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Uncover the Different Types of Gamers in the Gaming Community

Game Development
Sep 18, 2023
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Different Types of Gamers

With the rapid increase in demand for the gaming industry and its popular culture, different types of gamers exist in today’s world. 

There are various types of games online like console, casual, hardcore, and many more, and each of them has its uniqueness and characteristics. Due to this, many mobile game development companies have to focus on different players and develop according to their choices. 

With different types of gamers, characters do have their own categories to choose like achievers, killers, explorers, and socializers. This is also known as Bartle’s Taxonomy.

If you want to know what unique characteristics and features different gamers carry, it’s time to read this blog further and learn about them in detail. 

Different Types of Gamers 

Here is the list of different types of gamers that you must check out to know:

The Online Gamer

Online gamers are the basic players that play games online. Online gamers first research the game services to experience custom games without any issues. Online players always try to build relationships with other players as they love to play in a team-based competition or collaboration.  They mostly have an interest in War games or just watch game videos for hours. With the rise of online gamers, Android developers are focusing on creating unique games to give creative gameplay.  

The Console Gamer

Console gamers are somewhat traditional gamers who prefer to play games on their console, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo. These types of gamers can not play anywhere they want, it is necessary to have a box that can be set in one place, and the players have to sit in front of it to play different games. Console gamers are different from the online, they do not need an internet connection to play games. Here is an ultimate guide on Game Apps like Ludo King.

The Casual Gamer

Casual gamers are not hardcore fans, they play for fun and entertainment purposes. They mostly opt for those games which require less time and are for fun. These types of players can be found anywhere on smartphones, consoles, or desktops. They do not think much about the game, they play lighthearted games. 

The Hardcore Gamer

As the name suggests hardcore, it means the players who are passionate about playing games. The hardcore players play those games that have deep storylines and are time-consuming. You can find these types of people always on their phones and playing games like Grand Theft Auto or Dark Souls, which needs strategic thinking and focus. The narrative experience should be excellent to grab the player’s attention towards the game. They also spend their time competing with other players or friends for glory and in-purchase items

The Armchair General 

The Armchair General gamers usually focus on strategy games such as the beloved Civilization series. These types of gamers usually sit on the chair and play the role of commander and win the game for personal pride. Making it more fun and entertaining, they thrive on personal narratives that they create through their gameplay. You can learn more about Best Virtual Pet Games for kids.

The Observer

The observer gamer is not the one who plays the game but watches others playing the game. They stream online and watch others play specific types of shows that are related to the gaming industry. They often observe the game to comment on the gameplay and provide their opinion or feedback to the mobile game developers on how they should improve the game. 

The Storyteller

Some gamers are interested in the storyline of the game and such players are known as Storytellers. They mostly focus on stories and discover them in every video game. They explore the entire game from start to finish to intricate every detail of the game. Moreover, they discuss their game experiences with the players who are interested in the game.

Explore the Types of Bartle’s Taxonomy

In Bartle’s Taxonomy, the types of gamers are identified by their preferences and playing styles. In this style, the gamers are divided into four categories: Achievers, Explorer, Socializers, and Killers. These categories are classified because the development services of the game development companies are used as a tool. It helps in understanding the types of players and developing games according to their preferences. Here you can find a list of the best real money games in india.


Achievers are the types of gamers who want to strive for more and more rewards, reach the highest level, and increase their game scores. They usually set specific goals for themselves and try to complete those targets and get great satisfaction. They are more competitive and enjoy playing against others to showcase their skills in the game. When these types of gamers choose a game for themselves, they look for various development services like leaderboards, badges, awards, and achievements. 


Explorers are those who love to spend time exploring new places, objects, and activities in the game. These types of gamers ensure to cover all the places in-game maps to search for hidden treasures and get exclusive rewards. Explorers mostly use development services for creating characters or virtual reality worlds. So, many game developers create new and exciting games for players by adding new environments and solid narratives to explore the entire game. 


These types of gamers play the game just for social interaction. They love to engage in social activities to build relationships and interact with others. Socializers are only focusing on making new friends and being social, they do not give attention to the game mechanism. Therefore, the Hire IOS game developers are including chatbot and clan support in the game to increase the number of players to socially interact with others. 


Killers are the types of gamers that are more competitive in the game and are always thrilled to play against other players. They ensure that they are best against their peers and highly competitive in the game. Winning is essential for them and for that, they have a high spirit for achieving their goals.

Final Words

These are the types of gamers that you should know before any game development services. If you know your target audience, it will be easy for you to create the best game in every field. Also, focusing on Bartler’s Taxonomy is essential to know which type of character the players fit and what type of games you want to create.

To better understand the types of players, game developers should study it thoroughly before building any game app. Therefore, it is necessary to know your target audience and then use Android game development services and tools to create experiences according to each type. With the help of this knowledge, developers can easily attract users by creating engaging products. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are top gamers called?

Top gamers are called Pro gamers. They are highly specialized players who are well-skilled and play well. 

Can someone be more than one type of gamer? 

Yes, a person can be more than one type of gamer. They can enjoy playing different types of games and be pro at them at the same time. 

Can the type of gamer affect someone’s social life?

Yes, the social life of a gamer is affected by playing games and not interacting with others socially. 

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