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A Complete Guide for Esports Betting Software Development

May 04, 2024
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Esports Betting Software

Are you looking for Esports betting Software development services? If yes, then you are on the right page! Esports is an umbrella term for all those games that are streamed live and are watched by millions to place their bets and earn money from that. The phenomenon of Esports is quite famous and relevant in the United States and is growing at a rapid rate in the Latin American market. It has become one of the most entertaining and lucrative methods to earn money for people across the globe. 

With millions of people interested in watching Esports contests, it has become a billion-dollar industry today. There are majorly two types of Esports, including simulation of real sports like FIFA, NBA, and MLS, and Classic Esports games like DOTA2, League of Legends, etc. There are a lot of big Esports contests that offer players a huge amount of rewards and cash prizes. All that has increased the demand for Esports betting software where players can place their on their favorite sports to make real money. 

This blog helps you to know the step-by-step development process of esports betting software with benefits, features, and costs so you can clear all your doubts to make an informed decision to launch your esports betting software. 

But, before this let’s know about esports betting software. 

In this blog, we will share the all-important insights about Esports Betting software, including its features, cost, and so on. 

What is Esports Betting Software? 

Esports is a short form for electronic sports, which creates a cut-throat competition using top-notch video games played by players worldwide. Esports betting software is a platform that offers bettors and punters to bet on live sports games with live Twitch stream, and betting stream. There are different types of Esports available out there out of which you can select to make an informed bet.

Here is the list of the most common Esports genres that you must be aware of: 

Type of Game Example 
Fighting GamesTekken, Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros
Sports GamesFIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, Rocket League, Madden NFL 
First-Person Shooter FPSOverwatch, CS: GO, Call of Duty
Multi-player Online GamesLeague of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, Heroes of the Storm
Real-Time StrategyStarCraft: WarcCraft, StarCraf
Battle RoyaleApex Legends, PUBG, Fortnite

Features of the Esports Betting Software

Here is the list of Esports betting applications so you can know about them and count them while developing Esports betting software. 

Features Description 
Live Streaming We ensure to integrate this feature to offer punters a real-time sports streaming experience to make informed and accurate betting decisions. 
AI-based algorithms As technology advances, it becomes important to integrate AI-based algorithms, which ensure a fair betting experience. AI tools use analytics and computer-based intelligence to curate accurate betting results. 
Advanced Risk Management Our sports betting software integrates advanced or latest risk management systems which keep all data breaches at bay. 
Credible Payment Methods We aim to integrate credible and safe payment methods like PayPal to offer users a secure platform to make payments and withdrawals. 
Detailed Reports In our Esports betting software solutions, we offer bettors detailed reports that include real-time scores and stats that are essential for informed betting decisions. 
Push Notifications With this feature, we aim to keep your target audience hooked on your platform. With push notifications, they will be able to get real-time alerts and updates about their bets. 
Customized User Interface Our expert team of developers integrates a customized user interface within the Esports betting app which caters to the personalized requirements of punters and sportsbook service providers.
Informative Dashboard We also provide an informative dashboard along with the Esports betting platform that caters to all the necessary insights and information that both users and admins are looking for. 

Comprehensive Development Process of Esports Betting Software

Here, we are going to discuss a step-by-step development process of Esports betting software so you can clear all your doubts and give a perfect shape to your innovative betting idea. This process will help you to know how to create a successful esports betting software. Let’s start to know. 

1. Market Research

When you are going to create betting software for esports then the first step is market research. In this step, you have to work on Esports betting ideas, know your competitors, and the latest trends, advancements, and drawbacks so you can come up with something unique to target your audience in a better way. Always focus on your competitors and know where they are making advancements, and where they are lacking so you can enrich your esports software with all the aspects that are desired by esports betting players. The more you focus and invest in this step, the more positive results you get.

2. UI/UX Design

When you are done with research and analysis, you have to work on UI/UX design. Always comes with simple, unique, and engaging UI/UX to get the attention of the new players. Your prime aim should be to integrate elements that keep your audience hooked to the esports betting platform for a prolonged time. To make it catchy and one step ahead of others, hire a professional and experienced team of designers who have rich experience in designing esports betting applications. 

3. Hire Developers and Designers

As we all know an unique idea is the key to making any esports betting software but, how you implement it is also a big deal. If your idea is amazing but, you are not able to represent it in a good way then all your efforts are wasted. That’s why, always hire an experienced and skilled team of developers and designers that has rich experience in development. Before hiring them, enquire them about their total experience, completed projects, and skills to hire the best one. 

4. Create an MVP of Esports Betting Software

Once you have the best development team, your next move is to create an MVP for the esports betting app. MVP is a minimally viable product that helps you to know how your final product will look alike. It will also help you to know your development process is going in the right way, and for any issue, you can take the help of MVP.

