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How To Make Hidden Object Games Online?

Game Development
Dec 08, 2023
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Hidden Object Games

Are you looking to make hidden object games online? Do you want to step into the world of games of hidden objects but are unsure about from where to start? If yes, you are at the right place!

The hidden object games have been entertaining casual gamers all around the world since their release in the 1990s. These genre games did not see success initially, but nowadays, they have become a popular choice of entertainment among all age groups. The sudden rise in demand for puzzle games like HOGs has led to hidden object game development. This has made games like Hidden Object a profitable business. With the help of a hidden object game development company, you can get your idea changed into a reality.

In this blog, we will cover the features, development process, and benefits of good hidden object games so that you can better understand how to shape your game idea.

What Are Hidden Object Games?

A hidden object game is a casual puzzle game where players are given a list of hidden objects that are invisible within a scene. The main objective of find the hidden object games is very simple and simple to understand. The players are given different places where he/she has to find hidden objects in that particular place, and when all hidden elements are discovered, they are added to the inventory.

To finish the game, one has to discover all the hidden objects in all scenes. There are many hints in the game that help you find the objects and assist you in completing the game.

Features Of Games Of Hidden Objects

Features of Hidden Object Game

The games of hidden objects have several features that make the game more interactive and increase user engagement. We have listed five significant features of a hidden object game below:

  1. Friendly UI

The user interface of the game is easy to use and navigate, which helps players of all age groups play the game. 

  1. Multi-Lingual Support

The game comes equipped with multiple language support to cater wide range of audiences all around the world.

  1. Various Difficulty Levels

Online hidden object games feature a range of difficulty levels that help enhance the analytical and problem-solving skills of a player. Multiple find it games with timed challenges increase the difficulty level and make the game more interesting.

  1. Replayability

Good hidden object games offer various bonus rounds, unlocked game content, and a series of challenges to provide an immersive gaming experience. The objects change locations during different playthroughs.

  1. Theme Consistency

These maintain a thematic consistency by implementing a steady art style or a particular set of colours to enhance the gaming atmosphere. The themes affect the hidden objects, the scenes, and the overall appearance of the game.

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Development Process Of Hidden Object Games

To make the best hidden object games 247, it is essential to follow agile and robust development methodologies. From initial research to post-development support, there are many significant steps in the development process of games of hidden object. They are as follows:

  1. Market Research

The first step in the development of games like Hidden Object is to do thorough market research. The market research will help you analyze the various aspects of the game in the field. By researching, we get to know about the popularity of the game among the players, the requirements in the market, and what the competitors are offering in the game. Also, it is important to focus on the game’s features and functionality that the competitors are integrating in order to make your game better than theirs. If you provide a better alternative, then you will stand out from the crowd.

  1. Game Concept & Design

It is a stage where you need proper documentation of find the hidden object game that will contain vital information like the details of in-game characters, scenes, objects and many other visual elements that collectively make a virtual game environment. Also, what tech stack is to be used, what functions and features are to be implemented, and game design, everything comes under this process. When everything is good, find it game app is ready for development.

  1. Hire Developers

After your game design and concept are ready, you need to hire hidden object game developers. It is advised not to look at cheap services and always look for professional developers who are highly skilled and have long-standing experience in the particular field. This is an essential step of the development process as they are going to shape your game app. Before hiring them, check their past projects, expertise, and the ongoing trends in the industry.

  1. Prototype

A prototype is an early version of the game that will depict the look and shape of the game. You can make as many changes as you want in the end version. It gives you an estimation of the features and functionalities of the find the hidden object game.

  1. Game Development

This is the primary phase in which hidden object game developers transform your concept into a real game. You need active communication with the developer team to make an excellent hidden object game. Give suggestions (if any) to developers to bring some improvements to the game. Check whether everything is going smoothly or if you need any kind of assistance. Focus on every aspect of the game development to get a highly customised game.

  1. App Testing & Finalization

The last stage of the development process includes app testing to ensure that there are no bugs or glitches. If they are found, they are rectified immediately. Also, every check is performed to verify the smooth working of the features and functions of the game.

