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Best Rummy Game Development Company

written by Nitin Garg | Oct 12, 2022
best rummy game development

In India, especially in Maharashtra, Indian Rummy is a very popular variation of the card game Rummy. Known for its unique playing patterns, the rummy card game is the third most popular game in the world. You can also participate in tournaments in which you can win a lot of genuine money in this game. Online players now have better opportunities to play with players from anywhere in the world through this card game. There are three types of rummy games in this card game: points/strikes, pool/syndicate rummy and knockout rummy. There are people from all walks of life who enjoy it.

Know About Rummy Game Development

BR Softech is one of leading Rummy Game Development Company in India for both web and mobile. It follows an approach that is intimately interconnected on user experience principles and user centred design while combining strategy, design and development. As a result of our quality perception and teamwork, we’ve developed the largest base of satisfied clients over the world. Our main goal is to provide all the necessary modules needed to run the game efficiently & securely for a large player base. We ensure that you stand out in the crowd of gaming websites & applications and as a customer you get the best web portals or applications.

The development of UI for multi-player rummy website and app is done by our team of professional developers. They develop game engines – supporting the development of any game UI and actively involved in designing and developing protocol for games. We develop web and mobile games with best offers like the most rewarding loyalty program, daily free tournaments with points, easy withdrawals and a lot more.

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BR Softech developers render the best services to relish the experience of the rummy games, offering multiple features i.e. player and game management in accordance with virtual and real money. Virtual money has always been interesting for the users as some might fear the loss of chips and cards due to inexperience of game, while on the other hand BR Softech has added the feature of real money game as well to maintain the thrill and passion of highly experienced players who are willing to take risks of the game and earn an extra hand over the money played for.

Rummy Game Development

In app purchases do act as support to the base players who are in search of boost or power up levels as experience, worth of chip, etc. Rummy can be played with a number of options like via application, website and software. Lastly we would like to say that most of the rummy developers in India leave the security feature, but at BR Softech security of the application and its users has always been a priority and always be.

BR Softech team is just one click away to support you whenever you face difficulties in understanding a game or any other issues. We are glad to help you! We focus on something more than just developing an application and programming solutions.

How to Play Rummy Game

The gameplay is simple. The player to the dealer’s right plays first, and play continues counter-clockwise. Each player picks up either the top card of the face up discard pile or the top card of the face down stack. After picking up, the player must discard one card face up on top of the discard pile. In case a player selects to take the top card of the discard pile then that card cannot be discarded in the same turn. So, the player must discard a different card.

The play continues until a player after picking up a card has 13 cards that form valid combinations. In this case the player discards the 14th card and declares ‘Rummy’, placing the 13 cards face up to show that they form the required runs and sets, and winning the game.

No sets or runs are laid out during the play. Players keep all their cards hidden from the other players in Indian Rummy until a player is able to win.

If there are no cards remaining in the stack and no one has declared Rummy by the end of the turn in which the last stock card was taken, the game is void and no one wins.

Rummy Game Development Features

Our rummy game development offers top-class features for better and best customer engagement. The following are the features;- 

Private Table

Players can play with their family and friends at private tables.


The game tournaments and competitions should be attractive, with a strong focus on player engagement and retention.

Multiple languages

Across all of our platforms, our Rummy games are available in multiple global and local languages.

RNG Certified Games

Players of our Rummy games benefit from our certified RNG algorithm, which ensures fair play.

Back Office & CRM

You can manage your business easier with our back office with multiple high-end features and CRM.

Anti-Fraud System

In order to eliminate fraud practices on mobile devices and websites, we offer a high-tech security system.

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Loyalty & Rewards

The players are rewarded & loyal to our Rummy games, which makes them even more enthusiastic and addicted.

Gaming responsibly

Ensure a responsible playing environment by implementing multiple checkpoints on deposit & spending of players.

Security of Payments

Most online payment methods are supported by the games we build.

Furthermore, these technological advancements allow us to have fun and earn money at the same time. There are also outstanding services and features provided by Rummy Game Development Companies that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Why You Should Invest In A Rummy Game Development Company

Anything can be invested in nowadays. Finding entertainment online is as easy as 1-2-3. Thus, the fact that you can invest in these companies and make money at the same time is already a deal breaker. However, there are still a few more points to discuss: 

Prizes Worth Thousands of Dollars

An investment that pays off in cash prizes is a good investment. The companies offer special services to their users by organizing different kinds of events and programs. Events and programs like these pay off more than the investment because they provide something valuable to participants and winners.

Developing Skills

It is certain that doing something consistently for a long period of time will enhance your skills. It is well known that this is true. In Rummy, you will be sharpening your several skill sets, and as you become more skilled, you will be winning more games and earning more money.

Entertainment that Makes Money

As mentioned earlier, investors should consider both fun and profit at the same time. Spending time here can prove to be more beneficial than spending time in other entertainment areas.

The Services are Enjoyable

Nowadays, companies offer a wide range of services and features that are worth taking advantage of.

Providing a complete package of all the essentials and covering all the luxurious aspects is the main focus of these services. We offer tournaments, multi-language support, private tables, rewards and loyalty programs, secure payment gateways, anti-fraud systems, and more.

Scope of Future Work

In the near future, Online Rummy Game Software will be an excellent investment. Gaming and entertainment technology are set to undergo a massive revolution. You will create a great value asset in the future by investing today, and the entertainment part will remain fun until then.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop Real Money Rummy Game Apps Like Junglee Rummy And Rummycircle?

Real Money Rummy Game development would cost between $30,000 and $35,000 for a single Android or iOS platform. In addition, if you want a mobile Rummy Game that runs on multiple platforms and has all the advanced features, the cost will rise to $60,000.

It also depends on the company you choose as well as other factors as to how much it will cost you to download the rummy game app.

  • The Rummy game development costs for a small company ranges between $15 and $50 per hour
  • The Rummy game development costs with an intermediate company is $50 – $150 per hour
  • Cost per hour to develop a mobile rummy game at an enterprise level: $150 – $300

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Why is BR Softech the Best Rummy Game Development Company?

Providing affordable yet uncompromising quality solutions, BR Softech has been developing mobile games for over a decade. In India and the United States, we are known for providing flexible game solutions to clients, exceeding expectations each time. We will do a great job if you hire us!

  • Our in-house IT team consists of more than 250 experts
  • We have completed over 800 projects to the satisfaction of our clients
  • Communication on a one-to-one basis
  • Support from a reliable technical team
  • Testing of quality and bug-free game solutions
  • Technology-driven development
  • Mobile, cross-platform, and Web game solutions.
  • Experienced with 13+ years of proven success

Closing Up:

Indian card games such as rummy are among the most exciting. As you learn how to play rummy, you will develop your brain skills. Hire a professional and elite rummy game development company if you want to play it smoothly. Personally, WE would recommend BR Softech which optimizes any steps to obtain optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. Is it profitable to launch a Rummy card game business?

 Rummy card game is a very promising sector with new players joining the community everyday. People are flocking towards rummy game and there is an increased demand for rummy game development. In the present scenario, a card game like rummy can fetch ou big profits. 

Q. What is the development cost of a card game like Rummy?

The cost to develop a card game like Rummy is dependent on various factors like location of the development team, cross-platform compatibility, etc. On average, a card game like Rummy can cost $30,000 to $50,000 depending on the features. 

Q. How much time does it take to develop a rummy card game?

Rummy card game development can take upto 12 weeks, the time can increase to 20 weeks depending on the features and functionalities.

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