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Top 30+ Offline Games for iPhone and iPad to Play in (2023-24)

written by Nitin Garg | Nov 09, 2023
best Offline iPhone games 2020

Playing games on your iPhone or iPad can be fun and exciting, isn’t it? And, just think what if these games are available offline too as it is not possible to have an internet connection all the time? Without the internet, these offline games for the iPhone are helpful to get rid of boredom and keep you amused.

As we know, nowadays there are number of mobile game ideas for iPhone & iPad available on the internet With the increasing number of offline iPad games, and each it is difficult to choose the best offline iPhone games among them to download and play.

If you are searching the most popular offline iPhone games, you have landed on the right page. To make things easier for you, here we have formed a list of the 30+ best offline games for iPhone and iPad to play in 2023-24 without having an internet connection. Each offline game has its own key aspects, let’s dive in-depth to know them so you can know all about them and make an informed decision to entertain yourself.

iPhone and iPad Games

We have handpicked free offline games for the iPhone that provide an overall immersive user experience even when your iPhone is in airplane mode. Moreover, these games are also supported and run efficiently on iPads too. Check out some of the best offline iPhone and iPad games to enjoy without data or Wi-Fi. Let’s take a look-

1. Hearts Land

Hearts Land

When you are in search of the list of the most popular and played offline games for iPhone and iPad that can be played by you without any internet connection or even if your iPhone is in Airplane mode, Hearts Land games top the list.

Hearts Land provides an excellent platform for playing Hearts directly on your iPhone or iPad, delivering a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. The site is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring smooth gameplay and crisp graphics, making it convenient for players to engage in Hearts games anytime and anywhere.

The objective of Hearts is to score as few points as possible, with players aiming to avoid capturing certain cards that carry penalty points, such as any card in the Heart suit or the Queen of Spades. It is a game of strategy and skill, where players must carefully choose which cards to play and when, making it an engaging and stimulating card game for all.

2. Subway Surfer


Subway Surfers is another name in the list of top offline iPhone and iPad games that has made a big hype around the world and attracted players from around the world. Basically, it is an endless running game in iOS and iPad developed jointly by Killo & SYBO. In this game, you play a character named Jack. This is the first game that had billions of downloads in a short span of time. It now stands at 4th in terms of downloads. You can download it for free and play this game from the App Store. 

3. Cover Fire

Cover Fire

Cover Fire is one of the best offline iPad games that offer free shooting. In the category of shooting games, this game has a separate fanbase. You can play this game offline on your iPhone and iPad for a long time. This offers online and offline shooting options for iPhone gamers. If you are looking for one of the best offline and free iPhone games, Cover Fire is among the most interactive and engaging FPS shooters in the App Store. 

4. Count Masters

Count Masters

Count Master is one of the most exciting games played worldwide on iPads and iPhones. If you are feeling bored and looking for offline game entertainment then this game can be the answer for you. Features of this game are an educational running game, dynamic race, and fun race 3d gameplay. If you are looking for an interactive educational offline iPad game, you should definitely try Count Masters. 

5. Moto Bike Race Speed Game

Moto Bike Race Speed Game

When we talk about offline moto bike racing games Moto bike race speed game is the first priority for gamers. This offers various race tracks to train your skills and improve your game sense. 

6. Driving Zone

Driving Zone

This game is developed on the basis of German car manufacturers and showcases German cars. The game Driving Zone is known as a street racing simulation game. It is among the best iPhone and iPad games for airplane mode that offers various racing tracks and weather conditions to learn driving skills. 

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7. Cover Fire 3D

Cover Fire 3D

Cover Fire 3D is a game that offers offline squad gameplay that is assigned a special task in front of a corporation. The gameplay is about protecting our planet from attackers. You can play this game offline and spend your quality time over there. You can download this game from the app store. It’s among the most engaging offline iPad games in the App Store. 

8. Arrow Master

Arrow Master

If you are looking for iPad games you can play offline, Arrow Master is one of the best-known shooting games with ultimate graphics, design, and 3D representation. You can play this game in offline mode on iPhones & iPads. This game is based on archery and offers a cutthroat gaming experience. You can play and upgrade your archery shooting skills.

9. Football Cup 2023

Football Cup 2023

Here we are talking about the offline game, which was played on iOS and iPad for free. Football Cup 2023 is one of the best offline iPhone and iPad games in the sports genre that is featured in this list. Experience high-octane football matches that are also available to play online as well as offline. 

10. Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch is a British table tennis video game, that can be played offline on iPhone & iPad. The user base of these offline iPad games is in the millions. This game offers career, Mini-game fun, customization, realism, achievement, and offline gameplay. Also, this game is rated ⅘ over various platforms. 

