games, many educational institutes are wondering how to make educational games as a means of teaching. 

Educational games for kids can bring the best nature of teaching, and allow them to play attractive while they are learning important lessons of their math, science or other important life lessons. Most psychologists also agree with the fact that games are the best way to teach children. 

In this informative blog post, we will tell you how to create an educational game and what benefits an education game can bring to you.

Why Is It Better to Learn By Playing?

Educational games are making their ways in school, universities and even in corporate training. Here we will tell how playing educational games can benefit you in learning.

We Live With Videogames

It is no longer a surprising fact that over 60% of the world’s population, especially the younger generation, is playing any kind of video games regularly. This is the most prime reason which influences many organizations to launch their own video games. 

Enhance Engagement

Educational games can bring a lot of challenges that require a player to use their brain to solve the challenge in a much more creative and subjective way. Unlike a traditional classroom, game-based learning offers challenges and solutions in a pleasant manner to improve engagement with games. 

Motivate Learners With No Risks

Educational games have the potential to turn to learn into a challenge. Game concepts are introduced attractively to allow the students to learn and improve their skills without losing motivation. The players can compete in the different game challenges and keep improving their mental abilities. 

Enhances Performance and Knowledge

These educational games are equipped with a dictionary, encyclopedia, catalogue of documents, audio/video lessons which will help the players to improve their performance and knowledge. 

How to Get Started With Educational Game Development?

Before you embark on your journey of educational game development, there are several things you need to look after. 

Focus on Your Game Idea

 First, you need to think about how to involve players to play your game. Also, you need to focus on the age of the players. If you want to develop a game that different ages can play, then your game needs to satisfy the following three key principles. 

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  • The game needs to be available all the time even when the smartphone has no internet connection. Sometimes a game might need to connect with the internet to make additional information available to them, but the game should be able to play offline.                                                                                                                                  
  • The educational game needs to have a bright picture that keeps users of all ages engaged with the game platform. Players cannot feel bored while playing the game, it needs to draw the attention of the players from the very beginning. 
  • The ultimate goal of the educational game is to provide ample knowledge to the kids. Whether you are developing a mind game or a fun coding game, your game needs to provide practical knowledge to the players that can be applied to your educational life and real-life as well. 

Choose the Game Development Platform

The second thing you need to consider is how users will be able to access your game? Whether your game is a downloaded application on your smartphone or is it a program running on a computer? If you decide to develop a mobile game application, then you further need to decide between Android and iOS. Therefore, you should make a wise choice to attract a wider audience to your gameplay.

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Develop the Game Idea and Logics

This is the crucial step of educational game development where you need to decide the type of game. An education game development company can assist you in picking the right game type for you. Our highly experienced team of developers at BR Softech can provide you with the right information required to develop a successful game. You also need to define the logic on which your game will work. 

UI/UX Design

As said earlier, an attractive educational game design is a must for your game. Integrating pictures and impressive sound quality are not enough, developers need to make a user-friendly interface. If you are developing an educational game for the kids, then we would recommend you keep the game design minimal, avoid adding unnecessary buttons and icons that can confuse the kids. 

Development Process

Now, game developers come into action and go a long way to develop a game according to the client’s specifications. Our team of developers believes in keeping the development process transparent. We share each stage of the development with the clients, so they can review it and suggest the necessary changes. 

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This is one of the most essential steps you need to take care of while developing your education game. Since most of the educational games are intended to be played by the kids and as we know kids are not the ones who can give you feedback where your game lacks. If children face difficulties while using your game, then they will close the game and will never launch it. So before launching your game, we suggest you run adequate checks on your game to make sure it is working as we have expected, with no hiccups. 

Things to Remember While Developing an Educational Game

Here we have gathered some tips that will be proven helpful for you to gain an advantage in the market. 


Adding an RPG element to your game: If you are developing a story-driven game, then it is best practice to add some RPG elements to your game to make it more player-friendly.


Adopt different types of problem-solving: Design a game in such a way that it allows the players to solve the problem in different ways. This will encourage the players to think out of the box and will improve their thinking abilities. 

Keep fun on top priority: You need to keep the fun elements of the game alive along with the learning. Players will appreciate a game that allows them to learn their hard science or mathematics lesson in a more fun and active way.

Minimize and transform the boring details: When you seem to need to pass some boring information on your players, you need to present the information in the dynamic form to make it attractive to players. For instance, when you need to share some statistics, you can visualize them in videos or charts to make them attractive. 

 How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Educational Game?

With education game app development, you need to take care of a lot of things as we have discussed earlier. The total cost of education game development completely depends on these factors. Besides these factors, the location of the game app development company also plays a vital role in determining the cost. 

The overall cost of developing an educational game with a most renowned game development company would be something between $48,000 to $70,000. 

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Concluding Thoughts

So, what final decision have you made after reading our informative blog post? As you can see, educational games are the need of today, there are a lot of educational games available in the market but the scope for good educational games is not going to become obsolete. So, if you want to launch your education game then this is the best time to do it. 

If you are looking to develop your exciting educational game for kids or adults, then shout BR Softech and we will be happy to assist you in developing your quality learning game in the market.


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