When you are done with app testing, it is time to launch your app in the app market, where users can download and enjoy playing find the Hidden Object game. After you have launched your game, you have to deliver regular game updates in order to enhance the game’s functioning and incorporate new features. 

If you want to expand your reach to a broader audience, you can implement the best marketing strategies that fit our budget. Always look for mid-range marketing strategies that will boost your game to new heights.

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Benefits Of Hidden Object Game Online

Benefits of Hidden Object Game

Today, various puzzle games like hidden object games big fish are played by many players across the world. These simple games are beneficial to players in several ways. Not only do these games have benefits, but they also entertain the players. There are many benefits of such games, some of them are as follows:

  1. Mental Development

Online HOG improve the mental efficiency of the players. The players quickly target items in the game by identifying the hidden elements faster. Also, players enhance attention to detail, helping to point out the items. Overall, the problem-solving skills are improved.

  1. Stress Relief

The best hidden object games Android can be a stress buster at times. People who play puzzle games like HOGs on a regular basis tend to improve their stress management and feel relaxed. These games are highly beneficial in relieving stress.

  1. Enhance Observation skills

Players enhance their focus and concentration skills by playing find it games. They train their minds to work on a specific task for a period of time, which also helps in improving observation skills by which they can quickly detect and identify hidden objects in a cluttered scene.

  1. Social Communication

Some good hidden object games 247 provide a multiplayer option that allows users to play with other players while increasing social interaction with other players.

  1. Helps To Stay Organized

This is more than a skill; it is an advantage in real life. Puzzle games like HOGs allow the player to find and pick an object from a cluttered space and deposit it in the inventory. Find the Hidden Object game helps players stay organized in the real world, where players can keep their surroundings clutter-free.

Cost To Develop Games Of Hidden Objects

Developing a game is not as easy as it looks to be. It involves game designing, development, maintenance, post-sale support, and many more that add up to the cost of developing games of hidden objects. Also, when you want to add more features and functions to the game, the cost shoots up. 

Hiring experienced developers will also cost you more. Still, it will be beneficial for you in the long run as skilled developers leverage the latest technologies to build a robust game that will generate higher revenue for your venture. So you should hire highly skilled developers to find the hidden object game app.

To get a cost estimation of HOG development, contact a renowned game development company. 

Why Choose BR Softech to Develop Hidden Object Games?

BR Softech is a prominent video game development company that has worldwide clients. As a segment leader in the gaming industry, we are proficient in developing creative and innovative solutions. Our in-house expert team of developers and designers have long-standing experience in the gaming industry and strive for 100% client satisfaction. If you want to make hidden object games online, contact BR Softech. Choose us to get:

  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Highly customized Solutions
  • Expert Developer Team
  • Cost-Effective Online Games
  • Integration of Latest Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a hidden object game?

Ans. A hidden object game is a casual puzzle game where a player has to discover hidden objects in a scene to win the game.

Q. What are the best hidden object games for PCs?

Ans. There are many hidden object games for PC. Some of the best HOGs for PCs include;

  • Hidden Thorugh Time
  • Cats in Time
  • Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
  • Hidden Folks
  • Cozy Groves

Q. How do you play hidden object games?

Ans. Playing games like Hidden Object does not require any advanced skill, but you need to follow a few basic rules to win the game:

  • Pay attention to details.
  • Look for elements that stand out.
  • Increase your device screen brightness.

Q. Are hidden object games good for the brain?

Ans. Yes, these games are good for the brain as they enhance the thinking process and concentration skills of the player. Also, these games are helpful in releasing stress.

Q. What are the best hidden object games for the Android platform?

Ans. There are a variety of games of hidden objects that are made for the Android operating system. Some of the best games are as follows:

  • Bright Objects – Hidden Object
  • House Of Secrets Hidden Object
  • Hidden Object: Mystery Of The Guardian
  • Hidden Folks
  • June’s Journey

Q. What is the cost of developing a hidden object game?

Ans. There is no fixed cost for hidden object game development, as the cost depends on the complexity and features of the game. To get a cost estimation, contact BR Softech. 

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