11. Teen Patti

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is the most entertaining Indian poker game that is also among one of the Best offline games iOS. By downloading this game, you will automatically get 300,000 free chips as a guest user and can add with it from the social media accounts and get an additional 200,000 free chips. It is just like other card games that will be fun to play with family, friends, and other anonymous friends worldwide. By referring it to your friends, you can get 50,000 chips too. It features a fast-chat option along with a private table, an open table, and the joker.

12. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8  Airborne

Enjoy the adventure of offline car racing with your iPhone or iPad by downloading these best offline iPhone games including Asphalt car racing games. This game includes super attractive graphics along with a lot of features for your entertainment. Also, there are various powerful and ultra-fast cars for enhancing the experience over 40 race tracks to be unlocked by you in Arcade mode. To make things interesting, it involves multiplayer features for allow you to play with more than 10 players.

13. Texas Hold’em Offline Poker

Texas Hold’em Offline Poker

Are you a poker game lover? This game is perfect for those who love and also know how to play poker games. This Texas Holdem offline poker game is popular and known as one of the top offline games for iPhone you can play to escape boredom. This game is easy and fun to play, so if you are a beginner, you can learn to play it easily. It has amazing HD graphics with realistic animations and sounds. You can play with an AI that will give you a tough fight trying to outfox it.

14. Solitaire


This strategic game has been played through the ages such as right from the era of the beginning of personal computers. If you have not played one of the Best offline iOS games before, get ready to enjoy a whole new experience by playing this classic game as it is redesigned by adding some exciting and great features to make the game more interesting.

It has daily challenges for players with the purpose of winning the game as it is so difficult. To win, a player can use customizable options or winning deal features to make things exciting. After winning, you will get trophies and crowns. You can also select themes as per your choice like spring, rainy, Christmas, and many more.

15. Badland 2

Badland 2

This game combines adventure and action to allow players to have an exciting gaming experience. It is renowned as one of the best free offline iPhone games and has also won the Game of the Year award from Apple in 2016 with over a million players worldwide. The player has to guide a small black shadow character with obstacles like machines in the jungle until the winning line.

16. Crossy Road

Crossy Road

It is one of the best iPad games you can play offline that requires players to jump their path through the street’s busy roads without dying. You will have to face different tough roadblocks such as trains, cars, and rivers that will lead to the death of the character. This game is not as easy as it sounds, while the game’s default character is 8-bit chicken which has the option to choose from another 145 available characters. This game is very addictive and you will have fun no matter what your age. It is one of the best iPad games that you can play offline in the hypercasual genre. 

17. Plants vs Zombies 2

 Plants vs Zombies 2

The second release of this game recorded massive success and changed everything. This game is more adventurous and fun than the previous version with 11 crazy worlds and over 300 levels in your planet’s battle against the zombies. It is counted on the top of the Best offline iPhone games and can be downloaded on your Apple device for free.  

18. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 3

It is an arcade fighting game that is designed for players who love to play games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. It features 3D realistic characters and contrasting beautiful backdrop colours. All the players can select from a wide range of weapons in the store and ninjas who are equipped with various fighting skills. Shadow Fight 3 is the successor of Shadow Fight 2 which was among the most engaging arcade fighting-based offline iPad games. 

19. Six Wheels and a Gun

Six Wheels and a Gun

It is an interesting and adventurous action game that sends Cowboys players on missions to fight with supernatural powers in a wild west open land. In this, you are going to fight against enemies like vampires, thieves, and other magical creatures while trying to escape getting outnumbered or killed. It is one of the Best offline iPad games with Six Wheels and a Gun features and 40 missions along with different tasks to accomplish. It has 19 weapons, 8 different horses, clothes, ammo, and other beneficial items you require for the adventure

20. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

It got released in 2013 and is known as one of the fastest-growing racing offline games for iPad or iPhone. It offers a real sensation to players like the feel of driving real cars. You can enjoy this game offline too without an internet connection but for online multiplayer games, you need a data connection. It has also recorded downloads of over 400 million and features 40 circuits situated at 10 unique real-world animated places and more than 200 strong cars direct from top manufacturers like Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, Bugatti, etc.

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21. Temple Run 2

Temple Run

As we know “Old is gold”. Temple Run 2 is counted among the most played offline games for iPhone it will always be a favorite for users. Unlike its first version, it comes with more hurdles and new runaways, great sound effects, and amazing graphics. This is addictive as you don’t want to stop once you start running.

