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Top 8 Games Like Sudoku to Try in 2024

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May 24, 2024
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games like sudoku

Looking for games like Sudoku? You are on the right page! Sudoku is one of the most popular and brain-challenging games played over generations. It is generally a combinatorial number-placement puzzle having numbers arranged in chronological order. The main objective of this puzzle game is to fill a 9×9 grade with numbers in such a manner that every column or row and 3×3 sub-grid contains all the numbers from 1 to 9. It is the most interesting type of puzzle game which competes against human thinking and intellectual abilities. 

Playing puzzle games like sudoku is not everyone’s cup of tea and hence only 50% of people go ahead with the puzzle challenges and manage to solve them. If you are looking for alternatives to sudoku like puzzles , you must try the most amazing games that we will define in this blog. 

lar and Played Puzzle Online Games like Sudoku to Play

Puzzle Games like Sudoku

lar and Played Puzzle Online puzzles like sudoku to Play interesting to boost your thinking, logical and decision-making abilities. They offer acute entertainment with different levels of puzzles that are intuitive and immersive in nature. 

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Here is the list of sudoku like puzzle games that you must try atleast once if you are a true sudoku fan! 

1. Nonogram 

People worldwide love nonogram. It is the most popular puzzle game, originated in Japan. This game is also known as Griddlers, Picross, and Pic a Pix. It is the best alternative to sudoku which is based on the visual hints of pieces instead of numbers. The main objective of this game is to arrange a real picture with all the hints given on the screen. The hints are all designed in such a manner that they provide you with all colours in a row or column that must be arranged in order to complete a puzzle. 

Playing this game will boost your thinking and decision-making abilities as you will get to arrange different pieces of the puzzle in the most interesting manner. Developing a puzzle game like Nonogram will help you tap a large market of players who love sudoku

2 .Crossword Puzzle Free 

It is a brain-challenging number puzzle games like sudoku, which is played with the objective of arranging meaningful words horizontally, vertically or diagonally. It is the perfect game for those who like making words and want to enhance their vocabulary with letters given to them. It is the most engaging and interactive alternative to sudoku which can actually improve your thinking abilities. 

3. Threes! 

Threes is one of the jigsaw match-three types of a game played by online sudoku like game enthusiasts. The platform has a 4×4 field and incredible cells taken by random numbers. Your main objective is to stick the cells with the same numbers. Doing so will increase the number by an equal amount, and the tone cells will be free. 

 4. 7 Little Words 

Published by Ox Technologies, 7 Little Words is one of the major single-player video number puzzle games like sudoku windows  and crosswords. Instead of numbers, this puzzle includes names of world-famous brands, celebrities, animals and other things that are related to regular human lives. In this type of game, you need to find out the hidden letters of the words. 

There are different puzzles arranged in the game, and each puzzle consists of 7 mystery words, clues and twenty letters of the group. There is no time limit to the completion of all the puzzles. After completing one puzzle, you can move on to the next puzzle. There are different modes like daily challenges, my classroom puzzle and expert which are available to test your thinking and logical abilities. 

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5. S1udoCube 

As the name suggests, it is one of the sudoku like puzzle games which include a lot of blocks of different colours and shapes. The main objective of the player is to drag all the blocks on the grid of 9×9. The blocks should fit the grid perfectly and once the block is drawn and placed, they can’t be removed. The players are given unlimited time to do so. There are different challenges and levels which a player needs to complete to win a trophy. You can either choose to break the highest record of scores by playing repeated rounds or contests per day to complete regular challenges. 

6. Tic Tac Toe 

Tic tac toe is one of the most popular alternatives to sudoku, played between two players, in which they need to strategically use X and O to win. It involves different modes such as local, computer and multiplayer. It consists of a 3×3 grid wherein players need to draw either X or O to start the game. If three similar marks of either X or O match diagonally, horizontally or vertically, the player wins the game. As the best board game development company, we offer feature-packed and visually-realistic tic-tac-toe apps that are interactive and immersive. 

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7. 2048

2048 is the best alternative to sudoku puzzle game, which lets players combine the tiles of the same numbers till they reach the sum total of 2048. These tiles have different numbers starting from 2. They consist of integer values only like 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and so on. The board has a grid of 4×4 tiles which you need to drag and arrange till you get a sum total of 2048. Amongst all number games like sudoku, this is the most intuitive game which challenges people’s thinking and logical abilities. 

8. Killer Sudoku 

If you are searching for a game like sudoku kakuro, then killer sudoku has got you all covered with a perfect mix of both. The grid has rows and 3×3 columns having digits from 1 to 9. The dotted line on the screen resembles cages, which also consist of non-repeated digits. If you add the digits present in the dotted cages, you will find out that it is exactly the same as the clue given. All you need to do is discard numbers or columns which are repeated, and ensure that only a single number is placed into a single square. 

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Why Choose BR Softech to Develop Games like Sudoku?

By now you might have got your answer to what are the best alternatives to sudoku so far. The above-mentioned games are not only popular but have also proven themselves in all aspects of entertainment value. The industry is highly lucrative and beneficial for you if you choose to invest in developing sudoku like puzzle games. As the best game development company, we can offer you the best-in-class and top-performance solutions that are quite different from sudoku and yet similar to the puzzle-like concept. best-in-class and top-performance solutions that are quite different from sudoku and yet similar to the puzzle-like concept. If you are inspired by sudoku online free games, and want to develop a free online Sudoku puzzle game, share your idea with BR Softech. Choose us to get:

  • On-time delivery of the project 
  • Customized board games 
  • Advanced technologies 
  • Feature-packed solutions 
  • High-level of testing and marketing 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q 1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop Online Free Games Like Sudoku? 

Ans. On average, the development of online sudoku-like puzzle games can cost you around $8k to $12k with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost may shoot up to $20k and even more depending on the type and complexity of the project. 

Q 2. What are the Top Alternatives to Sudoku Online Free Games? 

Ans. Here is the list of games similar to sudoku puzzle game online free

  • Kakuro 
  • Nonograms 
  • Rummikub 
  • Dots and Boxes 
  • 2048 

Q 3. How Long Does it Take To Build an Online Free Puzzle Game Like Sudoku? 

Ans. On average, it takes around two to three months to develop a game like sudoku. However, the duration may go up depending on the type and complexity of your project. 

Q.4 How to Develop a Sudoku-like Game App?

Ans. To create a number game app like Sudoku, you can hire a board game development company that will enrich your game idea with exceptional features and functions, and give it a perfect shape with the latest tech stack and trends so it can stay ahead of the curve.

Here is the step by step development process of sudoku kingdom free online game so you can successfully create your game from scratch. 

  • Research and analysis
  • Work on Sudoku puzzle game idea
  • Hire board game developers
  • Create an MVP of Sudoku like game app
  • Development of number games like Sudoku
  • Testing and QA
  • Launch your Sudoku kingdom online game

Q.5 How Can I Develop a Sudoku Kingdom Online Game?

Ans. To build an app for Sudoku Kingdom games, you have to hire a board game software provider that has rich experience in shaping gaming ideas to reality. That’s why, BR Softech is the right choice for you to create your game platform for Sudoku Kingdom. 

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