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Online Archery Game Development company – A Complete Guide

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Jul 10, 2024
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Archery games are one of the best games to play online. These games are simple and do not demand any specific skills to progress rather than focusing on a target. In this game, we have to shoot a target with a bow. The only thing required is the focus for targeting. With immense popularity in various parts of the world, archery game development has become a lucrative business opportunity for game developers. If you are looking to create your own game, this blog is for you! In this blog, we will discuss various aspects of creating an archery game that will help you make informed decisions.

Let’s dive in by knowing what is the game all about including its features.

What is an Online Archery Game?

It is a sport of bow and arrow where the participant has to shoot a target. The target contains ten concentric circles and the player scores based on which circle the bow lands in. This game can either be played in the single-player mode or in the team mode. The game requires following a definite number of sequences.

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What are the Unique Features of Online Archery Game?

What are the Unique Features of Online Archery Game?

We create highly customised archery games filled with fascinating features. Here are the top features of an online archery game.

Single player modeWith this feature, a player can play the game against other players online and compete with them.
Multi-language supportOur archery game supports a wide range of languages so that users from all across the globe can play the game and understand the interface in their own native language.
Local modeIn local mode, players play the game in solo mode and compete against the CPU.
Play with FriendsPlay archery sport online with your friends.
Quick GuideA helpful feature in the archery game development designed for beginners showcases a detailed guide to help them understand the gameplay and functions of the game.
Live chatPlayers can interact with each other during the game to discuss anything regarding the game. This enhances user interaction within the game.
Customer supportA customer support corner where users can ask queries regarding anything about the game and can get it resolved with the help of the support team.
RNG systemOur games are equipped with an advanced RNG system to ensure a fair gameplay environment for all the players so that all of them get equal winning chances.
Multi-layered securityTo ensure the utmost user data and platform data safety, our archery games have multi-layered security features.
Social media integrationUsers can log into their social media accounts and play the game directly which eliminates the process of registering a separate account on the game. Also, they can play the game with their social media friends with this feature.

Step-By-Step Online Archery Game Development Process

Step-By-Step Archery Game Development Process

Developing an archery game is a challenging task. There are various steps involved in the development process of this game. From analysis to design to testing, several steps are there that complete the process. Let’s dive in and understand how the archery game is developed.

Market Analysis

The foremost step in the development of an archery game is to research the market thoroughly. With this research, you will be able to learn about your competitors, the games they are offering, target audience demands, and more so you can make informed decisions regarding the building project of your archery game. After that, you need to have a blueprint that will help the game developers and designers in creating your game.

Hiring a game developer

When you are ready with your idea the next step is to hire a game development company. Keep a few things in mind while choosing your developer like their expertise, experience, skills and past projects. Share your idea with them and discuss your project in detail. Also, you can negotiate on the cost if you are not satisfied with the cost estimation.

UI/UX Design

There are two phases of online archery game designing UI and UX. UI stands for user interface and UX is the user experience. Before creating the game software, you first need to design the user interface. Ensure that the design features clutter-free and simple graphics so that the game doesn’t become a software bloat. On the other hand, creating the best UX by implementing it is easily navigated by all types of users.

App Development

After the designing part, our highly skilled team of developers integrate various functions and features as per the game documentation to make the app live. For this, the team uses the latest stack and programming tools to create the best real money archery game for your business. When the app is developed, it is checked by the game testers.

Testing and Quality Check

The testers use various testing strategies and tools to ensure the game app is bug-free and it is functioning properly. Functional, regression and play testing are some of the essential testing tools which the team uses for determining errors. Once testing is complete, your archery game app is ready to launch.

Launch & Marketing

The game is launched on the platform (Play Store / App Store) and it is marketed with the best promotional strategies. These strategies include digital marketing, social media marketing, promotional emails, etc. The marketing ensures that your online archery game is visible to a large audience worldwide.

What is the Cost of Creating an Online Archery Game?

What is the Cost of Creating an Online Archery Game?

Cost is one of the deciding factors when it comes to developing an archery game. Many factors make the cost dependent. The average cost that comes in creating archive games ranges from $7,000 and $15,000 with essential features and functionality. However, if you go for native app development or with advanced features, then you need to shed up to $25,000. As said, the game cost is influenced by several factors. To know the exact cost of your archery game, contact BR Softech.

Here are the top factors that influence the cost of archery game development:

  • Complexity of the project
  • Number of features
  • Type of development platform
  • Location of developers
  • Experience and expertise of the archery game development company
  • Tech stack

The below table shows the cost of creating an archery game for different platforms.

PlatformAverage Cost

Why Choose BR Softech to Develop Online Archery Game App in 2024 ?

Why Choose BR Softech for Developing Archery Games?

As a leading game development company, BR Softech excels in creating the best-in-class archery games for different platforms like Android, iOS, Web, and Windows. We have a highly experienced team of developers and designers who are well-versed in using the latest tech stack and tools for delivering highly customized archery online games to global clients at affordable prices. If you are fascinated by the concept of archery games and looking to start your own business by making your own game then look no further than BR Softech. Contact us today to share your idea and we will make a top-notch online archery game that will take your business to the next level. Choose us to get:

  • Seamless customer support
  • Affordable archery game development solutions
  • highly customized games for various platforms
  • Integration of top features
  • Post-deployment maintenance and support
  • Advanced tech stack

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is an archery game?

Ans. Archery game is a sport where the players have to use a bow to shoot at the targets. The game’s history dates back to centuries. In earlier times, this sport was used for hunting and combat purposes. Today, this game is seen as a competitive sport and a form of recreational activity.

Q2. How to play online archery?

Ans. Tap on the mouse’s left button pull back the the mouse by ranging on the screen and determine how hard is the arrow to show and pull by adjusting the angle to the target and releasing it.

Q3. How much time does it take to develop an online archery game?

Ans. It takes two to three months to create an archery game for a platform. However, time depends on the project type and its complexity.

Q4. How to develop an archery game application?

Ans. Here are the steps in developing an archery online game:

  1. Market analysis
  2. Documentation
  3. UI/UX Design
  4. App Development
  5. Testing and QA
  6. Marketing and Launch
The best way is to contact BR Softech to create the best archery game for your business.

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