22. Brother in Arms 3

Brother in Arms 3

It is one of the most popular offline iPad games for action lovers who like shooting games. You become a soldier and have to fight with the enemies on the strong battlefield of World War 2 along with accessing the war chest that includes various strong armor, weapons, maps, and other powerful kits. Take the help of your brother when there is mortar fire, airstrike, rocket blast, or something else. Also, make sure to unlock new brothers and upgrade them.

23. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt

Try this another offline free iPhone game that allows you to create and design a town with all accommodations and amazing buildings. You can make it according to you and provide a position for each building for the best lifestyle for your citizens. Play it with your friends to see who builds the most beautiful building and chat with other mayors as well to solve the problem of people.

24. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition

It is known as the most fun offline game for iPhone 2023 that lets players reveal their creative sense through building a world of great castles and amazing buildings. And, explore various resources for your kingdom and craft armor and weapons as per your imagination for fighting with the enemies and thieves who want to steal your castles and throne.

25. Wordscapes

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Do you like games related to words and puzzles? If yes, this is one of the best offline iPhone games in 2023 as it is the most addictive game you will ever find. Although this game is simple, it provides exciting gameplay and is designed for every age group. It will also help you to escape from boredom but it arouses your mind by exploring over 4,700 puzzles of spell Blitz, word chums, and mix two.

26. Jumbline 2

Jumbline 2

It is the most addictive offline game on iOS and simplicity is one of its assets. All the player has to do in this game is reorganize the scrambled letters into meaningful words to score more points. You can play it in two different modes that are- untimed and timed mode. It has two extra games that are- Cloud Pop and Star Tower. Cloud pop allows you to pop the clouds to spell the words and Star Tower allows you to create a tall tower to rearrange the jumbled words.

27. Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2

This game doesn’t have smooth road tracks or ultra-fast cars like Asphalt 8. It concentrates on vehicles with strong engines created for hill climbing and hence, it is known as one of the best offline games for iPad as you can also throw some acrobatics and stunts to race your path by the hilly roads. This game has more detailed graphics than the original version and has multiplayer modes too.

28. Smurfs Village

Smurfs Village

It is another popular and interesting iOS game that can be played offline too and allows the players to create and maintain the villages. This game is all about the storyline of the Smurfs. It is known as a comic story of blue, small human-like species that live in houses shaped like a mushroom. In this game, you act like Smurfs and create homes, bridges, bakeries, and farmlands for yourself, where you plant your crops and SmurfBerries. Also, you can expand your lands and decorate them with gardens, flowers, etc., and arrange festivals like Christmas.

29. Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is one of the prominent offline games for iPhone users that has a different direction, unlike other games. Despite being pre-like in almost all other games, you will act like an actual predator who hunts weaker creatures in the ocean.

You will be the hungry shark and have to feed on other sea animals such as fish but don’t think for a second that it is easy because these creatures will try to protect themselves as you will be a threat to them. Bombs and mines will be there in the water, so you need to be careful while eating them through the water.

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30. Zig Zag HQ Edition

Zig Zag HQ Edition

It is an incredibly famous offline iOS game for iPads or iPhones. Also renowned as a straightforward and reflex space game that needs you to swipe your finger across the device’s screen to control the black ball on a zigzag maze to protect it from falling off. You will also get extra points if you gather all the purple diamonds. However, it seems difficult to play at first but you will become addicted and habitual and you get better with time.

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Final Words

In this blog, we have mentioned the top 30 best offline iOS games for iPhone or iPad. We promise that these games will never let you get bored or will never exhaust your data plans as they are offline. For developing more such offline iOS games, you can contact BR Softech, a leading offline iPhone game development company, that provides quality services in the gaming field. We have a team of skilled and experienced game developers who accomplish the needs of clients as per their provisions. Feel free to contact us for any kind of service!!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 Is It Possible to Play Games on iPhone and iPad Without Internet Connectivity?

Ans. Yes, Plenty of offline games are available for iPhone and iPad that can be accessed by you to kill boredom and hone your gaming skills. Offline games work even when there is no internet connectivity. Our phone has become one of the best tools for playing games and offline games are pushing the boundaries and helping you play games even if there is no internet data. 

Q.2 Why You Should Opt for Offline iPhone Games?

Ans. As we all know the iPhone is a powerful gaming device and sometimes when you don’t have enough data, or when you are in a place where the internet is not working, then offline games can play a vital role in killing time and having fun. Because these games work without data and Wi-Fi. 

Q.3 Are Offline Games for iPhone and iPad Free?

Ans. When you are looking for the best offline games for iPad and iPhone then there are thousands of gaming applications that are available at no cost for you. But, some applications are not free. It totally depends on your choice which one you choose. 

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