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Best Apps to Play Chess and Earn Money in 2024 

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Jun 07, 2024
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Top Apps to Play Chess to earn money

Are you looking for the most popular and played apps to play chess and earn money in 2024? If yes, fret not! This blog is for you! Here, we have compiled a list of top-rated chess apps that have become the talk of the town due to offering an immersive gaming experience, innovative features, exciting rewards, and bonuses so you can choose the right one to play chess and earn real money.

Chess is among the best board games that you can play online with your friends or family. Being a two-player game, chess real money game requires a lot of focus and alertness from the player’s end. The online chess money earning app is played against each other wherein the main objective of the opponent is to check and mate. There are numerous apps to play chess and make real money but each one has its pros and cons. That’s why, choosing the right one is a challenging process. For your help, we have checked various parameters and after analyzing them, we have made a list of chess applications that are known to earn real money.

Are you all ready to play chess and earn money? Let’s dive in-depth to learn the top 10 chess apps to play that are quite popular among players not only to make money but also to get immersive, engaging, and interactive gameplay.

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10 Best Apps To Play Chess And Earn Money

10 Best Apps To Play Chess

People use chess cash apps to make the most of their chess knowledge, winning tricks, and skills. Without any further ado, let’s deep dive into the apps where you can play chess and make real cash.


When you are looking to earn money by playing chess online, is what you should try once to acquire a safe and credible gameplay experience. It is the top-rated chess earning app for Android and iOS. Whether you want to play in chess tournaments or online competitions, has got you all covered with its top-notch features and functionalities. 

It offers a wide range of options to play chess for money app  players. The game is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

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9. MBChess 

MBChess is the best online chess app where you can challenge others and win exciting real-money rewards. Being a user-friendly and renowned app, it has become the No. 1 choice for all chess gaming enthusiasts and players worldwide. You can choose among varied gameplay modes and levels to customize your gameplay as per your demand. 

It also offers daily tournaments in which you can participate and earn money by playing chess. 

8. Lichess 

If you are a true chess master, you might have heard about Lichess which is the best online chess game to make real cash. You can choose from the wide selection of real-time and turn-based modes that you can customize as per your chess game skills and knowledge. 

Besides that, the platform offers amplifying tools and elements that can improve your performance as a player. So what are you waiting for? Get this chess app to earn money app and showcase your quality skills to do checkmate. 

7. Big Time Chess 

Yet another mobile app to play chess and earn money is Big Time Chess, which not only offers monetary benefits but also a customized gameplay experience that is hard to find elsewhere. 

The game is built is modern tools and AI-generated methodologies, offering players secure and safe gameplay, avoiding the room for errors and manipulation. People across the globe prefer to put their money, time and efforts into this app to play chess and earn Paytm cash.

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6. Chess Puzzle Blitz 

The Chess Puzzle Blitz app secured a place in the top 10 chess apps by offering exceptional features and elegant visuals. Whether you are a beginner or a pro player, Chess Puzzle Blitz is the top online chess game app for money that you can play from anywhere and at any point in time. If you are still searching answer for how to earn money by playing chess, you will get your answer on this platform as it offers the best methodologies and tactics that can make you a chess master of 2024. 

This chess cash game is incredibly popular among youth, who participate in real-time chess leagues and tournaments. 

5. MPL Online Chess 

Available on both Android and iOS, MPL is the famous Indian cricket app for leagues and competitions. Here, you can also play chess to earn money by using your skills, knowledge, and competitive spirit. Make sure to use the best chess-winning strategies, tactics and methodologies to become a winner in the end. 

The platform is safe, and credible and directly transfers your winnings to your linked bank account or UPI ID. 

4. Chess 24 

Are you looking for the top apps to play chess and earn Paytm cash? Chess 24 is the perfect chess cash game for you! Available on both Android & iOS, the app not only offers live chess tournaments and leagues to participate in but also live streaming of the chess sporting events to offer players an amazing experience. 

Moreover, it offers the best-in-class gameplay guide and tricks to enable you to become a chess master. So, if you are ready to play chess and earn money, make sure to try Chess 24 to get seamless and smooth gameplay. 

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3. ChessMoney 

ChessMoney is among the best chess sites to earn money while playing chess. If you are a beginner, you can try this platform to get full-fledged guidance to play chess for money. The platform is built with a user-friendly, creative, immersive interface that keeps players attracted and retained for a longer duration. 

This chess earning app boosts your critical thinking abilities and decision-making abilities. You can play this game from anywhere and at any point in time from the comfort of your home. 

2. Chess Cube 

Chess cube has established its name in the field of chess cash games. It offers 30,000+ games like chess, blitz and bullet games that are played by all irrespective of gender or age. If you want to earn money by playing chess online, the app is perfect for you.

It comes with tutorials and guides that can amp up your chess skills and knowledge and enable you to become a chess master.

1. Chess Clash 

Chess Cash is the best chess app android online, played across the globe by all. The app is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface that keeps players engaged and retained on the platform. 

The controls of the platform are smooth and seamless, making gameplay streamlined and uninterrupted for users. You can invite your friends and family to play chess and earn money. 

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How Much Does it Cost To Develop Chess Earning App?

Cost To Develop Chess Earning App

A lot of people use online chess apps to earn real money, making the demand higher for such apps. The high demand and lucrative monetary benefits entice business owners to invest in online chess apps. On average, the cost to develop chess apps that pay real money ranges from $5,000 to $8,000 with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost may shoot up to $10,000 or more depending on the type and complexity of the features

Here is the list of factors affecting the cost of real-money chess game development: 

  • The complexity of the features 
  • UI/UX design 
  • Creative graphics 
  • Experience of the developer 
  • Location of the developers 
  • Testing & QA 
Check Pricing

Develop Online Chess Game For Money At BR Softech 

Online Chess Game

As you know the demand for chess-earning apps for real money is rising day by day with the advent of technology and the shift in behaviour for chess enthusiasts, it becomes lucrative to invest in online chess games for money. Chess is not just restricted to mind-sharpening activity but has become a real-money-earning board game that benefits both entrepreneurs and players. BR Softech is a renowned chess game development company, offering chess real money game apps for Android and iOS. If you want to unleash the true potential of this market opportunity, get help from our domain expert professionals. Choose us to get: 

  • Expert team of developers 
  • Cutting-edge development 
  • High-quality testing & QA 
  • Reliable chess cash games 
  • Cross-platform compatible apps 
  • 24/7 tech support

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1  Is it possible to earn money by Playing Chess?

Ans. Yes, you can make money by playing chess online. There is a wide range of chess applications where you play chess and if you win, you can make your fortune. Such apps also offer you various other kinds of bonuses, offers, and loyalty programs, all of which help you to make money without investing in the chess game application.

Q.2  What are the best chess apps to earn money?

Ans. Here is the list of prominent chess applications to earn money –

  • MBChess 
  • Lichess 
  • Big Time Chess
  • Chess Puzzle Blitz
  • MPL Online Chess 
  • Chess 24 
  • ChessMoney 
  • Chess Cube 
  • Chess Clash 


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