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How to Make Casino Game Apps Like Jeetwin and Playing Process?

written by Admin | Feb 22, 2020
Casino Game Apps Like Jeetwin and Playing Process?

Casino games are not less than any adventurous sport. They are equally capable of raising the adrenaline level of someone as much as adventurous sports can do. Casinos games are fun and entertainment with a bit of risk involved in losing money. Most of the games played in the casino are straightforward. Most of them take a few minutes to learn and are easy to play. Casino games can be played outside casinos like in parties, competitions, or on some machines. Nowadays people do not like to go outside much, that’s why casino game apps like Jeetwin are trending.

Generally, there are three types of casino games

  • Table Games – Table games are played on a table with a deck of cards with multiple players and operated by one or more croupier. Ex poker, blackjack, craps etc.

  • Random number ticket/Lottery game – Based upon the selection of random numbers, games like roulette, bingo, keno etc.

  • Electronic gaming machines – Games played on gaming machines do not require any employer from the casino such as pachinko and slot machines.

Starting a casino is entertaining as well as a profitable business. Many people want to open an online casino business but they aren’t aware of the steps to follow to make a casino app like Jeetwin.  As they see the process as extremely difficult and complicated to set up. But it is not that difficult as it seems. Once you follow the right direction it would not be difficult for you anymore.

According to UK Online Gambling Player Research, there are many reasons why people gamble online. It is useful to note that 53% of the respondents noted the main reason is to win money. Only 17% said that they gamble for enjoyment, 8% to feel the thrill and excitement, 7% to pass the time, 7% play sports bets to make sports more exciting, 4% to test their skill and 1% for social interaction. (source)

Must-Have Features of Online Casino App

Features of Online Casino App

  • Player login

  • Consistent branding (your company logo and/or tagline throughout all software modules)

  • Instant play game technology just click and play

  • Multi-language and multi-currency support

  • Specific bonus offers in the form of text links, etc

  • Support of all popular payment methods(credit/debit card, Netbanking, UPI, Wallet, etc)

  • High-quality graphics to ensure the appearance of a professional game

  • Animations and 3D rendering to add a specific twist to your casino game app

  • Flexible resizing to let your game window adjust automatically to all available screen resolutions

  • 3 gameplay modes: free play, fun play (registration required) and real play (signup required)

  • In-game registration through a pop-up window to ensure a higher conversion

  • In-game deposits to make it easy for players to stay in the game

  • Direct game linking for affiliates to send traffic directly to specific games to increase conversions

  • Cookie free gaming to increase stability and accessibility from all major browsers

  • XML game feed to facilitate game implementation on webpages

  • Real-time monitoring to ensure a higher level of the game’s availability

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Start Your Casino Game App by Following these Simple Steps

Before developing your casino game app it’s imperative to know all the required steps to follow. A  guide for a business is nothing less than grasping at straws. Have a look at the steps and make it easy to develop a casino app.

1. Market Research

Good market research can change your perspective. It is good to do market research before you start any business because it will help to understand all good and bad about the field. Also, it will help you to stay away from unwanted troubles that can bother you. Research about the market, competition, competitors, targeted age group.

app similar to jeetwin

2. Legal Structure

It is the most important thing to set up a proper legal structure before starting an online casino business. Because every country, region, and the state has its own rules and regulations about gambling. As in most of the countries and states, gambling is legally banned. And if someone tries to break the rules, should beware of the consequences.

3. Unique Brand Name

There are a lot of apps/websites in the market on the same concept on which you are thinking to develop your business. Then what will make your business unique? And the answer is a brand name. Choose a unique brand name for your application because this name is going to become the identity of your business. Name of the brand should be memorable because it also plays a significant role in the success and failure of a business.

4. A Perfect Business Plan

Before starting a business, it doesn’t matter what business it is, there is a need for proper planning. Starting a business without making proper planning is going to be very complicated and stressful. It is good to design your business in advance before starting and that will help you to stay ahead of your competitors. There is a need for different planning for every structure of the business.

5. Monetization Strategy

The first and foremost need to develop a business is to earn some money from it. Before developing your casino app you need to decide how you will monetize your app. What will be the source of income through this app? These monetization strategies will help you to understand cash flow in your business. The more you will earn the more apps will be better in services That will ultimately help to increase the business.

6. Perfect Marketing Strategies

After all the development process, there is a need for some perfect marketing strategies. Marketing broadens the horizon of business. The more effective marketing strategies you will implement the more will be chances to attract customers.  Marketing does not only help you to increase your business but also the customers also get various benefits from it. You can choose any marketing medium depending upon your business and requirement listed below.

  • Content marketing

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Advertisement

  • Website marketing

  • Word of mouth marketing

  • Influence marketing

  • Email/SMS/Telegram marketing

  • Relationship marketing

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General Rules to Play Casino Games

It is good to know about the rules and regulations of a game before starting to play the game. There are different rules for all casino games. But here is a list of some common/general rules to play every casino game. without any delay, let’s get started.

1. Pick an amazing casino app/website by analysing which one is a reputable and trusted app/website. You can choose a casino app/website by considering these factors

  • Country friendly casino app

  • Is it legal or not

  • Payment options provided by the casino app

  • Casino games available in the app

2. Install a safe casino app by checking whether it is safe or not to play with this app. If it seems safe to you, proceed further.

3. After installing the app the first thing you need to do is create an account on the app and fill all the required information. Also, choose what kind of money you want to use in the game Real money or free trial points.

4. Pick a game according to your interest. Do not get tempted by various games. Just focus on one game and learn how to play that game.

5. Make a deposit before wagering. Choose whether you want to use your real money or money in your account. Choose an online payment method of real money as there are various Payment Gateway modes available such as credit/debit card, Netbanking, UPI, Wallet, etc. Pick one payment method out of all which is convenient for you.

6. Before getting started, learn everything about the game you are interested in. You can learn the game by reading books, looking at the odds tables, ask your friends for advice and reading material on the Internet about the game.

7. Manage your bankroll by deciding how much you want to spend on wagering. It is fun to play with real money but you should be aware of the drawbacks of it in terms of losing money. Limit yourself with time and money and strictly follow those restrictions.

8. Discover the casino with your acquired expertise. Whether this is a win or lose doesn’t matter.


With the advancement of technology, many casino app development companies are coming into the market with new concepts. Now, the casino market is not limited to casino shops or bars, it has become online so a gambler can better focus on the odds and patterns by checking them online instead of staying there all the time. Running an online casino business you can deal with some issues that are not common in other businesses but there is no need to worry if you have followed the protocols required to start this business.

If you are looking to develop a casino game app like Jeetwin, BR Softech is the best casino game app development company and a one-stop solution for all your queries. We have a team of talented, professional application developers for all platforms. Give us a chance to prove yourself and we will develop a modern casino app according to your requirements.


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