5. Development of Esports Betting Application

After MVP, you have to start your development process for the Esports betting platform. This is the most important step to which you have to pay full attention. Be with the development team, and give your advice to them to enrich your game platform in the best way. Monitor and check each module efficiently, and if you think there is a scope, you should tell your team so that they can offer you the best one. Besides that, we ensure to make the best use of advanced programming coding languages to develop a cutting-edge Esports betting platform that is scalable, reliable, and credible.

6. Testing & QA 

When your esports betting software is ready then the next step is testing and quality analysis so you can find out all the bugs, errors, and glitches in it. Hire an experienced tester who can find out all the issues and rectify them so your target audience can enjoy a smooth esports betting experience. Our prime of quality analysis is to ensure the performance and quality of the platform so it can function without any issues. 

7. Launch Your Esports Betting Platform

Once you are done with all the above steps then the final step is to launch your esports betting software so your possible audience can use your amazing platform and can enrich themselves that has never been experienced before. To target your audience you can also use marketing strategies so you can get your desired results within a short time. Introduce an updated version of your betting software for Esports so users can use it without facing any issues. 

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Development Cost of Esports Betting Software 

The development cost of Esports betting software varies from $10,000 to $15,000 with basic features and functions. However, it may go up to $20,000 with advanced functionalities. Various factors affect the cost of developing software for Esports betting. To know the exact cost of building betting software, share your idea with BR Softech. 

Here is the list of factors affecting the overall cost: 

  • The location of the developers 
  • Level of the graphics 
  • End-to-end technologies 
  • Type of Software 
  • Testing & QA 


Why Choose BR Softech to Develop Esports Betting Software? 

BR Softech is a leading sportsbook software development company that is known to offer Esports betting software solutions in every corner of the world that are scalable, reliable, and credible. Their prime aim is to integrate the latest and cutting-edge technologies and tools to develop tech-enabled esports betting applications to offer you extremely safe and secure platforms. By developing a wide range of casino and sports software solutions they have created a big difference in the gambling world. If you are inspired by betting software and want to create esports betting software, Contact BR Softech. 

Here are the types of Esports betting platforms  we develop at BR Softech:

  1. Turnkey Esports Betting Software 

As the best sports betting software development company, we aim to create turnkey solutions that integrate customized features and functions. Our expert team ensures to leave no stone unturned when it comes to curating turnkey solutions that cater to the personalized demands of the clients. 

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  1. White Label Esports Betting Software 

Do you want ready-made Esports betting software? BR Softech has got you all covered! With our white-label software, you will get everything at an affordable price. All you need to do is pay once to enjoy a lifetime betting platform that is customizable as per the requirements. 

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  1. Custom Betting Software for Esports 

Get custom betting software for Esports at BR Softech that is highly enriched and packed with customizable features and functionalities. Our expert team of designers, developers, and QA engineers works around the clock to bring forth the most personalized Esports gambling platform that is designed in precision while keeping clients’ requirements in mind. 

Final Words 

Online Esports betting has become a need of the hour with the rising demand for Esports games and live streaming. Be it punters, bettors or entrepreneurs, everyone today is talking about the significance of Esports betting platforms to make a difference. The industry is constantly moving upward when it comes to new joiners and revenue generation. So if you want to harness the opportunity of launching your own Esports betting software, contact our experts today to get a free consultation today! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Esports Betting? 

Ans. Esports betting is the phenomenon of placing bets on a wide range of Esports competitions. Betting here is done on various aspects like the outcome of the sports as a whole, or individual’s performance. 

A.2 How Long Does it Take to Build Esports Betting Software? 

Ans. On average, it takes around two to three months to create software from scratch. However, the duration may go up depending on the type and complexity of your project. 

Q.3 Do you Customized Esports Development Services? 

Ans. Yes, we offer customized software solutions for esports betting that can be tailored according to your business requirements, and you can also add your desired features and functions to it. 

Q.4 Do You Provide White Label Esports Betting Software Solutions?

Ans. Yes, BR Softech is known to offer amazing white-label software solutions for casinos and esports at affordable rates. To make a fast market entry, you can choose white-label esports betting software because they are ready to launch software and within a short time, you can introduce your services. Contact us to get our feature-packed white-label Esports betting app. 

Q.5 How Does Esports Betting Work? 

Ans. Esports betting is widely popular across the globe. You can either bet much before the match starts and even during the gameplay according to the stats and scores of the game or players. 

There are three types of Esports betting, including: 

  • Real-money, fixed-odds betting via an online betting site
  • Skins Gambling and loot boxes
  • Social betting between individuals can be arranged privately

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