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Blockchain Development

How is Blockchain Technology Transforming the Gaming Industry?

written by Nitin Garg | Mar 18, 2022
How is blockchain technology transforming the gaming industry?

Due to the popularity of this technology, blockchain game development is booming and becoming the next big thing in gaming development. Innovation in the gaming industry should positively impact people’s lives and should help them play games with more freedom. A game development company mainly focuses on providing the best gaming experience to the players, so they hire the best developers to integrate blockchain and gaming. 

According to statistical data, gaming is a massive industry with around global revenues of $143 billion in 2020. The gaming industry is always open to innovation, experiments, and new ideas. Blockchain is the new innovative idea on which the developers are working and trying to provide a decentralised gaming environment. 

What is Blockchain Gaming?

Blockchain gaming uses actual item ownership from blockchain technology, powering cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Gamers facing issues of items stuck in the game permanently see blockchain gaming as a blessing. 

Blockchain gaming provides power to gamers for modifying their items and perceiving their items as unique moreover; they have the power to transfer these items to different users. This unique feature enables users to incline more towards blockchain gaming as they are getting an independent gaming experience with ownership of the items in the game. 

This new technology enables players to develop their characters and items and trade them on the gaming platform without worrying about game updates and new releases. 

Now, we should know the characteristics of the gaming industry to find the loopholes and solve the existing problems in the gaming industry.

Characteristics of the Gaming Industry that are Affected by the Transformation

specific characteristics of the gaming industry

Gaming is a vast industry, and it is continuously changing due to its flexible nature towards innovation. There are particular dynamics and characteristics of the gaming industry. Moreover, stakeholders also have specific essential tasks. These features make it a rapidly growing industry in global technology. 

The specific characteristics of the gaming industry are:


Gaming developers and entrepreneurs need a safe, secure, and isolated environment to launch and develop and monetize it. 

Players have to sell and securely buy the assets present inside the game; hence they need a safe platform. 

Paying extra money to the game provider:

 You have to pay money to play some of the popular games. In contrast, some of them allow a player to accumulate digital gold, which is useless for most users because it is time-consuming. Most of the players spend their funds to buy in-game assets. 

Creating multiple profiles:

 Players can create new profiles and play more games. They will like the profiles to work across platforms, and this is an area where technology can help.

People are inclining more towards intangible assets to see more real money spent on virtual games. When an industry reaches this stage, it tends to go for technological disruption.

Storage of data: 

When they are not playing an online game, the players will need to store their virtual assets accurately. Moreover, these assets exist as a centralised target for hackers. Yet, this is another area where technology can have a significant impact. 

You do not own any of the items or assets in the online game; instead, the gaming company owns it. It reflects another opportunity for disruption. 

Exchange of items and characters

Technology can provide greater control to the gamers by allowing them to shift their items or the money they spend to another game if the game shuts down.

Freedom for innovation: 

You may have the talent to make the game more interesting, but the game console does not allow you to modify the game. Blockchain game development will give the freedom to gamers to modify the games according to their needs.


 As a gamer, you may have thought many times about collaborating with other developers and exhilarating the game. If a game development company allows a business model where gamers have the leverage of collaboration between players and developers, it will change the industry forever. 

Creating unique characters: 

If you ever think about creating a unique character and unique item to build inside the game. Blockchain technology can help players create and modify characters and items to help gamers make games more interesting. 

In virtual game platforms, players often face fake transactions; that is another aspect where the technology can make a difference. 

These were some of the characteristics of the gaming industry; you can eliminate the problem associated with the gaming industry by introducing blockchain gaming. Below is a brief introduction to blockchain in gaming, and it’s becoming a reality. 

How is Blockchain Gaming turned into Reality?

Blockchain Gaming turned into reality

A blockchain is a chain of data blocks on a network of computers that is fair to all its users and anyone else accessing the game. It cannot be copied and relocated to different users. Therefore, a complete record exists of the data. 

Here are some points to support blockchain turning into reality: 

The idea: 

The idea of the Blockchain is to provide a decentralised system to users where the owner of the game is not a single authority; instead, every user has equal rights to the game. On the gaming blockchain, you hold a particular amount of digital assets called NFTs, just like you own certain crypto coins, like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

Main focus:

 The main focus of Blockchain game development is to provide a decentralised system to the users where you can own the game objects in the same way as cryptocurrency, and you can transfer them outside the game and inside the gaming environment. 

Effectiveness of idea:

 Blockchain provides gamers with an environment where they can do whatever they want without any interruption from the game owning company. It is turning into reality by the hard work of gaming developers and the interest of gamers to develop the gaming space.

Ways in which Blockchain is Transforming the Gaming Industry

Blockchain in gaming is easily accessible due to its liquidity and the use of tokenization in gaming environments. A game development company focuses on providing blockchain gaming to users in the simplest way possible to feel comfortable in this environment quickly. 

