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Satta Matka Software Development

Satta Matka is a most trending and interesting game. Mostly betting players are attracted to play this game and in a very short period of time, it has become popular thats why, satta matka software is also in high demand. This is a game of chance and considered as a lottery style game. Satta Matka game is quite popular between the 70’s and 90’s and it haven’t lose its charm and now this game is online and has its presence as Satta Matka online and it is available as Satta Matka for Android/IOS and it is also available as satta live app.

Satta Matka Software Development Service

Satta Matka game Software and app development company states that to develop this game is not at all an easy task as it is a logical game and need a perfect functionality in terms of coding and other factors to meet with the users and betting rules. Satta Matka is entirely online now and entirely available on play, google and app store and mostly companies look for Satta matka live app/software.

The game starts on a particular time and a Mumbai Bazar has a particular time of opening and closing and during that a number announce that use to be a result and many times those number collaborate and become double digit number and that double digit number known as a Jodi.

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The Game Is Played As Per The Following Rules:

Single Panna

In this a player deals in a single number and result also announce in a single digit.

Double Panna

In this a player bet in a double number and results are also announce in a double digit.

Triple Panna

In this player bet in a triple number and the result also announce in a three digit.

Features of Satta Matka Software

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Open shift

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Closing time:

When the shift close, at closing time the number use to announce and on that number also people can bet.

Closing time:

When the shift close, at closing time the number use to announce and on that number also people can bet.

After few minutes of closing time the winner use to announce and rewarded with the bonus or price.

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Close shift

In close shift, also number announce two announce during open and close timings

Opening time:

Again the number use to announce and people can test their destiny.

After announcing the number, after couple of minutes the winner will announced and will be awarded with the prize

But here again we provide a opportunity to the players


players can bet on the combination of number open shift and close shift and when those numbers combines it is known as Jodi and people can bet on that number which is known as a Jodi.

Types Of Satta Matka Game

Kalyan Satta Matka game
Delhi Satta Matka game
Rajasthani Satta Matka game
Mumbai Satta Matka game

Features of Satta Matka Software

Lottery game

Real players

Players from all around the world

Functionality holds by the machine

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