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Facebook Sympathise Button for Sad Update Soon

written by admin | Dec 09, 2013
facebook sympathies button

Facebook is thinking giving its users a less happy alternative to the ‘like’ option, a “sympathies” button.
Facebook’s ‘Like’ button has been one of its major achievements, but it is not unusual to find posts which one may not really like. Users frequently write ‘dislike’ in comments just to express their sadness about the subject of the post. As the ‘Dislike’ button may still be away, users may obtain to see a “sympathies” button in their news-feed.

Many people arrive across a sad status update from a friend while browsing the most famous social networking site that they have been fired, they have had a death or any other unhappy news in the family or friends, some unlucky event or may be just a bad day. They desire to show the person they care, but don’t know him or her well enough to say something that does not sound trite.
There are many situations where ‘like’ is the direct opposite of the reply people may be trying to express when they are forced to react with such limited options.
A Facebook engineer has come up with a solution for such a situation: a “sympathies” button, The Huffington Post reported.
It’s work when Facebook users were to tag his or her status with a negative emotion (from the social networking site’s lists of emotions), the “sympathies” button would automatically replace the ‘like’ button.


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