Presently Samsung has become first choice of people for selecting a smartphone because of its features’ specification. With the latest version of Android, a whopping 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen and a whole suite of Apple-beating features, is the new Samsung Galaxy S 3 the greatest phone ever?

The price is pretty palatable for a top end phone the likes of three are already offering it for just £34 a month with oodles of minutes and data, which is already much, much cheaper than any iPhone would ever launch for.

And there are even cheaper deals it can be had for £28 per month from The Carphone Warehouse with no upfront cost, you can probably find it even cheaper on line but it’s a very low tariff level for a top end phone to launch for.

This phone giving a very strong fight to I phone 5, so now people are confusing to select their Smartphone but this phone really has become very famous.