Moreover, many games allow users to buy the items inside the games with both real money and virtual money; blockchains would be the best option to keep track of these transactions. 

Blockchain technology is providing a positive change in the gaming industry and among the top industries worldwide. Blockchain technology has a positive interaction between video games and cryptocurrency. Blockchain gaming is also using AR game development for developing an interactive gaming environment. 

Players buy new games every month just to the hype, go with the trend, and be bored by the same gaming environments and characters, whereas blockchain gaming provides them leverage to modify the same game and buy new items. 

If you are getting goosebumps and want to turn your idea into reality, try BR Softech blockchain development services. They provide top-notch services with a highly qualified and talented team of developers. 

Blockchain is transforming the gaming industry by providing freedom to gamers. Go through the detailed explanation given below about the transformation that blockchain is bringing to the gaming industry. 

How Blockchain is Transforming Gaming?

Increasing the security of the gaming market:

Blockchain has a beautiful system called decentralisation that makes it impossible for hackers to break into the data across your servers. Moreover, it creates a secure and safe environment for both game developers and entrepreneurs, increasing productivity. 

Hackers can’t break down this system as it exists in blocks, and every block has different information. Hackers can’t break the algorithm of this system and knock down the decentralised network. 

Here are some ways by which blockchain is transforming the gaming industry. 

blockchain is transforming the gaming industry

Enhancing the ownership of assets situated inside the game:

Bringing legislation and transparency to the gaming business, blockchain technology is helping gamers by providing the ownership of in-game assets. In Blockchain-supported gaming, actual digital ownership that allows players to exchange profit and items is one of the most crucial elements of Blockchain-supported gaming. 

Empowering more contracts:

Intelligent contacts are in use when translations are in Blockchain-based games. Intelligent contracts are irreversible and run on pre-programmed parameters; when you launch a blockchain-based game, all in-game assets purchased using intelligent contracts shift to the public address accounts of the player.

Enhancing the value of projection of intangible assets:

Players invested approximately $6.7 million in less than one month of launching the Crypto Kitties game. According to these trends, players will prioritise intangible digital collectibles when a new game is coming to the market.

Supporting creativity: 

If you have the creativity and a blockchain game development team, you can easily attract players willing to place real value on intangible digital collectibles. Integrating exciting and pleasant video games with cryptocurrency will result in a boom in investments.

Control over favourite video game

Gaming environments and gaming networks built on the Blockchain is immutable. It will guarantee that the future of network-deployed game programs is safe. 

Trading resources and earning rewards

Developers and gamers have the leverage over blockchain technology to build resources-rich apps and games and earn awards through blockchain in gaming and upgrading game versions.

Platform to trade your items: 

With NFTs within the game, you can trade, transfer or own items within the gaming environment. It allows users to collaborate and get tokens while creating an impactful user experience on the application.

Improving payment methods:

Blockchain technology is highly safe and secure. Moreover, it makes funds transfer more easily accessible to the users. Gaming is a sensitive market, and hackers are always looking to attack this market. Customers’ credit cards released online and sold on the black market are examples of these frauds. 

Smooth transactions:

In blockchain gaming applications, local crypto tokens exist to make payments, resulting in a better transaction experience. The integration of cryptocurrency with Blockchain can majorly improve cryptocurrency transactions’ security levels. With cryptocurrency development services, you can quickly improve transaction security.

Integrated Gaming Profiles:

Most gaming platforms require users to create a gaming profile before they can access the platform’s features and games. Blockchain game development allows users to create an integrated profile that they can access and use on different platforms. 

Blockchain gaming app users can create integrated gaming profiles that you can view and use across multiple gaming platforms. These methods improve gamers’ user experience by making activities in programs more accessible.

Non-fungible tokens are playing a vital role in transforming the gaming industry. NFTs exist in the form of items, characters, etc inside the game and you can buy, sell or trade them inside the game. 

The Role of NFTs 

The Role of NFT in gaming

Non-fungible tokens are just luke currencies;  to wallets, and you can transfer, you can quickly transfer them to different users. An NFT can be a bow, a shield, a sword, a staff, etc., inside a gaming environment. These digital assets can be yours for infinity, and you can modify, trade, or transfer them to different platforms. 

Only a limited quantity of these products are available due to the scarcity of blockchain technology. The limited quantity increases the item’s price due to its high demand. Hence only premium players can purchase these items. 

Final thoughts

We know that integrating cryptocurrencies with video games can result in a more secure, enjoyable, and smooth gaming experience. The cryptocurrency in the gaming industry is new and in its development stages. This technology assures that users will be able to try new games in the coming years. BR Softech provides blockchain in game development services to turn your idea into reality and provide an environment to the users where they can quickly and freely access all the characters and items of the game.

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