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Future Trends in Teen Patti Game App Development

written by Harshita Khangarot | Oct 10, 2019
new trends in teen patti development

Teen Patti game is the most popular card game. Since years our forefathers use to play it, and the craze has been increased continuously. This game has become a part of every party and get together. It is the best way to entertain and to refresh your mind. The most fun and easy Teen Patti Game is attracting users in a modern way. The platform has been changed but the style is still the same. This game has influenced the number of players towards it.

Basically, Teen Patti stands for three cards and can be played with multiple players. The most exciting Teen Patti game app can never come to an end. Even in this contemporary era, this game has marked its presence on the Digital Platform and players have been influenced towards it.

Online Teen Patti Game

The online Teen Patti Game brings the whole casino at the doorstep, through mobile phones and desktop. It is a game ranging from high to low with 52 global cards in the usual order. The recent Teen Patti game provides you with the best free internet smartphone games where you can play and enjoy strategic gameplay with your colleagues around the globe. Players can play the online Teen Patti game at any time and from anywhere.

Advantages of Online Teen Patti Game


Game development companies has designed the Online Teen Patti Game App that it can be operated on the Android, iOS and web platforms. Here are some more advantages of the Online Teen Patti Game.

Free Download: Users can simply download the game from the Google play store and Apple store and can play it.

Prevents from Bluff Action: Opponent Players can’t see the note the facial expressions of other players. Most of the time, in the traditional games opposite players use to have an idea about the cards of the opposite player by his facial expressions.

Secure: The rules and regulations have been set on the platform and everything even each action is in the record on the platform.

Online Players: Teen Patti game players can find the players online, they don’t have to be depended on anyone. They can find their online interested game partners.

Globally: Players are not restricted to the region or location, the online platform opens an opportunity to interact at the global level.

Variations: Online Teen Patti Game offers various variations to the users if the user gets bored from one game they can switch to others.

Features Of Online Teen Patti Game


Mobile games today, with the help of high-quality graphics and sound effects, provide almost real-life experiences. Here are the top features of the online Teen Patti Game.

Multiplayer Game: Players can play the multiplayer player game, 2 or more then players can play the online game.

Live Scores: Users can watch live scores while playing the game, so it lacks the chances of confusion.

Easy Download: The game can be downloaded easily and also install with one click in the mobile phones.

User-Friendly: Online Teen Patti Game including app and web, is a user-friendly platform. Everyone can use this platform and anyone doesn’t require any specific course and skills.

Appealing Design: Teen Patti game development companies focus on appealing design and they put their high efforts to bring the live casino to the users.

Online Payment: Users can pay the transactions online as the platform has been integrated with the API.

Social Media Integration: 3 Patti game software has been built in such a way that it has been integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook, Insta, etc. With this, the player can invite their loved and dear ones on the table and can play with this game with them.

Rewards: Players can get rewards in the form of best deals and discounts from the platform. It will keep attracting the user.

Types Of Teen Patti Card Games


Play Now: In this category, the limited number of players can play the game.

Open Table: In this, there is not any limit that has been set for the people.

Private Table: Here, players can play the card game with their friends and family. They can select the players and play some people.

Variations in the Online Teen Patti Game App

This popular card game (often referred to as Indian poker) sees interesting additions to its set of different variations each year and gives a distinctive opportunity to play online with distinct real players.


How it is played?

It is very easy to play only some rules of the game should be clear. To win this game, regular practice is needed for the players. Generally, this game is played by three or six players with 52 cards and this joker has not to be considered. Each player has to deal with the three cards. Ranking of the card matter in this game

In the Teen Patti game, the preference to low to high has been given

  • Sequence (or run)
  • Trail or Set (three of the same rank)
  • Pure Sequence
  • Color
  • Pair (two cards of the same ranking)
  • High Card

Teen Patti Game Development Trends


Now, Teen Patti Web & Mobile Game Development is not an easy task as there are some crucial steps that a Teen Patti game developer should never avoid it.

Rules & Regulations: The rules and regulations of the 3 Patti game, should be clearly defined for the players as the whole game relies on it only. It should be clearly defined.

Cloud Integration: It is a new trend nowadays, to integrate it with the cloud as it helps your data and information to be secured. Cloud Server store and manage data in a perfect manner.

Timely Update: The Teen Patti Application & Web should be updated timely and should add some vital functions from time to time to be in the market such as emojis, in-app chat, etc.

Push Notifications: The 3 Patti Game push notification feature plays an imperative role as it sends a reminder to the players and sends the alert to them.

Real-time Analytics: Teen Patti Game Software should be designed in such a way that the customer can view real-time analytics as a number of active users and activities on the app or website.

Database: In the modern world, the database should be integrated with Cassandra, Mail Chimp, HBase, –MongoDB and Postgress Integration

Designing: The teen Patti the web and app should have an appealing design, designing is the core part and it should be compromised at any part, Focus on UI/UX part in-depth.

How Teen Patti Solution can help you to earn?


Offer Bonus Chips after 3 hours to the players, or directly buy chips from the store.

Premium Cheat Codes of Teen Patti

Here are some cheat codes of Teen Patti which can help you while playing this game. 

  • Add Unlimited Chips
  • No root or jailbreak
  • Safe and easy to use
  • It works on any device
  • antivirus Scanning


Online Teen Patti Game is enchanting day by day and the user is getting attracted towards it. Online Teen Patti Game is the perfect way to relax the mind and it can be played anywhere even in the mid of office or at your homes.

It offers an opportunity to interact socially also. And, this demand gave rise to the iPhone and Android game development and the development process is not at all easy now new trends are marking their presence. The new trend of 3 Patti game development is turning the platform into an attractive platform.

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